Hello journey seeking friends & welcome to an epic guide to Just Start.

I know, like wholeheartedly know, that this tribe not only wants, but is ready for change. We’re the kinda tribe that understands the idea of “there’s more beneath the surface” and we’re ready to discover that more.

But sometimes……

We get lost. We become distracted. We side with our fears. We lose our vision. We don’t know where to start.

Is this sounding familiar to you?

I thought so.

It’s familiar because we all wade through this process of figuring it out, facing our fears, creating a vision, writing down an intention, and then making it happen.

So I thought to myself, with so many of us working to discover what’s below the surface + how the process unfolds, why not create a tried and true guide. A guide that outlines the intensely gratifying process of how to become our best selves or what I like to call –

Live Our Journey.

…… you knew that one was one coming.


Grab your favorite beverage, a journal/planner/notebook, curl up on the couch, and let’s learn how to Just Start.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Evolution Fresh®. All opinions are 100% mine.

1.Yoga Every Damn Day

You babes know the drill here.

Step on your mat. Move your body. Breathe deep. Release the tension. Relax the mind. Fuel the soul.

And if you’re new to yoga….. trust me, this is exactly what happens when you step on the mat, practice consistently, and commit to bettering your journey.

And if you’re struggling with making yoga a consistent practice or starting all together, here’s my best tips:

  • Find a local yoga studio to join. The community environment is incredible + inspiring.
  • Find a YouTube channel to join & practice in the comfort of your home.
  • Set a time that works for you to move your body + breathe.
  • Start practicing with a friend to hold one another accountable!

2. Take a Sip in a Brighter Direction

I know what you’re thinking….. and no, I’m not suggesting we sip a glass of wine.

Instead, I’m suggesting we drop our poor sipping habits and replace them with positive ones – like sipping juice, specifically green juice from Evolution Fresh.

So, why green juice and why Evolution Fresh?

Well, there’s an insane amount of reasons, but I’ll give ya my favorites!

  • It’s refreshing as anything after a yoga class, for a mid-day pick me up, a morning wake me up, or when needing that extra boost of energy.
  • Each bottle contains only veggies and fruits with over a serving of your daily suggested veggies!
  • Evolution Fresh keeps it real with super-premium juice that’s sold at your local grocery store & at select Starbucks.
5 Steps to to Just Start: Health, Happiness, Goal Setting, Dream Making - Pin now, read later!

5 Steps to to Just Start: Health, Happiness, Goal Setting, Dream Making – Pin now, read later!

And lastly, it’s National Green Juice Day….. say what! Yup, it’s a freaking juice holiday right meow – January 26, 2017! And because Evolution Fresh is devoted to our healthy habits + celebrating, they’ve partnered with Postmates to deliver free juice to YOU!

Below are the participating markets + how to get your hands on a free green juice!

  • Participating markets – Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Washington, DC, Miami, Phoenix, Orange County, San Diego
  • Download the Postmates app and use today, January 26, 2017.
  • The juice love/giveaway starts at 1:00 pm local time until supplies last.
  • You have the ability to order three (3) free juices per delivery, with a maximum of one (1) order per customer.

If the idea of sipping green juice is new to you, check out Evolution Fresh & discover why it’s an important step in your journey.

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5 Steps to to Just Start: Health, Happiness, Goal Setting, Dream Making - Pin now, read later!

5 Steps to to Just Start: Health, Happiness, Goal Setting, Dream Making – Pin now, read later!

3.Start a Gratitude Practice

This step shouldn’t be new to any of you, we talk about it quite a bit here in this community. But in case you’re new or let the practice slip, here’s a refresher….

A gratitude practice is one of the simplest ways to ground, root down, and connect. It helps re-frame our values, what’s truly important, and feel a sense of calm & ease throughout the day. To start a practice, try the below tips:

  • Create or buy a gratitude journal to hold your daily notes.
  • Decide when you will log your gratitude, whatever times work best & will help create a habit for you.
  • Choose three to five things to recognize and be grateful for – don’t overthink it, just write it down.
  • Take a deep breath afterwards & repeat the next day.
  • If you’re loving this practice & want to take it a step further, try writing a gratitude to letter someone who continually shows up in your journal.

4. Cleanse the Mind

Ohhhhh meditation, you get us every time.

Regardless of whether you practice yoga or not, meditation is a practice that anyone and everyone can benefit from.

Our daily lives are filled with stress, like boiling over the top kinda stress (or is that just me). Meditation is the key to helping release this stress, washing the mind with fresh oxygen, and creating a more clear, stress free journey.

Start small here friends.

It’s okay for your mind to uncontrollably wander, think every thought under the sun, and never feel like you’re “meditating”. But you are.

Here’s my tips to get started:

  • Meditate in the mornings or before bed.
  • Find a quiet, distraction free place – like your bedroom.
  • Set the environment to help create a more inviting, relaxing space – think candles, soft music, low lights, comfortable clothes.
  • Breathe fluidly – inhale through the nose, exhale through the nose.
  • Continue this process of breathing fluidly for a minute, two minutes, maybe five minutes, or even ten minutes.


5 Steps to to Just Start: Health, Happiness, Goal Setting, Dream Making - Pin now, read later!

5 Steps to to Just Start: Health, Happiness, Goal Setting, Dream Making – Pin now, read later!

5. Set Goals & Take Action

The last piece to this Just Start puzzle is using what we learned above, to help us create realistic goals, and take actionable steps towards living our journey.

Here’s my tips:

  • Get yourself a planner and write down your bigger goals, smaller goals, daily life to-dos. I write in my planner at the beginning of each to help center & focus my goals.
  • For your larger goals, I recommend a different, more inspirational activity. Try creating a goal jar with your goals written out on small pieces of paper and placed inside, a mood board on Pinterest, or an inspirational board with anything that fuels your journey.
  • Take baby steps towards fulfilling your goals. Every day do something that brings you a step, just one step, closer to your end goal. This is the action.

And the Just Start guide is complete, NOT. This journey of moving forward, investing in ourselves, and envisioning our future never ends. It’s a consistent process that requires consistent effort.

This just the beginning journey babes.

The beginning of your journey to Just Start.

Let’s Talk – Were these tips helpful? Can you implement just one? How do you currently plan for your present and future journey?

As always – drop your questions, comments, suggestions, and general live your journey love down below.

Until next time, xoxo.

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