Grab Your Yoga Blocks: Vinyasa Yoga Practice for Strength and Support

Ladies leave your fears at home, the yoga room is full of blocks and they're going to support and strengthen you.   Okay, was my Destiny's Child attempt too much? And men who are here, please know that you're also included too.   But realllll talk, today's yoga practice is all about your yoga blocks. How to lean on them. How to use them as support. How to tap into them for strength. How to soften all over them for mega relaxation.   You can expect a...

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Sunset Gentle Hatha Flow: the Perfect Evening Yoga Class

This week’s yoga class is a real treat. It was filmed as the sun was setting over the Caribbean sea and it’s intentions are exactly what this world needs. Welcome to your evening hatha yoga class (that’s a mouthful) that encourages you to stop, take time for you, and transition into your evening with a sense of renewal. Now, let’s get real for a minute. The overwhelming reality for many of us, including myself, is that we do all the things every damn...

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Ignite Your Power: Your Yoga Class to Build Strength (and get your ass back on the mat)

Whoa there girlfriend, that's quite the blog post title you got there.   Total disclaimer, that blog post title is directed at me, and maybe it resonates with you too..... in which case, let's talk about getting our asses back on the mat - together.    As someone who used to religiously practice in a yoga studio, but now doesn't have a yoga studio to visit (hello moving on a sailboat), my world of practicing yoga has been turned upside and all around....

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Forearm Balance Flow: Learn how to Fly High + Get Upside Down

Let’s talk about forearm balance, that yoga pose you see all over social media, the one where you balance on your forearms, upside down, and look like a yoga goddess….. …..yes, I’m talking about that one. Today we are going to flirt with this pose, pincha mayurasana, and work towards getting upside down in it. Now, if you’re someone who doesn’t do the upside down thing, don’t worry, there’s still plenty for you to experience when you step on the mat with me. Now,...

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Spring Equinox Meditation: Plant Your Seeds, Nurture Your Intention, Rise into Your Potential

Oh hello spring, it’s so nice to see you, we’ve been waiting for you. We’ve been waiting to come out and play, waiting to bask in your glorious sunshine, and waiting to blossom into the powerful beings that we are meant to be. Oh and hello sweet friend, thank you for landing here, and choosing to celebrate the arrival of spring with me. You’re in the perfect place to honor the changing of seasons (and life), reflect on the months past, and set positive intentions...

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Yoga Class for Splits: Stretch + Strengthen into Hanumanasana

Welcome to your yoga class to practice split pose, aka hanumanasana. I imagine you landed here under these pretenses: you are searching for that ballerina like split image, you are wanting a class that stretches your hamstrings, or you were simply curious about what this class could bring. And guess what, it doesn’t matter what brought you here, only that you have arrived because today’s yoga class is not only a lesson in how to do splits pose, but also a life...

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