What is the Spring Equinox? What is all this woo-woo talk about transformation, reflection and change? And most importantly – how do you get in on the magic? That’s what I’m here for, to answer your questions + invite you to experience the magic. Before we dive in, let me start by saying… Happy Spring Equinox. Relatively speaking, the legit date is Monday, March 20 – but who’s counting, right? Let’s start with the basics, then we’ll dive into the woo-woo, live your journey talk. Baby steps. Baby steps. I can’t

Okay tribe, I need to be transparent here. This post should really be titled – Meditation: The Secret to My Best Self that I SUCK AT.  I mean really, I’m just terrible at it, and not because there’s even a right or wrong way to do it, but because I have yet to make it a priority in life, which would lead to it becoming a habit, which would then lead to it being the secret to my best self. Nevertheless, I can’t authentically say I’m there. Okkkurrrrr, I feel better

Welcome to your Positive Body Meditation. A meditation to release false beliefs, accept who we are, and honor our capabilities. A meditation that we all need and one that I’m proud to offer our community. The idea for this topic came as a follow-up to last week’s post about mindful eating habits & how to start and sustain them. And when it came time to brainstorm a meditation related to the topic of food, at first I was thinking….. Meditate on food, how weird. What in the hell will I say. But

Okay yogis. In this post we’re getting down to business about why yoga is the transformation that LASTS and… How to Make Your Yoga Practice Stick! I know many of us, myself included, dearly love our yoga practice & all the beautiful benefits that manifest from it. But, yes there’s a huge ass but, we struggle with how to make this EPIC practice a regular commitment. Or what I like to call – a transformation.  A typical yogi’s experience goes something like this…. I freaking LOVE yoga, I’m doing it

Oh Savasana, you do me so good. You always know how to make things right, how to seal the moment, how to send me into a state of thoughtless bliss. You simply get me. Anyone else have this intimate relationship with savasana? Oh wait, who am I kidding….. all yogis (or the mass majority) have a serious intimacy with the ending to their practice. It’s the seal to our efforts. It’s the moment where we can release and sink into the depths of who we are – body, mind and soul. It’s our

Yogis – today’s post is one for all of us. Today we’ll explore how to create a yoga class plan with the help of a program called… Yoga Class Plan. Before we dive into the program I alluded to, let’s dive a bit deeper into the challenge of sequencing & why so many of us are intimidated or unsure of the idea. Are you a yoga teacher? Do you practice yoga at home? Do you practice both in the studio & at home? Do you long for a fluid, well-rounded

I’m writing this post on the heels of a nasty sinus infection that’s been wagging its admonishing finger at me during anything fun/strenuous for the past week and a half. I have this really awful habit of pushing-pushing-PUSHING until I’m sick or burnt out, and holidays always seem to bring up the stress. All that rambling to say, this post feels fitting. …..and damn, NyQuil is a helluva drug. So here’s a question, for both myself and fellow yogis: What if, this year, we change our behavior and expectations? Instead

Oh babes, this post couldn’t be more spot on with the timing. The holidays are zooming by. Social gatherings are happening left and right. Gift shopping is in full effect. And guess what – we need a moment to relax & reconnect while it all unfolds. Cue the reason we’re talking about…. Restorative Yoga …and my five favorite poses to do for reducing stress and relieving tension. But before we dive into restoring, reducing and relieving, I have a public announcement….. Happy Thanksgiving. I am so Grateful for YOU. The gratitude

Something you should know about me, I adore children’s books. Wondering why? Because they have so much profound information in them, and it’s always packaged in a cute, simple, and short feel good story. The interesting paradox is that these simple stories crafted for children, are the mirror image of the lessons we experience as adults… expect we make them so damn complicated. To bring it all full circle….. When I was trying to decide what to write this month, all I could think about was my current book crush, its

Welcome Yogis! Today is all about yoga props & my favorite yoga props to share with fellow yogi’s ballin’ hard and on a budget. While I love all these items and use them in my own practice, its important to remember that every practice looks different, and you may not feel the same. I think its also worth noting that props are not an indicator of skill or anything other than a willingness to try new things. In reality, all you need for a yoga practice is your body, mind, and

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