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Below are examples of  collaboration opportunities and questions to ask, but feel free to expand.

Collaboration Opportunities:

  • Monthly giveaway promoting your product/brand.
  • Sponsored post that curates an original article all about YOU!
  • Seasonal guides + giveaways to promote your product/brand.
  • Product promotion via the blog and/or social media.
  • Yoga photo shoot to build a portfolio, promote a clothing line, or detail a yoga tutorial.
  • Yoga retreats and yoga workshops.

Questions to holler at me:

  • How to start practicing yoga.
  • How to do a specific pose.
  • Yoga teacher training related questions.
  • Anything related to traveling.
  • Health & diet related.
  • How to start blogging.


73 Discussion to this page

  1. Rachel says:

    Hello Allie!!
    My name is Rachel Strever, founder of My blog is all about going within to find yourself. Mind, body, soul, and spiritual health because without one you don’t have the other.

    A little bit ago you had commented on my Pinterest article all about how Yoga is healing the lives of others and how you love the post! So, that’s basically how I found you and love everything you preach/practice! 🙂 You truly seem like such a beautiful soul inside and out!

    I was wondering if you’d like to collaborate with one another?

    Some options I have in mind (one or all;) )
    1. We both do blog posts for each other. I can write about anything Yoga, mindfulness, spiritual that you’d like. I will come up with a topic soon if you like this idea. (Vice versa)

    2. I have my own Etsy shop (lovingthyself) where I sell chakra set of crystals with a beautiful handmade box. I could give you one for free and in return I would just ask you share it on your social media (Instagram probably preferably) with the link to the product and your review about it to others.

    3. Collaborate with one another on group boards! I’d love for you to join my Yoga Tips & Guidance. 🙂

    Let me know if any of these sound “appetizing” to you! Thank you in advanced ❤️

  2. Miriam Sallwey says:

    Yoga Pants : where do you find the Pants? 🙂

  3. Izabel says:

    Hi, Allie
    I really love your videos, I am from Guatemala and I have a rare disease that affect my joints, so I am really enjoying with your basic videos because I have learn that yoga really helps me to feel better and with less pain. THANK YOU SO MUCH! P.D. Where do you get your awesome outfits, I love them!!

  4. Genaro Marrero says:

    Hi, Allie

    Today is my first day of seeing your videos! And I gotta say your doing amazing 😉 great work.
    But, I have a request on maybe you doing a breathing video. “The breaths I was thinking of showing to everyone is how to do Kapalabhati breathing (Breath of Fire), bhastrika (Bellows Breath), and finally 3 part breathing. I hope I could see you sometime. Cause after seeing some of your videos, I am just starting to become a fan of you! Keep up the Good Work! #YogaForAllie #YogaLife #HopeToSeeTheRequestVideo😜

  5. Alexa Zedler says:

    What an amazing blog, Allie! Never been into yoga, but you truly inspired me!
    Best wishes,

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Thanks Alexa, appreciate you stopping by and I hope my posts can motivate you to start a yoga practice!

  6. Peter says:

    Hi. You are an indpiration for me. I would like to follow you on your website or facebook. Please send me info about that. Best wishes peter strukelj. Architect. In furniture design

  7. Ashley says:

    Hi Allie!
    I just discovered your channel on YouTube and absolutely LOVE your style of yoga.
    As an aspiring yogi and Florida girl myself, I am interested in training. Do you have any recommendations on training and certifications?

    Thank you and Namaste,

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Ashley, so happy you found me girlfriend and apologies for the late reply! I was certified at the Lotus Pond in North Tampa area, really great school, highly recommend it! And best of luck on your yoga journey babe!

  8. Cindy says:

    Hi Allie – Love watching you grow and love all the information you are sharing. I’ve been tuning into your podcast and was wondering if you could share a little more about the weekend courses you took to obtain your yoga training. I live in the same area and am looking for similar course. Also was wondering if you did the moon circle in St Pete? I believe you mentioned you wanted to do that in 2017. Would love to hear about it if you went! Thank you again! Many Blessing!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Cindy, thanks for the kind words babe! I did my training at the Lotus Pond up in the Carolwood area of Tampa! They have all sorts of programs available and it’s a beautiful location, definitely go check it out!

