Alright tribe, so while I would love to claim ownership for this incredible yin yoga for the lower back sequence, I have to give credit where credit is due. The teachers over at Yoga International created this healing yin yoga sequence and thank the lord they did, because this girl isn’t trained in the formalities of yin. Yes, I can teach it, as you will soon see, but it’s not my area of expertise (for now anyway). But what I can tell you about the yin practice is this. It’s

Okay tribe, we made it, week five of practicing arm balances, exploring new paths, leaning into the unknown, and cultivating all the courage we need. In this week’s arm balance video we’re diving head first (literally) into…. Flying Pigeon Pose Or in proper yogic terms, eka pada galavasana I dig this arm balance for a few reasons, but mostly because I feel that it can be accessible to many of us, given that extra love tap to get flying. Here’s the reasons: it mimics familiar poses, think figure four, traditional

Welcome to week four of the arm balance series, wooooo, we’ve been working hard tribe, and today the work continues. Welcome to your weekly yoga video where we’ll focus on – Eight Angle Pose …… or in proper yogic terms, astravakasana. This arm balance is like the many others we’ve done thus far, it looks so damn cool, requires strength + flexibility, and most importantly, coordination and confidence. Often times we posses the strength/flexibility, but simply don’t understand where to put this body part, how to stack this one atop

Welcome back to your weekly yoga video and welcome back to the arm balance series. We are on week three of discovering, playing and creating arm balance shapes and today, we’re continuing on that journey. Welcome to your – Side Crow Yoga Flow ….. or in proper yogic terms, parsva bakasana Today’s goal is to concentrate on twisting the body, creating upper body strength, firing up the core, and priming both the body and the mind to take flight. This is essentially what we do in all our classes (arm

Alright yoga community, this flow is the absolute jam for anyone seeking strength, challenge, and toning of the body. Welcome to your weekly yoga video – Side Plank Flow ….. or in proper yogic terms, your vasisthasana flow. For those of you who are subscribed to the tribe, you’re well aware that this month’s focus is arm balances, and this is where side plank might seem like it doesn’t fit. But trust me, it does, and here’s why. Related: Join the tribe for weekly videos + so much more! The

Okay yoga community, let me forewarn you, this yoga pose we’re working on today is quite the challenge. Grasshopper pose, an arm balance posture, requires upper body strength, inner thigh strength, core strength, open hips, the ability to twist, a good dose of balance, and…. Confidence. It’s quite the high maintenance pose, yeah. But we’re in luck. Many of the yoga postures that we already do, over and over again, have already prepared us for this peak pose moment, the moment of floating into grasshopper pose. Think about it. We

Listen tribe, I was hesitant to post a bedtime video, because many of us love the fast-paced, stronger practice. Or maybe that’s just me who loves it… But, sometimes what we don’t make time for, is precisely what we need. And that’s how I feel about today’s yoga flow. So welcome to your Bedtime Gentle Flow A yoga class to help relax after a busy day, to release the many moments, ease tension from the body, with the goal to experience a restful night of sleep. And I’ve said it

And we’re back again yogis with another weekly yoga video to help live your journey! And welcome back to the Back to Yoga Basics series, where we’re welcoming new yoga students to their mat, creating a safe space for learning, and covering the foundations of what to expect for the yoga journey ahead. Today’s focus + goal is…. How to Build Strength. I love this focus + goal, and I love it because the yoga practice has taught me both of these things, however not just within my body. It also

Welcome yogis – beginners, well-seasoned, and everyone in-between – to your weekly yoga video. And welcome back to the Back to Yoga Basics series, where we’re welcoming new yoga students to their mat, creating a safe space for learning, and covering the foundations of what to expect for the yoga journey ahead. Today’s class has one major goal and it’s one that we all work towards and can relate to…. How to Build Balance. If you’re a regular on the yoga mat, then balance shouldn’t be new to you, however –

And we’re back yogis, with another opportunity to start, deepen, or fine tune your yoga practice through movement, breath, and connection! Feel good about landing your beautiful self here, it’s the right space to be. Today’s back to yoga basics class is all about…. Standing Postures. Standing, don’t we stand all the time Allie? Is this class one long mountain pose moment? Do we get to at least lay down for savasana? Let me explain yogis, let me explain. In the yoga world, standing postures symbolize movements/shapes that we do

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