Welcome yogis – beginners, well-seasoned, and everyone in-between – to your weekly yoga video. And welcome back to the Back to Yoga Basics series, where we’re welcoming new yoga students to their mat, creating a safe space for learning, and covering the foundations of what to expect for the yoga journey ahead. Today’s class has one major goal and it’s one that we all work towards and can relate to…. How to Build Balance. If you’re a regular on the yoga mat, then balance shouldn’t be new to you, however –

And we’re back yogis, with another opportunity to start, deepen, or fine tune your yoga practice through movement, breath, and connection! Feel good about landing your beautiful self here, it’s the right space to be. Today’s back to yoga basics class is all about…. Standing Postures. Standing, don’t we stand all the time Allie? Is this class one long mountain pose moment? Do we get to at least lay down for savasana? Let me explain yogis, let me explain. In the yoga world, standing postures symbolize movements/shapes that we do

Welcome yogis, non-yogis, absolute beginners, advanced practitioners, people who need to stretch, those who love movement, yogis who are actually pretzels, and those who feel their body is a foreign object. Regardless of where you’re at in your health journey, this back to yoga basics conversation + yoga video is an incredible place to be. Feel good about clicking that link, landing here in “Journey Junkie” land, reading all the words, and possibly stepping on your mat + doing the work. …… or at the very least, be sure to

Here we go again tribe, another weekly yoga video is LIVE to help all of us bend + breathe, and of course – Live Our Journey. Today’s yoga video is simple, so damn necessary, and especially helpful for yogis who like other forms of movement. Hello runners, cyclists, swimmers, rock climbers, and weight lifters. This practice is FOR YOU. Welcome to your moment to cool it down, after you work it out. This flow is simple and straightforward with the goal to make you feel good. Period. That’s it. I want

Alright tribe, it’s about time I created this yoga flow, like seriously – it needed to happen after the many requests, comments and conversations. So here it is. Welcome to your yoga video to stretch + strengthen Your Wrists. Many yogis, especially newer  yogis, experience moments of wrist discomfort, pain, tenderness and/or frustration . It’s common and expected, but it’s also a pain in the ass. …… like hello, we’re trying to plank all damn day, work with me wrists. So real talk. Why does wrist pain happen. How can we

The yoga video you’ve been asking for has officially arrived – tribe! And I have to be honest here, this video wasn’t easy to create. Picture lots of falling. Lots of rolling. Lots of huffing + puffing. Maybe a few bruises. Confusion for sure. Stalking Instagram yogis for inspiration. Searching on Pinterest. I created a list of wheel poses. I created a flow. It didn’t work. I tried again. It kinda sorta worked. And then that moment of aha came – I created a yoga wheel flow! Hell yes! If

Let’s talk about crow pose….. and more specifically, how to get our butts up + fly in crow pose. Here’s the deal with crow pose. It’s MAGICAL AS SHIT. Yup, that’s it, no need to read further (just joking yogis, of course there’s more to read). The reason it’s so magical is it’s typically the first arm balance we fly in, the first pose that makes us feel super badass, the first pose that we balance all of our body’s weight atop our arms, and the first pose that truly

Here we go tribe, another weekly yoga video is LIVE & ready for you to flow to. Welcome to your quick + dirty video to build strength. Core on the Floor This class is just like it sounds. It involves equal parts laying on the floor plus work your core efforts. You will work hard. You will scrunch your face up. You will sweat. You will feel the burn. You will not like me. You will relax. You will gain strength. You will feel epic afterwards. Because this video is

Welcome to your weekly yoga video yogis! Today’s focus is to strengthen = tone our…. Hamstrings + Butt Sounds good, yeah? Aside from the obvious reason of why we tone + strengthen our hamstrings + butt, hello nice legs and a nice rear, we also strengthen and tone these babies to create integrated, intelligent movement. It’s incredibly EASY to not use our butt + hamstrings, because for most us, they’re asleep from sitting so damn much! We tend to overwork our anterior chain (the front side body) and forget about

Yes, you read the title of this yoga video right. Today’s class is a straightforward, no nonsense, work hard to play hard flow. Welcome to 108 Sun Salutations to inhale the good + exhale the bullshit. So why in my right mind would I do a sun salutation – on repeat – for 108 times? Like who would subject themselves to that? And why should you consider subjecting yourself to it too? …..and now the Allie persuade you conversation begins For starters, practicing 108 sun salutations is a tradition to

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