Eeeeeek, I am so excited that we’re here! This topic – passion – is one of my favorites to jam on and dive deep into.


So welcome, welcome to a safe space, a moment of reflection, an opportunity to discover + explore, and a conversation about…. WTF is a Passion & How to Find One.


And don’t worry tribe, that free worksheet mentioned will also be touched on too + all yours to use!


Okay – passions.


First off, let’s define the word in it’s simplest form via the good ole dictionary:


  • strong and barely controllable emotion
  • a state or outburst of strong emotion
  • an intense desire or enthusiasm for something
  • a thing arousing great enthusiasm


And then, let’s define the word passion based on what I think it is from years of chasing & experiencing them:\


  • whatever calls to your spirit
  • whatever ignites butterfly feelings within
  • whatever puts a big ass smile on your face


As you can see, me and the dictionary are pretty similar, right? The point is – passion can be defined however the hell we choose, so long as it’s something we’re consistently engaging in, learning more about, diving deeper into, and creating with wholeheartedness.




Yes, there’s always a freaking but. Once we travel into our mid-twenties or so, the idea of having and engaging with a passion becomes less important, not as valued, and frankly – we stop talking about it all together. It almost becomes nonexistent. And this is where I want to scream.


What the Fuck.


Our society has become so fixated on choosing and following one path – the path of a career and success (defined by titles, incomes and items). But news flash Journey Junkie tribe – we are not simple people.


So the idea to pigeon hole our interests and activities into one singular “thing” for the entirety of a lifetime is BULLSHIT.

Can I get an amen?


…… I’m feeling like Liz Gilbert right now, preaching about passions, and it feels so good.


Alright, my very frank thoughts have been laid out on the table, now let’s dive into how we can shift this paradigm and begin to uncover and discover what our passions are.


I like to start with my definition & ponder the questions…


  1. What calls to my spirit?
  2. What ignites butterfly feelings within?
  3. What puts a big ass smile on my face?


From here, it’s time to journal it out or use the worksheet that I’m providing. This is the time to let it all go, write it all down, not hold back and admit to yourself + the world that you like lots of things and that’s okay! Again – we are complex human being having a human experience.


And if you feel like your list of passions is either too short or too long, who cares. It’s yours to experience and no one else’s.  Now,  I like to narrow down my passions (as in a handful, no more) and ask myself this.


  • What do I like about these?
  • What do they have in common?
  • Are they experienced independently or among others?
  • Is it physical, mental or spiritual?
  • Will it involve my hands and craft-work?

Next step.

Make a plan.


How can I invite in and experience more of these passions? How can I allow myself to veer from the one track, one solution mindset of our society to engage in the complexity of who I am? How can I continue to be successful at “my career and family life”, but also gift myself the opportunity to experience passion?


This is where the real work begins. 


It’s all butterflies and rainbows to write it down, but then we have to do it. We have to engage with it. We have to lean into the discomfort. We have to travel into the unknown. This is where the passion process unfolds.


I recommend using the worksheet, duh.


The worksheet includes all of this + a  blank calendar to start scheduling out the passion planning + doing.

Last Step – Reflect.


And lastly in this whole how to find a passion conversation, we have to revisit our intentions and reflect on what happened. It’s wonderful to write it down and schedule it out, but then – do we do the work?


And not only do we do it, but how did it make us feel as we did it?


Mmmm, therein lies the secret to passion work. How does it make us feel?


For me – I feel like a badass. The more time + energy I spend on this community & leaning into the discomfort of what fuels my fire, the more fulfilled I am. The more purpose I feel. The more inspiration I can draw inwards and share outwards. The more this whole journey thing continues to make sense.


Again, this reflection stuff is laid out in the worksheet & all yours to experience and use.


I could sit here and type at you all day about passion work, but that wouldn’t be the solution. It would simply leave us tired from reading & my fingers a bit sore from typing.


The opportunity is now in your hands. I’ve laid it out there for us. Walked through each step. And now it’s your turn to dance with passion.


Download the worksheet. Take a distraction free moment to fill it out. Then Do the Work.




WTF is a Passion & How to Find One (+ a Free Worksheet) - Pin now, find your passion, get the free worksheet now!

WTF is a Passion & How to Find One (+ a Free Worksheet) – Pin now, find your passion, get the free worksheet now!



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