Join the 30 Pose Journey

A yoga journey to become a beautiful, brave, BADASS yogi! 

Over the next 30 days, we'll hangout #everydamnday & explore the practice of yoga together - one pose and one breath at a time. 

What to Expect:

  • Learn 30 yoga postures via step-by-step, short video tutorials
  • Each week you will learn a new set of postures, starting with the basics, and building towards intermediate postures
  • Daily emails that teach you posture tips, benefits, and modifications
  • A private Facebook group to share your journey, ask questions, and seek the support of others
  • (BONUS) calendar to keep you on track
  • (BONUS) four full-length yoga classes that combine each week of postures

Week 1 

Foundation Postures

Week 2

Balancing + Standing Postures 

Week 3

Hip + Heart Opening Postures 

Week 4

Arm + Hand Balancing Postures

How Will You Benefit?

  • Cultivate physical strength + flexibility
  • Learn tools to relax and calm your mind
  • Confidence to start + sustain a personal yoga practice (in a studio or at home)