Welcome to the most legit, absolutely works, tried and tested method to create….. the most Epic Day.


I know friends, I know. I’m making a bold statement with the subject of this blog post, but I wholeheartedly believe that what I’ve created + cultivated is the framework to achieve an epic day.


And when we combine epic days into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, and years into a lifetime, we can essentially create the MOST EPIC life.


The idea behind creating + practicing an epic day is to prepare ourselves for the goals, aspirations and opportunities that await our journey ahead. It’s like one of my favorite quotes (and my husbands too) says….


The more  we can fine tune our daily habits, the more  we can experience and enjoy this beautiful opportunity. And if I know this community well enough, because I’m a mild stalker, then I know we all want this for both ourselves and one another.


So what can you expect below?


  • a detailed framework to create and shape your daily journey
  • a disclaimer to fuck up, feel lost, become unmotivated, stop completely
  • the motivation to start again, and again, and again
  • a worksheet to help start the process & create your very own EPIC Day


If you dig all of that, get so damn comfortable because this is a long one, and let’s dive in!


Let’s Create Our Most Epic Day!




1. Set Goals


At the start of each week, I take a moment to plan out the week ahead with my planner of choice. This is a necessary ritual for me to be successful…. like absolutely, cannot function without it.


I can’t stress this step enough, hence why it’s number one in this  guide.


Here’s how I break it down…. feel free to model my foundation or create your own. All I ask is that you do this ritual each week and check in daily to see what’s needed & what you achieved.




Okkurrrr, let’s get into it.




I create buckets for my goals to be categorized into, something like the below:


  • Me (always me first, can’t pour from an empty cup)
  • The Journey Junkie
  • Big Project (it’s a secret, but not for much longer)
  • Truth and Dare (a podcast coming to you soon)
  • To-Dos


Under each bucket, I list out what I need to achieve that week. This leads into the second step and it looks something like this….



*Note – While each week’s goals change, there’s also weeks where they don’t, because I had an off week. And this is not only okay, but it’s normal. Please be gentle with yourself & allow for flexibility and fuck ups, like I said before. 


And then….


I schedule each goal into a day of the week, and if necessary, into a time slot for that day.


This is how specific we must become in order to lay that foundation. I know this can appear all-consuming, but once the habit is cultivated, it’s the same as doing the weekly food shopping or anything else.


And lastly…


When the week is ending and the day to re-write your weekly/daily goals comes around, I recommend reflecting back on your achievements and misses. Give yourself both the permission to celebrate and the drive to keep moving forward…. it’s a two way street this whole goal setting + achieving thing, get used to it!


2. Get Quality Sleep


I can’t stress this one enough babes.


The earlier we get our butts into bed, the earlier we  wake up, the more rested we are, the more energy we have, the easier it is to create the EPIC day.


And as someone who severely struggles with falling asleep + needing quality sleep, this one’s mega important to living my journey. I can’t say my sleeping schedule is perfect, but it’s slowly reshaping into the bedtime habits I need.


If you struggle too, I recommend a few things:


  • Shut down digital by 9 pm.
  • Choose a bedtime ritual – gentle yoga, reading a book, etc.
  • Create the environment – salt lamp, candle burning, soft lamps, etc.
  • Soft and gentle breath work to calm the mind.



3. Wake Up Early


Obviously this is the next step, like DUH.


Early to bed and early to rise is how the saying goes, right?


Anyway – I adore waking up early & deem this time the “magical morning moments.” The world is still fairly quiet, my brain is buzzing with energy + creativity, and it’s a brand new opportunity to live the journey.


What could be better?


4. Practice Intention


I like to start my day with a good dose of gratitude + grounding + intention setting. This is a guaranteed method to lay the foundation for the day ahead & start from an authentic place.


Yes, the entire day could unravel like all hell, but at the very least – you did one kind thing for yourself before the madness began.


A few ideas to get ya started:


  • Take five deep breaths – one hand on the heart, one hand on the belly.
  • Practice a gentle yoga sequence, like this one.
  • Write three things you’re grateful for.
  • Read a few pages from a book, like any of these or these.
  • Do a self-care ritual like dry brushing, self-massage or foam rolling.


Remember friends – we’re not trying to be superheros here, just choose one to get started. If it becomes a habit, layer in another one. And always feel free to change it up & try something new!



5. Badass Breakfast


Yup, you read the next step right.


Everyone, I mean all of us, must eat a badass breakfast to experience the most epic version of a day. It’s a non-negotiable for me & one that I hope to rub off onto you (and truthfully, anyone I encounter).


Breakfast is our first opportunity to nourish the beautiful body we live in. What we choose to digest or not to digest is critical to beginning our day with purpose + power.


And don’t even try me with the whole….. but, I don’t have time crap.


Time is an illusion that we create, so make the time, commit to your well-being and commit to your journey.