  9. Kelly Clarke says:

    Hey Allie, I just wanted to say that I feel really inspired by your sense of woman hood!
    And totally wondered if you have any badass tips on embracing it? I think that I sometimes lack confidence in my femininity. Thanks, Kelly

  10. katy says:

    I have been following your blog for a while now, and I love it. its so insightful and helps me practice at home. The one thing I struggle with/dont know how to start practicing it is headstands. I was wondering if you could help me on this 🙂

  11. ashley says:

    Hey Allie! Love what you are doing. I am in the process of doing the same things on a smaller scale, so strange. The worksheets, the challenges, booklets, etc. We have talked before in an email regarding video and how to. I would love to collaborate and be a part of this journey. I feel there are so many talented people out there going against instead of together for one purpose. This is not in a negative way its just the biz. So, I would love to write and add to this community. I am teaching 4 classes a week in Tampa. I teach out of my home as well. Also taking people on retreat to Costa Rica with friend Marley Vigdorth and DJ Drez in May. I have a lot of writing materials, have written a YA approved CEU manual and much more. Really look forward to hearing from you and finding a relationship. It gets lonely at the desk all the time. Be well and keep rocking!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Ashley, thanks for reaching out & SO SORRY for taking my sweet time responding, it’s been an intense few weeks! Your work sounds so incredible, really admire all that experience you’ve had and CONGRATS on the upcoming retreat! Do me a favor & email me early April – my schedule will be cleared by then & I’ll be able to think a bit clearer <3

  12. Nadine says:

    Hi Allie, where do you buy your yoga outfits? I like some of the things you wear and I need some new yoga wear. Thanks

  13. Linda Myhart says:

    Hi Allie, your website is amazing! Thanks for the valuable informations you provide, you are amazing!
    Cheers, Linda

  14. debbie says:

    hi allie….I do like your blog and information u provide, I also love your mala beads. do u mind me asking where u got them at? do u make them? where would I find some just like yours in the picture? thanks for any info…

  15. Kay Rose says:

    Do you offer a place to take yoga ,like a retreat where u can visit !

  16. Julissa says:

    Hello I’m recently working on my 200 hr..thru aura wellness and I was wondering where you got your asana toolbox?

  17. julie says:

    Where do you do your classes, most specifically the free beginner course in January ?

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Julie, I film my classes at my house in the Zen Den. I don’t teach in a yoga studio right now. Hope that helps!

  18. Anna says:

    Hi Allie,

    I love your posts and site!

    I am the creator of Blisscloud yoga mats and I would love to send you a mat. x

  19. Carabeth says:

    I would love to subscribe to your page! is there a way I can do that?

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Carabeth – there’s now a banner on top of every page that reads “Join the Journey” – put your info in there & you’re all set to be part of the community! Thanks so much for stopping by & glad to have you here 🙂

  20. Shell says:

    Words cannot even express (or describe) how thankful I am that I was drawn to The Journey Junkie. I have been starting to practice yoga, meditation, clean eating etc, since *insert dreaded word* Perimenopause started. SO, for a year I have been practicing and jumping from one yogi to another just so I wouldn’t get bored (and truly loving them) but you just resonated with me, and something in me just said this is her. So here I am and haven’t as much as looked at another You Tube channel since. I take the still pics of the poses to the beach with me (the Great Lakes are indeed GREAT for yoga!) and I am loving every email, every pose, and ALL your wonderful energy Allie! Accepting my body and all the changes I am going through is actually a journey I am excited for and this journey has inspired me to journal…maybe I’ll even blog someday. I am also positively sure you will help make my upcoming Canadian winter more bearable. 🙂
    Thanks for all you do!
    Love and positives from Ontario’s West Coast


    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Shell. So first, so many thanks for choosing me & taking the time to get to know me as a yoga teacher and person, it truly means so much! And major kudos to you for having the courage to try a new lifestyle and stick to it, glad you’re finding happiness and enjoyment in it too! Yoga is such a great doorway into a life filled with health, and it happens accidentally because we love how feel and want more of it!

      Anyway, thank you for being part of the journey and so damn dedicated to it, the community needs yogis like you! Here’s to wishing you have a beautifully, kinda warm winter and can continue taking yogi pics (snow and all)! Lots of love Shell.

      Allie, xoxo

  21. Charli says:

    Allie! Your website is Amazing. I’ve been thinking for a short while about how to make money online. I am also a yoga teacher so I was thinking that would be the best option to start… to create a blog. Maybe with topics on how to help other new teachers succeed in teaching yoga without burning out physically or financially!

    Just wondering if you are able to make a decent income from your website?

    Thanks so much for your help.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Thanks for the love Charli! I agree, a blog to help yoga teachers is needed… yes, there’s Yoga Journal and some big names out there, but it’s a bit more authentic and relative when coming from one voice. I’ve made a decent side income from blogging, but am hoping to expand with online programs and courses soon… where the real income lies!

      If you’re thinking of a blog, go for it! It’s a slow building process so start now, be consistent, and it will blossom before you! Hope that helps babe 🙂

  22. I love to read articles in this page. I want to write a post, if i am allowed to write here. Thank you

    For physical disabilities, i am share one specific sequence of yoga here. I had major spinal cord and ankle fracture 2 yrs ago.

