Camel Pose Yoga Practice: Build Your Confidence in Backbends

Welcome to your camel class practice to cultivate confidence, both on your mat and off your mat. Now, confidence is one of those super tricky things, right….. We often identify ourselves as either “self-confident” or “lacking confidence.” But, I’m coming to learn that most of us lean one way, then we lean the other way, and sometimes, we land right in the middle…. sorta kinda confident, yet still anxious, nervous, and a bit fearful. Take me for example. On paper,...

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Morning Meditation: Practice Self-Love and Awaken to the Day

Good morning beautiful.  Ready to wake up, practice self-love, and have a glorious day? I am and I believe you are too, so settle in, find a comfortable, upright position, and let’s have an incredible morning.  Today’s meditation is an invitation to pause before the business begins. It’s an opportunity to quiet the mental chatter that unleashes upon waking and instead, soften into your heart space, practice self-love, be grateful for your vitality, and let your...

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Yoga Practice for Healing: Soften into your Grief, Let the Light Shine Again

Welcome to your safe haven, your yoga mat, where all forms of healing can occur. Whether you’re currently healing or wanting to heal past pains, this is your invitation to step forward, soften into your grief, experience a soothing, gentle yoga practice, and let your light shine from within. You might be shaking your head, thinking to yourself, girllll there is no damn light. There’s only a scary, all consuming darkness. Life has been unfair to me and there’s no...

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Goal Setting Guided Meditation: Manifest Your Goals into Reality with the Chakra System

Welcome to a very special, very personal meditation experience, that I’m honored to share with you. Today, we will journey through the chakra system with a focus on goal setting and manifestation. Unlike most chakra work, we will start at the sahasrara chakra and travel to the muladhara chakra, using the manifestation current that lies within each of us. Psst: Don’t miss today’s worksheet to help you manifest your goals into reality. Click the image below to...

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Yoga Practice for New Beginnings, Growth, and Evolution

Psst: Craving a comfortable AF, yet so stylish romper to bend + breathe in (like the Buddha Pants romper I’m wearing in today’s yoga class). Use code JJCOMMUNITY10 to shop my romper now and save 10%, and trust me, it’s worth the investment. New beginnings. This is the theme of today’s yoga practice as we’re embarking on a brand new year, but it’s also the theme of every single day we experience. Our eyes open, our feet hit the ground, and a new beginning lies...

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Restorative Yoga Practice to Let Go of Anxiety + Stress (and breathe easy)

Oh the holidays, one of the best times of the year and yet, one of the busiest, jam packed, full of organization, and running around like a chicken times of the year. And while (in my opinion) half the excitement comes from the hustle and bustle, it can be all to easy to get lost in it, leading to the holidays passing by and you thinking …. Where did they go? I don’t remember that special moment with my parents or children? What did we even eat? Let’s not do that...

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