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A yoga journey to become a beautiful, brave, BADASS yogi! 

Over the next 30 days, we'll hangout #everydamnday & explore the practice of yoga together - one pose and one breath at a time. 

30 Poses + 30 Days

The journey will cover a wide arrary of yoga poses divided into weekly categories. Below is how the journey unfolds:

  • Daily emails delivered straight to you 
  • Short video tutorials explaining the pose of the day
  • Daily posture tips, benefits and modifcations
  • Inspirational, you can do it support related to each posture

Week 1 

The Foundation Postures

Week 2

Balancing + Standing Postures 

Week 3

Hip + Heart Opening Postures 

Week 4

Arm + Hand Balancing Postures


What will you gain from the journey? 

  • Physical strength + flexibility.
  • Tools to relax and calm the mind.
  • Inspiration to fuel your soul.
  • Confidence to start and sustain a yoga practice of your own (in a studio or at home).
  • A private community to support your journey, ask questions, be inspred and ask questions.

Still not convinced.....

Check out the yogis below & read what they have to say about the 30 Pose Journey. 

I Feel the Pose. I am the Pose!

"The #30posejourney is perfect timing for me. I am reading your daily letters, watching your videos and writing notes. BUT the coolest part is I feel I am learning MORE because of #30posejourney. I honestly FEEL the pose. I am the pose. Last night we had class, and I shared with everyone that even though we will be "teachers" next month, we will continue to be students in our journey. Thank YOU! Thank YOU!"

Michelle B. 

Your videos have been AWESOME so far!

"I never realized how many different alignment details I had been overlooking this whole time so I'm loving how much description you're giving us throughout the presentations for each pose."

Raquel Maynes

You have found a follower in me long after this journey!

"I just want to thank you so much for your daily emails and this challenge. This journey and your website have helped me immeasurably to find harmony and to find myself again. I look forward to the daily emails and videos and have loved following this journey and pushing myself. Thank you for being awesome!"

Vicki Rogers 

I am so grateful that I found you!

"I just wanted to send a huge thank you for all the time and effort you put into making the "30 days of yoga poses challenge" videos. Your videos are so informative and thorough and have been an enormous help to me as I navigate my own yoga journey. I have watched a huge amount of videos on how to correctly move into a pose, but yours are so superior to everything else I've seen."



About Allie

Hi yogis, welcome to your next yoga journey. I'm stoked you made it here and are willing to do the work of learning + practicing yoga.

A bit about me..... I'm the creator behind The Journey Junkie - an online community that fosters living our journey through yoga and life inspirations. I'm a certified yoga teacher, marketing guru by degree, beach babe by origin, and a firm believer in the power and magic of the yoga practice.

Yoga has changed my life & it's my utmost hope that it will change yours. Please join me & let's begin the incredible process to live our journey! 

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