How to Eat Like a Yogi: My Personal Tips + a Worksheet to Get Started

How to Eat Like a Yogi: My Personal Tips + a Worksheet to Get Started - Pin now, fuel your health now!

Okkurrrrr here we go tribe, a post many of you have been asking for and buzzing about whether through a personal email to me or the private Facebook group.

So here it is –

How to Eat Like a Yogi

…from my personal experience, eating habits, and what brings my body, mind and soul happiness.

Let me be clear about something before we dive in –  I am not a doctor, registered dietitian, health coach, or anything in-between. I am simply a person who enjoys practicing healthy habits through nourishing my body, mind and soul.  If you have specific questions, please reach out to a licensed professional that can guide you + support you.

Got that? Good!

In today’s post, I’ll touch on the below topics to start this important (must-read) conversation.

  • Why eating healthy is so damn important
  • Why yoga starts + sustains this conversation
  • My healthy eating habits
  • Reframing the mindset

And don’t think I’d leave ya hanging, there’s also the *EPIC* worksheet to help inspire recipe making, meal planning, and your shopping! You need this baby – trust me!

Now for real this time, let’s dive in!

Health is S0 Damn Important

I don’t need to preach to ya here, the message is being blasted at us everywhere – social media, covers of magazines, television, blog posts, news articles, podcasts, advertisements, our partners/family members, plus any medical professional people we see.

So yeah – health is important, DUH.

But I’d like to travel deeper than the surface – aka the skin or physical body – and explore the reason why health is critical to our emotional + mental + spiritual body.

In my experience, the foods I consume directly affect my…

  • energy
  • confidence
  • creativity
  • self-esteem
  • intimacy
  • efforts
  • connection

And when these parts of me are compromised, SHIT STARTS to GO CRAY. Like nothing gets done, my goals hardcore unravel, my relationships weaken, and my mission to “live the journey” loses steam.

It’s a recipe for disaster.

Before we keep diving in, take a moment and reflect on your current health habits. Are you strengthening or weakening your journey? Are you connecting the dots beneath the surface of the physical self? Can you recognize the relation between what we digest + how we feel, act and do?

….. keep thinking, keep diving, get clear here on what healthy eating means to you. 

Now, release the deep thinking and imagine this.

Your day is filled with soulful purpose. You feel light. Your brain is energized. You ‘re excited by new ideas. You find inspiration frequently. Your efforts feel effortless. Your demeanor radiates outwards. Your vitality fuels movements, conversations, and actions.

You Feel Alive.

This visualization is possible through eating the right foods consistently and frequently.

This isn’t a new secret yogis, you know this! Below is what the “right foods” mean to me:

  • fresh produce – fruits + veggies
  • so much salad
  • organic or locally sourced when possible
  • limited amount of processed items
  • items with few to one ingredients
  • limited amount of animal products
  • limited amount of alcohol

I’ll dive into exactly what I eat in healthy eating habits section, but you get the picture.

How Yoga Inspires the Conversation

Whether you’re new to the yoga practice or a long-time devoted practitioner, we all know and LOVE to feel the yoga high. The high where our body feels light and agile, our mind clear of anxiety and stress, and our soul connected and refreshed.

Yup, that’s the high. 

But….. there’s definitely a but.

When we eat like shit, our yoga practice becomes tough, sometimes unbearably tough, and the yoga high is harder to feel. This usually leads to less mat time, less relaxation time, less you time.

And to be honest, our body feels heavy. Like who the hell wants to twist, bend or breathe when we’re full of terrible fuel?

It’s another recipe for disaster. 

But, there’s another but.

Yoga is the conversation starter for our health and the reason to continue it for a lifetime to come.

We can continue this high vibration of feeling + existing through our foods. We hold the power to FEEL GOOD by simply making the right choice.

So yogis, I challenge you. 

Make the right choice.

Fuel your body, fuel your mind, fuel your soul, and fuel your journey!

How to Eat Like a Yogi: My Personal Tips + a Worksheet to Get Started - Pin now, fuel your health now!

How to Eat Like a Yogi: My Personal Tips + a Worksheet to Get Started – Pin now, fuel your health now!

My Healthy Eating Habits

Below are different meal ideas + recipes to start inspiring your healthy eating journey.

My best advice here is to….

Just Cook.

There’s no need to own fancy ass equipment, buy the best ingredients, or make the most complicated meal. It simply requires you + your efforts + healthy ideas. Once you get the hang of preparing meals, I guarantee the creativity & improvising will start to come out.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and voila – a badass meal is ready for you + your loved ones to enjoy!

Okay, now onto the good stuff.