    I share yoga only for back pain relief.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Pavani, thank you for all the support and commenting! I recently brought on a team of guest post writers, so I’m not taking additional guest posts right now. Feel free to check back in though. Have a great weekend, xoxo!

  23. Anne says:

    I am unable to sit on the floor due to physical disability but am doing chair yoga. I would like to begin the 40 day meditation challenge. Is it ok to use a chair?

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Anne, of course it’s okay to use a chair, your couch, or even lying down in bed. It’s more about showing up and doing the work, consistently. Good luck babe!

  24. Jackie says:

    I attended the Wanderlust Festival in Squaw Valley for the 1st time a few weeks ago and it was awesome! When I got home from the festival I received your email invite to participate in your 5-Day Beginner Yoga series and I immediately signed up. I wanted to continue that feeling of peace and happiness I had experienced at Wanderlust.

    After finishing the first 5-days I did the series again making it a 10-day experience. At the end of each yoga class I felt so peaceful and happy.

    This week I am outside running again, something I haven’t done in a few months and am so happy to be out again.

    The light in you has definitely ignited the light in me!

    Thank you for sharing and inspiring me with your journey….


    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Jackie. That’s incredible, I’ve had my eye on the Wanerlust festival for quite some time now, glad you got to experience it!

      And awesome that you joined the journey and transformed it from 5 to 10 – you go girl! And even awesomer (not sure if that’s a word) that it inspired you to pick running back up! My husband and I were on a good routine of running before work and we totally fell off, so it’s a goal of ours to start again!

      Thanks for stopping by & letting me know that tidbit of love, it sends the inspiration right back! Have a great day – xoxox.

  25. Hi,

    I am developing a brand and I will start with selling yoga related products through amazon, cork yoga mats priced below $90, cork blocks, and other items. How much would it cost for you to mention this product in your blog?

  26. Kate Brooks says:

    Thank you Allie for this amazing resource! I’ve been practicing yoga for years but I’m new to the blogging world, and I’m so thrilled to have discovered your blog. Congrats on the wonderful achievements!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Thank you Kate for being part of the journey & for showing some SERIOUS love! And welcome to the blogging world, it’s a whirlwind of greatness (and a bit of weirdness, but the good kind)! Anyway, thanks for stopping by & please keep checking back for more – xoxo.

  27. Katja Karczewski says:

    Hi Allie!

    I am a new reader and I ADORE your blog and your positive spirit! Thank you for being such a confident and encouraging soul! I was wondering if you have any Spotify playlists that you use for your yoga practice that I could follow! I’ve re-taken up yoga this year and have fallen absolutely head over heels (lol sometimes literally) for it all over again! Just looking for the tunes to bend to!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Katja – welcome to the journey love & so happy you found me! I definitely use Spotify and have a handful of great yoga playlists! You can find me on there, just search – Allie Flavio. Hope that helps huni & enjoy grooving to some tunes – xoxo!

  28. Erica says:

    Hey! Love your site and would be awesome to collab. We’re launching an App called Tibba ( that let’s people trade skills instead of bills (barter platform for digital nomads, freelancers, small businesses and creatives). We’re looking for inspiration ambassadors around the world and would love to talk to you. Just sent you an email so let me know if you haven’t received it.

    All the best

    Erica & Yasmine

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Erica, I got your e-mail and thanks for stopping by! I love the idea of your platform, what a beautiful concept! I’ll be getting back to you super soon 🙂

  29. Meera Watts says:

    Loved your blog and your clear approach for Collaboration Opportunities. I am going to send an email to you now and see how we can work together. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Meera, glad you found and dig the blog! I appreciate the kind words and yes, please feel free to contact me about collaborations! Have a great weekend 🙂

  30. Erin says:

    Hi ? Thank you for all the awesomeness in your blog. I wold love some info on sponsored posts or add space. We just launched our new Yoga Mat Wash!

  31. Anna says:

    Hi Allison,

    I was wondering if you know about any scholarship opportunities for Yoga Teacher Training for students who would otherwise not be able to attend?



    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Anna – thanks for reaching out!

      I don’t have specific places to point you, but many qualified teacher training programs do offer a scholarship program, so definitely explore this when researching different programs.

      Sorry I can’t be of better help love, best of luck & please let me know if you find a great opportunity!

  32. Erin says:


    I’m newer to yoga, and your site has been super helpful! I’m looking for a really good yoga mat that is also eco friendly, but there are so many to choose from. Do you have any experience with any eco friendly brands? And if so, what would you recommend?

