What is the Spring Equinox? What is all this woo-woo talk about transformation, reflection and change? And most importantly – how do you get in on the magic? That’s what I’m here for, to answer your questions + invite you to experience the magic. Before we dive in, let me start by saying… Happy Spring Equinox. Relatively speaking, the legit date is Monday, March 20 – but who’s counting, right? Let’s start with the basics, then we’ll dive into the woo-woo, live your journey talk. Baby steps. Baby steps. I can’t

Okay tribe, I need to be transparent here. This post should really be titled – Meditation: The Secret to My Best Self that I SUCK AT.  I mean really, I’m just terrible at it, and not because there’s even a right or wrong way to do it, but because I have yet to make it a priority in life, which would lead to it becoming a habit, which would then lead to it being the secret to my best self. Nevertheless, I can’t authentically say I’m there. Okkkurrrrr, I feel better

Welcome to your Positive Body Meditation. A meditation to release false beliefs, accept who we are, and honor our capabilities. A meditation that we all need and one that I’m proud to offer our community. The idea for this topic came as a follow-up to last week’s post about mindful eating habits & how to start and sustain them. And when it came time to brainstorm a meditation related to the topic of food, at first I was thinking….. Meditate on food, how weird. What in the hell will I say. But

Okay yogis. In this post we’re getting down to business about why yoga is the transformation that LASTS and… How to Make Your Yoga Practice Stick! I know many of us, myself included, dearly love our yoga practice & all the beautiful benefits that manifest from it. But, yes there’s a huge ass but, we struggle with how to make this EPIC practice a regular commitment. Or what I like to call – a transformation.  A typical yogi’s experience goes something like this…. I freaking LOVE yoga, I’m doing it

Oh Savasana, you do me so good. You always know how to make things right, how to seal the moment, how to send me into a state of thoughtless bliss. You simply get me. Anyone else have this intimate relationship with savasana? Oh wait, who am I kidding….. all yogis (or the mass majority) have a serious intimacy with the ending to their practice. It’s the seal to our efforts. It’s the moment where we can release and sink into the depths of who we are – body, mind and soul. It’s our

What’s up my fearless tribe of movement makers & dream creators! Welcome to Day 4 of the Yoga Body Bootcamp Challenge & welcome to the… Tummy Toner Flow. If you’re totally unsure of what’s going on, have zero idea about what this challenge thing is, and feel like running away from this post – stop and click below. Click Here to Read More (+ sign up)! Okkkurrrrr, back to our scheduled programming. We’re on day four of the challenge – How are you feeling? How is your body reacting? How is

I read somewhere that it’s considered trite to use too much alliteration, but ‘alliteration’ reads like the word ‘alligator’ and if that isn’t charming, I don’t know what is. Lucky for this post,I haven’t been afraid to buck convention lately. For better or worse, I feel myself settling into some sort of happy and clean space, with all the requisite creaks of an old house with good bones. As someone whose fear of failure and darkness has ruled almost their entire life, it feels like a quiet sort of victory

If I had to pick two physical takeaways that yoga has gifted me, it’s a – Sexy, Strong Back & Sexy, Strong Upper Body And yes, my entire body has transformed from the consistent practice of yoga. But specifically, these two areas of my body have experienced the most profound transformation. It’s humbling and incredible all at the same time. If you’re into the idea of cultivating a sexy, strong back (which who isn’t), then this is the perfect yoga post for you. Keep scrolling babes, just keep scrolling, and then

Okay yogi’s, this post is all about self-care, and when I say self-care I mean your physical self, as in those muscles and fascia tissue. In addition to teaching yoga, I am a Massage Therapist, as such I LOVE teaching my clients ways to take care of their bodies….it makes my work life easier, and they get better results. As my yoga practice has  deepened and become more frequent, so have my aches and pains, so I started practicing a bit of what I preach, and the difference in my

Yogis – today’s post is one for all of us. Today we’ll explore how to create a yoga class plan with the help of a program called… Yoga Class Plan. Before we dive into the program I alluded to, let’s dive a bit deeper into the challenge of sequencing & why so many of us are intimidated or unsure of the idea. Are you a yoga teacher? Do you practice yoga at home? Do you practice both in the studio & at home? Do you long for a fluid, well-rounded

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