Third Eye Chakra Yoga: Eagle Pose Practice for Clarity & Understanding

Tell me sweet pea, do you ever feel like your mind is so full of thoughts that you lose sight of your vision? You begin to veer from your truth, following what feels comfortable - self-doubt, comparison, distraction, easy entertainment, and fear - all because your thoughts drown out your heart's desires.   I'll answer this question for both of us.    Yes, I lose sight of my vision almost every other moment. Yes, I follow what feels familiar. Yes, my...

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Nadi Shodhana Pranayama Video: Alternate Nostril Breathing Practice to Cultivate Balance

Let’s talk about your breath, babe.   Your breath is the central tool that unlocks the body, mind, and soul. It is a powerful force that when harnessed, can create immediate changes in your consciousness (state of being). These changes are highly potent and guess what, they are available to you right now, in this very moment.   …… are you curious yet?   I image you landed here because you practice yoga and enjoy how your practice supports you. Your...

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Gentle Yoga Class: 30 Minute Floor Practice for Anxiety & Stress

Ever feeling like you're having one of those days? You know, the kind where the world is kinda-sorta-caving-in and you feel like there's an elephant sitting directly on your chest.    I know these days all too well, because admittedly, I'm an anxious person. Heck, my girlfriend even nicknamed me a squirrel, my brain chatter never stops and I feel the constant pressure to be doing, doing, doing.   And even if you're not a squirrel like me, I know we all...

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Yoga Practice to Combat Sitting: Open Your Chest, Stretch Your Shoulders, Improve Your Posture, Energize Your Body

Confession time: I love to sit.    And because I have a deep love for the art of sitting, today we are going to do the opposite.    Welcome to your yoga practice to combat sitting, open your chest, stretch your shoulders, improve your posture, and energize your entire body.   ...... could I have made that class title any longer, probably.    On the outside, it might appear that I'm an active human being who loves movement, but the reality is - I like...

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This is for the Mothers: Guided Meditation to Honor Women

This is for the mothers.    The women who bravely created another.    The women who gave away their heart.    The women who sacrifice their needs.    The women who bend deeply.   The women who give with their everything.    The women who breathe existence into our very being.    Today we bow to you.    Today we honor you.    Today and every day we offer thanks to you.    This is your invitation to settle in.    To receive the nourishment you so...

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Yin Yoga Class at the Wall for Total Support and Full Relaxation

Welcome to your yin yoga class, using a wall, for total support and relaxation.   Let's start with the obvious, you will need a wall for today's yoga practice, so if you need to reconfigure your yoga space - please start to do so.    I also recommend gathering up the below yoga props. They are all optional (not the wall), but their presence will greatly increase your ability to relaxxxx and enjoy today's yoga sequence.  block bolster blanket    Okay,...

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