Okay yoga teachers, health leaders, and movement makers – this post is for you. After three years of creating an online community + participating in my local  yoga studio community, I have a thing or two to say. Actually, let’s be honest, I have wayyyyy more than two things to say (as expected). Here’s the deal. The health landscape is bursting at the seams, experiencing epic growth and creating communities both in-person and online ALL OVER the world. And as people who want to live our journey, we’re intrigued, we

Oh Savasana, you do me so good. You always know how to make things right, how to seal the moment, how to send me into a state of thoughtless bliss. You simply get me. Anyone else have this intimate relationship with savasana? Oh wait, who am I kidding….. all yogis (or the mass majority) have a serious intimacy with the ending to their practice. It’s the seal to our efforts. It’s the moment where we can release and sink into the depths of who we are – body, mind and soul. It’s our

Yogis – today’s post is one for all of us. Today we’ll explore how to create a yoga class plan with the help of a program called… Yoga Class Plan. Before we dive into the program I alluded to, let’s dive a bit deeper into the challenge of sequencing & why so many of us are intimidated or unsure of the idea. Are you a yoga teacher? Do you practice yoga at home? Do you practice both in the studio & at home? Do you long for a fluid, well-rounded

Hey there, loves! I hope everyone’s journey this month has been nothing short of magical. I’m bringing you another “Yoga Teacher Talk” and the topic is…. (drum roll) hands-on assisting. We’ll get down to the 101 of providing a supportive touch to your students without coming across as creepy. We’re not creepy, right? So let’s get that thought out of our heads before we even begin reading further. Is it gone? Okay cool! Let’s begin. What is hands-on assisting? It’s just as it sounds. Hands-on is providing gentle and supportive

Today I’m going to share a story with you. A story that’s personal to me & one that touches on an important facet of the yoga teaching industry. A few weeks back I found myself in an uncomfortable situation that put a damper on my value of being a yoga teacher. Here’s how it all unfolded. A yoga teacher asked me to sub for them, I agreed, for the simple reason that I’m grateful and excited for these types of opportunities. The teacher agreed to e-transfer the money that would be

What’s up journey loves? Today I’m sharing the beauty of advanced teacher training to gain your 500-hour certification, from my personal yoga journey to yours. If you are a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and know, like deep down know you are meant to do this yoga thang, then considering an advanced certification is right up your alley. Let me break it down for ya. There are thousands of 200 hour certified yoga teachers in the U.S. alone, so that means “competing” with thousands of others for that dream job. But, the

This is the post for when you can’t make it to a yoga studio, when you don’t feel like following a set sequence, when you’re traveling, or when creativity is lacking & you just need some yoga inspiration. Essentially, it’s a post for anyone who loves yoga – teacher or student – and is craving a starting point, but not the whole kit and caboodle. Below are 5 ways to start a yoga practice. These five postures/centering moments come directly from my personal practice, my personal teachings, and are very common

Yoga teachers – this one’s for you, yes you. Today’s post is all about continuing our yoga teaching journey through education, specifically Yoga Journal’s education. I’m a major, like kinda die hard, fan of Yoga Journal & all of their opportunities to continue the journey. Whether their education is offered through a simple blog post, their national magazine, an online training, or a yoga conference – it always delivers, and delivers right. As someone who digests a lot of information in the online world, especially the yoga world, it can be

Hello aspiring, newly certified, kinda got your mojo and been there, done that yoga teachers. And also, hello to any community teacher or person who teaches, leads and inspires a group of people. The below tips are an outline of how to face your fears as a yoga teacher and beyond. These tips & tricks come directly from personal experience and I hope, like cross my fingers hope, that by sharing them you’ll find a moment of ease, fluidity and confidence. Listen, teaching is hard. There’s nothing easy about creating space

After yoga teacher training (YTT), I got this weird glow of satisfaction. It felt like I had MADE IT. And while that residual sparkle is still there, and hopefully always will be–shit got real. Like, really real. I got engaged, my writing career ramped up, and I had to start making big-money big-life decisions. The honeymoon phase of YTT was earth-shattering and illuminating, and it was time to make an appearance back in the world of overdue library books and overflowing laundry hampers. I had to sit down, shut out

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