Hot damn, this yoga video couldn’t have come at a more synchronistic time in my life. If you’re part of the “tribe”, then you read my email last week about how my body needs a break from the heavy vinyasa, stretchy type of yoga that I love so dearly…. and instead, focus on restorative yoga, mindfulness, and strengthening my weaknesses. So, this video is perfectly aligned with my restore, relax, rest, and rejuvenate theme. And it’s another morning yoga video to help you wake up, move your body, connect with

Another week, another morning yoga video is here! Yes tribe, we’re still on the wake up,  get up, take a deep breath, step on your mat, and get to moving train….. and this week’s class truly stresses the get moving portion of that train. …… pssstt, have you missed the other morning yoga videos? You can find them here and here. Today’s morning yoga video will leave you energized, awakened, motivated, and ready to start your day with purpose. And the best part, it only takes 15 freaking minutes, sayyy

Welcome to your morning yoga practice to cultivate inspiration by linking your breath with movement and setting the intention to take your inspiration off the mat and into your day ahead. If you’re someone who wants to feel connected, tap into your purpose, unearth your innate energy, and do it without too much damn effort, then this is the yoga practice for you. ….. and hey, if you only want half of those things (or none) this practice is still for you, stick around. Today’s yoga sequence will take you

Rise and shine friend, it’s time to get grateful by welcoming the day with your feet planted on the yoga mat, breathing into your being, and practicing gratitude for who or what lights the pathway to pursue your journey. Now to be super frank, my track record with morning rituals, morning yoga, morning meditation, or anything that’s considered a morning routine is pretty bleak. Okay fine, it’s nonexistent (at the moment). And yet, here I am preaching to you, people on our podcast, and my closest friends and family that

Guess what tribe, I am still riding high from our chakra challenge, so high that I decided we need to keep focusing on it…. alas, welcome to your weekly yoga video that focuses on goal setting through the chakra system and a power yoga flow. Oh and there’s a chakra goal setting worksheet too, because like I said, the high factor is still very real. But before we step on the mat and do this chakra power yoga flow, let’s first discuss how goal setting and the chakra system even

Today’s chakra is the pinnacle of the Chakra Challenge, it’s the culmination of the energetic centers beneath, it’s the integration of all seven wheels combined into one. Welcome to the sahasrara chakra, the crown chakra space. The seventh chakra is our source of enlightenment, our spiritual connection to something greater, our relationship with our higher selves, and a deeper/acutely aware consciousness. Let’s dive in. The crown chakra has always felt the farthest from reach out of all the energetic centers within, it’s been the easiest to dismiss for me. Like

Ever feel like nothing is in alignment, like you just can’t get your groove back, no matter how much effort or intention you draw forth? I know I have…. and I still do. But the more I learn about the chakra system, it’s inner workings, how it relates to our livelihood, and the currents of liberation and manifestation, the more I believe we can heal our misalignments, imbalances, and gut wrenching ruts with this system. And I’ll be the first to admit, it’s an intimidating as hell system, with loads

The psoas muscle, yes tribe, we are going there today. I can remember my first few times being exposed to this term, a yoga teacher mentioning it while doing low-lunge, reading about it in an online yoga article, hearing about it from my chiropractor, and then wondering how my psoas muscle plays into everyday aches + pains, along with larger, more chronic injuries. This wonder led me to ask questions like…. What exactly is my psoas muscle, where is it located, what is it’s purpose, why are we talking about

Drumroll please tribe, this is the yoga video I have been waiting for…. yoga to soothe + strengthen our knee pain. And yes, I used the pronoun “I” because yet again, I created this video out of selfishness, but simultaneously knowing that many of us who experience knee discomfort/pain will also benefit. I love how that works, I identify a problem in my personal life, dive in to learn more about said problem, create a practice to help solve the problem, then get it to share it with you. It’s

Alright tribe, so while I would love to claim ownership for this incredible yin yoga for the lower back sequence, I have to give credit where credit is due. The teachers over at Yoga International created this healing yin yoga sequence and thank the lord they did, because this girl isn’t trained in the formalities of yin. Yes, I can teach it, as you will soon see, but it’s not my area of expertise (for now anyway). But what I can tell you about the yin practice is this. It’s

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