Hey Journey Junkie Tribe, welcome to 2017!

I can’t believe it’s 2017 and we’re in a totally new year to manifest and dive in to our dreams. A new year. A fresh start.

Deep sigh of relief.

However, if you are anything like me, you might be starting out in a funk. A bad one. One that brews self-doubt, frustration and no inspiration.

This “funk” for me has been lasting for a quite a while though and I’ll dive into why.

  • My teaching isn’t going as planned (I’m not teaching at all).
  •  My full-time job exhausts me.
  •  I don’t have time to do the things that matter most to me.
  • Sleep is my escape, which is far from the practice on my mat that used to give me solstice.

So, for me it’s a draining spiral of emotions that lead to me being confused, worried and frustrated.

Your funk is probably for totally different reasons, but it’s affecting your reality and how you interact with daily tasks.

In life we go through waves– think of it like a wave on a graph. You have your high points and you have your low points. If you’re riding the big waves, you are shining and your soul is singing and life is goooood.

The low waves, however, take their fucking toll on you. But, the low waves are actually the best ones.

Wait, what?! I was just talking about how sucky the funk was. I still agree they suck, don’t give up on me yet, yogis! Why could I possibly say the lowest points in life are best?

You already know the answer deep inside of yourself. You and I have been letting this low wave kick our ass, but no longer. The longer we sit in self-loathing and doubt, the stronger the current gets to pull us under.

We are badass, soul searching, shining light house yogis, we ain’t got NO time for that!

This is what has shifted my way of thinking:

Connecting to myself, asking questions that dig shit up, and reflecting on those answers.

I do this a lot. A lot.

And from it, I’ve discovered that maybe I had to go through this tough, un-inspirational time, to figure some things out for myself first.

Does this sound familiar?


Navigating the Burn Out from a Yogi Perspective - Pin now, avoid yogi burn out now!

Navigating the Burn Out from a Yogi Perspective – Pin now, avoid yogi burn out now!


January is a time of reflection and also the perfect month to lay the foundation and build the groundwork. Take this month to really, truly, get to know your blocks, your strengths, weaknesses, aspirations and desires.

Make this month about YOU.

Give yourself space, alone time, movement, happiness and health.

Focus on you and only you.

I have been turning to my journal this month and maybe writing could help you too. It doesn’t need to be fancy – just pen to paper.

Below are my journal prompts to inspire your journey:

  1. My three best characteristics
  2. My biggest dream
  3. What fears are holding me back?
  4. What behaviors are restricting me from manifesting my goals?
  5. If i could give one intention to this month, it would be?

Just some suggestions and there’s always room for tweaks!

After writing, I sit in silence for 3-10 minutes. Complete silence, so I can hear my Self talk.

Are you still with me? Are there any creative juices flowing on how to swim your way out of the “low wave”?

We have to go through low times to reach our full potential. Think of this trial as a transformation to achieve greatness with a clear mind and fresh heart.

You are meant to do great things and you are meant to heal, inspire and transform. This funk isn’t the be all, end all. It’s only your beginning, and one of many.

And lastly, I’ve been turning to my community.

Your tribe is an excellent way to help yourself and others, so don’t be afraid to reach out, share, and talk! I love gathering ideas and stories from others as many of us are going through the same scenario, but with different perspectives.

So, what do you think yogis? Are you going to make January the “Foundations” month?

Talk to me! Tell me what’s up. Let’s go out and make this 2017 one we will never forget!

With so much gratitude and love,



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