Below are a few of my badass breakfast faves, enjoy babes:


  • Toast with avocado (sometimes an egg too) or peanut butter
  • Smoothie
  • Hard boiled eggs (sometimes with cubed avocado)
  • Apple + peanut butter
  • Fruit + cottage cheese
  • pre-made frittata, stores super well.
  • overnight oats or morning oats, whatever works.
  • healthy muffins (homemade please)


6. Pack Lunch


I won’t go into too much detail here…..  I already laid into ya with the whole badass breakfast thing.


My only comment is this – when we work all damn day, it’s vital that our food choices act as energy versus weakness. Our bodies need love and nutrients to perform at the high level we desire, so feed it this way!


A few lunch ideas to inspire:


  • quinoa salads with veggies + protein of choice
  • soup  – easy to meal prep, lasts an entire week or freeze for future
  • leftovers from dinner (make enough for the next day)
  • sandwiches or wraps
  • sweet potato anything & everything



7. Digest Inspiration


How we doing babes….. hanging in there? I know this is a long one, stick with me & let’s create our epic day! 


At some point during the day, I like to digest inspiration to refuel my creativity, expand my knowledge, and reconnect me to the reason I do all this self-work.


A few ideas:


  • Listen to a podcast to and from work, like Being Boss or Rich Roll.
  • Read an article from a reputable website, like this one (I had to)!
  • Read a book, just a few pages is worth it.


8. Check-In


Again, at some point during the day, check in with yourself and do a body, mind, soul scan.


  • Is your body hunched over?
  • Is your breath stagnant and forced?
  • Is your mind racing?
  • Are you achy and cramping from sitting for too long?
  • Are you stressed to the max?


It’s okay if you are, acceptance is the first step.


But then, action is the second step. Try the below tips to reconnect:


  • Go for a walk, 5 minutes of fresh air is a game changer.
  • Take five deep breaths.
  • Do this short chair yoga video.



9. Sweat It Out


Alrighty, the day is coming towards the finish line.


Whoa, we’ve accomplished SO MUCH & by now, should be feeling energized, connected and in-tune with who we are, who we want to be, and how we can get there.


I’m an evening sweat it out type girl, it’s what works for my schedule. Please – DO YOU in this scenario and decide what time(s) work best. Regardless of the time, I challenge all of us to move our bodies for 15 minutes.


Just 15 Minutes.


That’s It. So Doable. Realistic. Possible.


Inspiration to get ya started:


  • Walk, jog or run outside
  • Go to a yoga class
  • Practice yoga online with me, right hurrrrr. 
  • Join a gym, barre or pilates studio (or anything in-between)
  • Jump rope, do jumping jacks, dance in the middle of your living room.


Just Move!


10. Healthy Dinner


I know, I know – enough of the food talk already.


Confession time – I’m mildly obsessed with what I eat, okay you got me – I’m ridiculously obsessed with it. But hey, it could be way worse.


Just like all our other meals, dinner is right up there regarding importance. We’ve worked so hard all day, no sense in letting it all go now! I recommend the below tips to make life easier:


  • Use Pinterest to gather + categorize + save your favorite recipes.
  • Plan your dinners out before food shopping.
  • On Sunday (or whatever day) – do as much food prep as possible/you want to.
  • Stick to your dinners, unless an epic dinner date or evening yoga class pops up! But, these should be more few and far between.


11. Connect


The word connect is quite general, but it’s yours to interpret as needed.


For me, this word means three things.


  • Connect with a friend or family member via a phone call or text.
  • Engage – wholeheartedly – with my husband (put the damn phone down).
  • Have sex with my partner.


I don’t do all three of these every day or even at all on some days, but it’s my best intention to connect with those who are important to me. I’m BIG on strong relationships with those in my life, which requires a hella lot of work, so this is my way of keeping up the work.


*Manipulate this to-do for your specific journey…. it could include your children, grandchildren, yourself, a pet, etc. Make it work for you + those around you – simple as that. 


12. Bedtime Ritual


Holy whatttttt, it’s time for bed! 


We’ve lived an entire journey in one day, one freaking day! Are you impressed or what?


So before you X out of this long ass blog post, let’s wrap up our day the best way, with a bedtime ritual. Similar to the practice intention step, we want to do one thing that shifts our mindset from movement to relaxation.


Keep this one simple. 


Do what feels good.


Do what works.


Do what you can sustain. 


Do what seals your day. 


And lastly, repeat. You read that right….. the next day, we repeat it all over again.


Please, for the love of living our journey, don’t allow this blog post to overwhelm you. If everything offered here is new, I suggest choosing two-three ideas and working with those.


Over time, these ideas will become second nature to you.


At this point, layer another one. And another. And another.


You got this friends, I believe in you, now it’s your turn to believe in you.


Don’t forget, grab your worksheet now to help start creating this epic day! And from my toes to my nose, thanks for sticking with me to this last sentence-  you’re the best!


How to Create the Most Epic Day (Free Worksheet) - Pin now, start your day now!

How to Create the Most Epic Day (Free Worksheet) – Pin now, start your day now!


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