    Thanks 🙂

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Erin – I’m so glad I can be a help in your yoga journey and welcome to the journey! Here’s a link to a yoga mat review I did in the past, I personally use all of them except the Manduka. My favorite is the Liforme mat, it is expensive, but so worth it!

      Thanks for stopping by & please don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy Sunday – xoxo!

  33. Chuck says:

    Hi, I did a beginner yoga class a couple of years back and have fallen out of practice. I would like to incorporate some poses into my early morning and late evening routine. There is so much to choose from that I continue to procrastinate.

    My problem areas are stiff neck, shoulders and back – including tight hips

    Can you suggest any ideas?

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Chuck – thanks for stopping by! I totally FEEL YOU on there’s too much to choose from situation – because there is! I recently posted a 30 minute yoga video that can be used any time of day. If doing it at night, I’d remove the crescent pose standing series and add a few more restorative poses at the end. Here’s a link to a bedtime sequence too.

      I hope this helps! And neck and shoulders are simple areas that can constantly be shown some love – try doing stretches at work, a few times a day to release the tension!

  34. Ellie says:

    I’m so excited I found your blog! I’m new to yoga and have been attending classes twice a week, I was wondering if you had any general advice for beginners and maybe ways to practice on my own on a more regular basis. Thank you!

  35. Kate Massey says:

    Hi! I was scrolling through your blog, and I’ll totally be checking out your friend’s yoga/haram pants, those are super cute. I’m wondering where you got that foresty flowery background sheet? I am absolutely in love with it, it looks like where I grew up. I miss the forest since moving to the concrete jungle and I would love to have that in my yoga room.

    Thanks, sorry for the weird question. 🙂

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Kate – thank you so much for stopping by! Yes, please check out One Tribe – their pants are so comfortable and cute! And that’s not a weird question at all, the tapestry is from Urban Outfitters, it’s a few years old but I believe they still have it! And I grew up in the sand and sea so I can only imagine transitioning from the outdoors to a concrete jungle – no bueno!

      Anyway, thanks again for showing some love, happy monday!

  36. Tamela says:

    Hello. I just discovered your site on pinterest. It has inspired me to try the 40 day mantra challenge. I have meditated for about 16 years using the technique of watching the breathe and watching the comings and going of my restless mind. This has been a very valuable practise to understand the workings of my mind. I have never used a mantra practise before so am excited about it. I have a blog on wordpress – [email protected]. I talk a lot about mindfulness and related topics. Feel free to visit my blog and see if my style appeals to you. I offer many tips and suggestions to help people establish a meditation practise.
    Thank-you for the thoughtful and honest sharing,

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Tamela – Happy New Year!

      I’m so happy you’re starting the 40 day challenge, I’ll be starting again tomorrow, so we’ll be in it together. And that’s wonderful you’ve been meditating for so long, that’s incredibly inspiring!

      I’ll definitely check out your sweet space and poke around. Thank you so much for stopping by, reading the blog, and showing some love. Have a wonderful Sunday – xoxo!

  37. Jackie. O says:

    Thank you for this site!

    I just had the brilliant idea of dedicating my spare time to yoga. I have done yoga in the past and enjoyed it but couldnt stick to it. After a few years of dealing with crazy axiety(im finally feeling like myself again), ive decided to give yoga try again but this time FORREAL. Do you have any suggestions for someone trying to go full swing into yoga practices?
    Thank you! have a wonderful day 🙂

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Jackie.
      I’m so happy you’ve decided to take the jump and fall in love with yoga, trust me – you’ll never regret the decision!

      I definitely suggest looking into Yoga with Adrienne. She offers a 30 days of yoga for beginners, it’s a video everyday to your inbox plus tips and tricks. And from there, I recommend either finding a local yoga studio or signing up for an online program. I’ve written 2 helpful posts on 5 ways to start practicing yoga and the best online yoga resources – check these out too!

      I hope this helps Jackie! Happy Thanksgiving – xoxo.

  38. Lisa Marton says:

    I live in South Florida and will be launching my new business called very soon. I am trying to raise money through KICKSTARTER.COM. Check out my campaign. Would love any support or mention 🙂

    Can I send you a yogahat? Let me know.


  39. Sugandha says:

    Hey!! I love your website!

    I need help….. I am feeling demotivated and need a creative change in my life….plus starting yoga is taking more efforts than necessary…I need inspiration and i have tried everything…

    any suggestions???????????

  40. Luca Hillers says:

    Hello, I am the owner and designer of a small apparel company. I make art and print it on recycled poly fabric to create clothing for movement. If you would ever like to collaborate send me an email.
    Thank you and have a beautiful day!

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