How to modify your yoga practice….. Hell yes. I am thrilled to be jamming about this topic with our tribe and even more thrilled that the below guide is available to learn from, practice on your own, and maybe share with your fellow yogi tribe too. Okay, modifications, I am mega passion about them, love to share modifications with yogis of all levels (especially beginners), and wholeheartedly believe we can all benefit from them. If you’re 100% new to the yoga community, let me first explain what a modification is

Tell me this yogis. How many times have you attended a yoga class or practiced yoga online only to have a confusing, not so great, what the f*ck type experience? I’ve been there. I’ve possibly/definitely led people here. And I know how disappointing + frustrating it can be. And because I know this, today’s topic is all about… Yoga Teacher Cues … and revealing some of the common cues that are typical throughout a yoga class, in hopes that it makes your experience more enjoyable, impactful and beneficial. And if

Welcome to the guide that all beginner yogis need, and truthfully, all yogis who don’t use yoga props need. Whether you are the most flexible, strong badass yogi or the person whose never done a downward dog in your life, yoga props serve a purpose in your practice and deserve to be included too. …. did you read that my overachieving yogis, this one’s for you too. And now, let me explain why and my personal story with yoga props. Let’s rewind five years, picture a brand new yogi in

Yogis, welcome to a simple + so sweet yoga tutorial to help inspire your  yoga practice. And specifically, to help seal your yoga practice.  …..what exactly do I mean by that, you might be wondering.  I mean to end, to close, to seal, or to symbolically finish a moment between your yoga mat and your body, mind and soul. I mean to slowly wind down from your movement practice and transition into a softer, more supple moment. I mean to soften the breath, soften your efforts and ease into a more

Let me start this yoga sequence post with a declaration of sorts….. Every single person on the planet needs to do this type of work. Period. Drop the mic. And that includes you. Like the title of this post states, today’s sequence has a two part goal. Stretch the Chest Open the Shoulders Okay cool Allie, I can read, but why does every person need it. And what if I feel pretty damn open in my chest + shoulders, do I still need it? Yes, you still need it and

If I had to pick two physical takeaways that yoga has gifted me, it’s a – Sexy, Strong Back & Sexy, Strong Upper Body And yes, my entire body has transformed from the consistent practice of yoga. But specifically, these two areas of my body have experienced the most profound transformation. It’s humbling and incredible all at the same time. If you’re into the idea of cultivating a sexy, strong back (which who isn’t), then this is the perfect yoga post for you. Keep scrolling babes, just keep scrolling, and then

Okay yogi’s, this post is all about self-care, and when I say self-care I mean your physical self, as in those muscles and fascia tissue. In addition to teaching yoga, I am a Massage Therapist, as such I LOVE teaching my clients ways to take care of their bodies….it makes my work life easier, and they get better results. As my yoga practice has  deepened and become more frequent, so have my aches and pains, so I started practicing a bit of what I preach, and the difference in my

Welcome to the yoga tutorial that will strengthen your core, create power in your asana practice, and resilience for both the body and mind. If you’ve been practicing yoga for more than six months, you’re well aware of the necessary core requirements to move in a safe and effective manner. And if you’re new to the practice, welcome to the yoga community & welcome to an incredibly important lesson about yoga asana. The lesson being….. all movement originates from the core of our being. The core being the entire circumference of

Welcome to a simple, easy to follow, will reduce stress, relieve tension yoga sequence. But this isn’t just any yoga sequence, it’s a sequence inspired by one of my favorite styles of yoga. If it’s not obvious already, the style we’re jamming about today is…. Restorative Yoga I discovered restorative yoga during my yoga teacher training and then again after injuring myself. Initially I thought restorative yoga wasn’t for my power flow, want to get upside down, do all the fanciest tricks yoga personality. But after one experience, I was

Ummm….. just the name of this posture is intimidating, but please, don’t you dare click away. I promise we’ll take it slow, build up to this baby, and learn the proper mechanics to do: One-Legged King Pigeon Pose Or Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana.  If you’re like what the hell is that yoga pose Allie & my body will never make that type of shape, I feel you. This pose, one-legged king pigeon, isn’t for the faint hearted or the over the top hearted. This pose is for anyone who wants

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