Psst: Craving a comfortable AF, yet so stylish romper to bend + breathe in (like the Buddha Pants romper I’m wearing in today’s yoga class). Use code JJCOMMUNITY10 to shop my romper now and save 10%, and trust me, it’s worth the investment. New beginnings. This is the theme of today’s yoga practice as we’re embarking on a brand new year, but it’s also the theme of every single day we experience. Our eyes open, our feet hit the ground, and a new beginning lies ahead. But why do we

Oh the holidays, one of the best times of the year and yet, one of the busiest, jam packed, full of organization, and running around like a chicken times of the year. And while (in my opinion) half the excitement comes from the hustle and bustle, it can be all to easy to get lost in it, leading to the holidays passing by and you thinking …. Where did they go? I don’t remember that special moment with my parents or children? What did we even eat? Let’s not do

Ready to get real with me? Let’s do it. Today’s video is a 108 sun salutations to celebrate the winter solstice. Together, we will surrender to the darkness, release what we no longer need, and plant seeds of intention for the light that is coming to be. The goal of today’s practice is to link our breath with movement, creating a moving meditation, inhaling to welcome renewal, and exhaling to let go of what no longer serves us. It’s a beautiful and transformative experience and one that I love to

Another week, another restorative yoga practice, another opportunity to completely relax, and of course – restore. This week’s practice centers on weight loss, reducing stress, rebalancing the hormones, promoting mindfulness, and stimulating the digestive system. Which at first glance, restorative yoga might seem like a strange antidote to weight loss, but hear me out JJ community. First, this class is for everyone, underweight, the right weight (WTF does that even mean), and overweight. It’s an all-inclusive practice that everyone can do. Second, restorative yoga is the practice of relaxation, helping

This restorative yoga class for sciatica has been a longgggg time coming, like years in the making people. Wondering what took me so long? I’ll save that conversation for later date, when I’m ready to share how I’m healing myself, so stay tuned. Today’s yoga practice is for two types of yoga practitioners. First, it’s for the person whose experiencing pain or discomfort related to sciatica, and possibly low back pain too. Second, it’s for the person who simply enjoys restorative yoga, because whether or not you’re implicated by sciatica,

Are you like me and….. Seeking a place of surrender? Searching for a moment of relaxation? Craving self-care, yet not embracing it? Well friend, look no further, you are in the right place. Welcome to your invitation to relax, restore, and reconnect with today’s restorative yoga class. Through today’s yoga postures and moments of stillness, you will work (but with intention) to release stuck energy and tension from your neck, shoulders, and upper back. And I’m sure we can all agree, these spaces are full of repressed emotions, thoughts, and feelings….

Journey Tribe, you’re invited to the super exclusive, incredibly effective, and so damn fun (once you finish) – PLANK PARTY. The name of today’s yoga video pretty much gives it away, but just in case we’re not on the same page, let me clarify. Today’s yoga class focuses on creating strength through plank pose, it’s favorite cousin – forearm plank, and different transitions that include plank. But why plank, how did it win the leading role? There are a handful of reasons, but I’ll start with the personal. Many of

Sighhhhh….. your eyes just opened, you are surrounded by warmth and comfort, and a new day has began. Now tell me, what do you do first (aside from that first pee of the day)? What are your first thoughts as the morning unfolds? What actions do you take? What feelings do you feel? Well since this is a blog post and I’m talking at you, let me answer these questions and share what my morning usually brings. Big sighhhh, I am awake, and immediately my mind begins to race. I

Hot damn, this yoga video couldn’t have come at a more synchronistic time in my life. If you’re part of the “tribe”, then you read my email last week about how my body needs a break from the heavy vinyasa, stretchy type of yoga that I love so dearly…. and instead, focus on restorative yoga, mindfulness, and strengthening my weaknesses. So, this video is perfectly aligned with my restore, relax, rest, and rejuvenate theme. And it’s another morning yoga video to help you wake up, move your body, connect with

Another week, another morning yoga video is here! Yes tribe, we’re still on the wake up,  get up, take a deep breath, step on your mat, and get to moving train….. and this week’s class truly stresses the get moving portion of that train. …… pssstt, have you missed the other morning yoga videos? You can find them here and here. Today’s morning yoga video will leave you energized, awakened, motivated, and ready to start your day with purpose. And the best part, it only takes 15 freaking minutes, sayyy

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