Here we go tribe, another weekly yoga video is LIVE & ready for you to flow to. Welcome to your quick + dirty video to build strength. Core on the Floor This class is just like it sounds. It involves equal parts laying on the floor plus work your core efforts. You will work hard. You will scrunch your face up. You will sweat. You will feel the burn. You will not like me. You will relax. You will gain strength. You will feel epic afterwards. Because this video is

Welcome to your weekly yoga video yogis! Today’s focus is to strengthen = tone our…. Hamstrings + Butt Sounds good, yeah? Aside from the obvious reason of why we tone + strengthen our hamstrings + butt, hello nice legs and a nice rear, we also strengthen and tone these babies to create integrated, intelligent movement. It’s incredibly EASY to not use our butt + hamstrings, because for most us, they’re asleep from sitting so damn much! We tend to overwork our anterior chain (the front side body) and forget about

Yes, you read the title of this yoga video right. Today’s class is a straightforward, no nonsense, work hard to play hard flow. Welcome to 108 Sun Salutations to inhale the good + exhale the bullshit. So why in my right mind would I do a sun salutation – on repeat – for 108 times? Like who would subject themselves to that? And why should you consider subjecting yourself to it too? …..and now the Allie persuade you conversation begins For starters, practicing 108 sun salutations is a tradition to

Yogi Tribe, welcome to one of my favorite yoga classes to teach + practice. Core Restore I used to teach this yoga class in a studio space and at first, I couldn’t deal. My fiery fast-paced vinyasa self found it quite boring, I of course spoke too much while people were trying to tune out, and I found the sequences to be stale + stagnant. But like all good things in life….. It simply takes time to warm up, find the silver lining, and surrender into the magic of what

Ready to get upside down and all turned around? Okay, that was weird…. Let’s start over. Ready to increase your strength + confidence and possibly get upside down? There we go. Whether you have a solid headstand practice or a nonexistent one, I present your weekly yoga video The Headstand Flow. This is a full-length practice to work towards headstand, key words being – work towards. We spend a lot of time strengthening our core + upper body, flowing through complimentary sequences and finally – we come to the pivotal

Okay yogis, if you like to feel good in 20 minutes and free of charge, you’ve landed in the most perfect spot. Welcome to your weekly yoga video & welcome to your Feel Good Yoga Video. Today’s class is straightforward with the obvious goal to feel good. But in addition to this, I also created this class for all of us, because life is busy and sometimes a kick your butt asana class is just not in the cards. Can I get an amen? …… amen, says the girl who

Hello Gorgeous Yoga Souls. Welcome to your weekly yoga video where I invite you step on the mat + breathe + bend + live your journey. Today’s flow is all about linking breath with movement, specifically a …. Vinyasa Flow. For this flow, I want us to set the intention to cultivate and experience strength + inspiration while on the mat. And I imagine, your next thought is something like…. but how do I do that Allie? Well, let me explain. The foundation of a vinyasa flow practice is linking

And we’re back Journey babes. Another week. A new yoga video. A new opportunity to move your body + Live Your Journey. Today’s yoga class is so damn simple + so damn good. It’s a no brainer that I created it for all of us, no matter how much time we have or don’t have, the goal is to move our bodies, find space, and feel good. Welcome to your 10 minute yoga video to… Revitalize + Energize. I highly recommend saving this flow for – the busy as anything

Hello Journey Tribe & welcome to your weekly yoga video. The goal for today’s practice is quite simple & one that we can all benefit from. I deem this practice the… Fiery Vinyasa Yoga Flow. I created this flow with a few ideas in mind: quickly heat the body strengthen all parts of our being – body, mind and soul cultivate motivation through releasing stuckness circulate our life force creating inspiration And personally, I think we can achieve all of this OR start the conversation to begin the process of

Oh babes, you’re SO going to DIG this week’s  yoga video. I usually shy away from including pranayama (breath work) in my videos, but not this time. We’re going full force, breathe that shit out, and feel so damn good while we do it. If you’re familiar with yogic breath work, then you know this + a stress relief sequence is the perfect combination. Andddd, I’m guessing you’re now so stoked to be here and unroll that mat. And conversely, if you’re unfamiliar with pranayama, then you’re in for a special

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