Welcome to your opportunity to dig deep & discover you through a guided meditation. Welcome to a meditation to connect with our God given gifts, the person we are beneath the surface, and what we can offer this world during our time here. A meditation that’s focused on igniting our interests, listening to what calls our spirit, and then doing the work. A meditation to… Find Our Passions. How epic does all of that sound? ….. like floating on cloud nine and living the dream right? Today’s meditation is a follow up

Welcome to your Simple Meditation. Today’s focus is to calm the chatter of the mind, reduce anxiety, release tension, and experience a connection between the body, mind and soul. Earlier this week we chatted about meditation – why it’s so important, the benefits, resources and a free guide to get started on your meditation journey. So after this post, it was only natural to offer a simple meditation to add to the many reasons to get started. Whether you’ve never meditated or do it every damn day, this is a

Welcome to your Positive Body Meditation. A meditation to release false beliefs, accept who we are, and honor our capabilities. A meditation that we all need and one that I’m proud to offer our community. The idea for this topic came as a follow-up to last week’s post about mindful eating habits & how to start and sustain them. And when it came time to brainstorm a meditation related to the topic of food, at first I was thinking….. Meditate on food, how weird. What in the hell will I say. But

Yogis. You’re in store for such a feel good meditation, like real good, feel good. Today’s practice is a continuation of our previous conversation about how to create an epic day (that includes epic worksheets). My goal for all of us, in the next 5 – 10 minutes, is to find stillness and establish a pattern of breath in order to – Set an Intention. The intention’s purpose is to lay the framework for the day ahead. It’s a simple practice to draw inward, gain clarity, and move from a grounded

Welcome back yogis or welcome to the community. Today’s focus is a follow up from a ridiculously EPIC post on How to Make Our Yoga Practice Stick. In this post, we explored the multitude of reasons why yoga is so damn great, but how it can easily slip away from our daily lives. We also touched on three opportunities to deepen this idea with worksheets + a journal prompt. Read the EPIC post – here. ……… grab the the worksheets + journal prompt below.  To continue this exploration + build on