General Habits:

  • Eat often, eat consistently, eat with purpose – remember it’s about fuel.
  • Plan out your meals before the week begins – all meals, including snacks.
  • Food shop at the beginning of the week.
  • Meal prep whatever you want/need to – meats, starches, smoothies, chopped veggies, etc.
  • Stick to your meal planning!!!
  • Always pack your lunch – even if you’re sitting in a meeting – just be the weirdo who rocks your Tupperware!
  • Eat dinner leftovers for lunch.
  • Give yourself some wiggle room to be flexible.

A typical of day of eating looks like this for me.

  • 6 am wake up – banana before coffee
  • 8 am breakfast – something heartier with protein
  • 10 am snack – apple, cottage cheese + fruit, baby carrots
  • 12 pm lunch – something from the below list
  • 3 pm snack – some mix of the above or something salty like pretzel things
  • 7 pm snack – hummus + carrots or pita before dinner
  • 8 pm – dinner
  • I don’t do dessert, but if I do, it’s usually more fruit like grapes.

Reframing Our Mindset

Okay babes, if you’re still with me – THANK YOU for investing so much time + energy into your health. Trust me, it’s more than worth it, it’s necessary to Live Our Journey.

The last topic to cover is how to re-frame our mindset and do the necessary work to live a healthy lifestyle.  I’ve laid out the what, the why, the when and the how of eating healthy for my personal journey in hopes that it can and will inspire yours.

This is where YOU come into play. It’s now your turn to…

Do the Work.

Do the work daily + weekly, consistently, and over time – the results will come. I freaking promise.

Remember what’s important in the moment, allow yourself to make mistakes, switch your thinking to food is fuel, and then enjoy the process. The process is the best part – trying new recipes, creating a beautiful dish, sharing it with others, and fueling ourselves as it all unfolds.

Don’t forget, the worksheet is yours to get this whole eating like a yogi thing started.

Let’s Talk – How do you practice a healthy eating lifestyle? What are your biggest challenges in this area? How does food make you feel? Were you able to do the visualization and feel the shift? Do you have additional tips + tricks regarding health and food?

As always – please share your comments, suggestions, questions and general health love down below.

Until next time, xoxo.

How to Eat Like a Yogi: My Personal Tips + a Worksheet to Get Started - Pin now, fuel your health now!

How to Eat Like a Yogi: My Personal Tips + a Worksheet to Get Started – Pin now, fuel your health now!


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  1. Well, a wonderful blog to share Allie.. You have got a great body. I am also a fitness freak and love to exercise to maintain my health.

  2. Dalys says:

    Hi Allie. Tks for all shared here. I have a question: is there a site or a book you can recommnd me? I have a 10 years old daughter and we both are in our journey to a healthy style of life. Shes does yoga & meditation not on a daily basis but she is learning and I love it. No I am the process to teach her to cook 😀 Tks for yr help. Dalys from Panama.

    • Ali says:

      Hi Dalys,

      I know I’m the wrong Ali, but I just got this awesome book called the enlightened kitchen by Mari Fujii. I haven’t tried any of the recipes but I looked through the book and all of the recipes are super accessible. The only ingredients you really need to succeed with a majority of these recipes are kombu, mirin, rice wine vinager, and soy sauce. A basic Asian pantry is all you need. However, all of these recipes are Japanese or Japanese inspired so if you don’t like Asian food you won’t like this.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi again love, I would ask this question in our private Facebook community as I’m sure people with children will have great answers!

  3. Erin says:

    What would be an example of foods you would recommend for lunch/dinner?

  4. Rémi says:

    Thanks for the tips, I’ve got the same yoloha mat 85X30 and love it. I’ll keep reading up on your site. I’ll also show it to my 20 year old daughter who almost completed her yoga teaching course…best father/daughter stuff I can do…except during her classes as I have to do what she tells me for a whole hour!!!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Remi – I LOVE that you did yoga teacher training with your daughter, how incredible! Please show your daughter my site, hopefully it will give both you and her ideas for teaching yoga and inspiring others. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. So good Allie!
    Eating healthy takes a little more work than just a grab – n- go meal but its so worth it. When I’m eating a diet of fruits, vegetables, light grains etc. my body feels so much lighter, full of energy, less bloated and sluggish!
    Taking a few seconds to thank the meal for nourishing you or savouring that cup of coffee a little longer goes a long way for staying mindful 🙂 Happy Valentines Day!

    • Michelle bolyard says:

      I was wondering if you could provide some tip in one of your pins focusing on yoga and digestion. I have been unsuccessful in finding slot focused on digestion. I would really appreciate.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi love, sorry for responding so late, but sending the Valentine’s day love right back at ya! And couldn’t agree more with ya on the healthy eats, it’s so vital to providing us with energy!!! Have a great day/weekend!

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