DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers have become the “it” hippy-chic decoration.

Maybe it’s the feathers, the intricate design work, or possibly the ancient belief that negative dreams are caught while positive dreams float through – whatever it is, us hippy girls love us some dreamcatchers!

They are a great piece to hang in the bedroom, throughout the home, or in an outdoor space.

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With the popularity of these beauties only rising, the price tag is quickly following suit.

So in true Journey Junkie nature, I decided to make my own dreamcatcher with the help of a friend. And they turned out pretty damn amazing, like can’t stop staring at them amazing!

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Once you learn the technique and invest in a craft store overhaul, the options are never-ending!

Below is a step-by-step tutorial + links to buy all the products online to make your very own dreamcatcher, enjoy loves!

Dreamcatcher Supply Links:

Supplies Needed:

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher - Pin now, read later!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher – Pin now, read later!

  1. These three supplies are the most critical to the craft – so they are necessary regardless of the end design!
    • The hoops or rings can be found in the yarn and crocheting aisles. Both metal and wood are fine and the size of the ring is dependent on how large you want the the dreamcatcher to be.
    • The hemp product is used to create the intricate weaving pattern in the middle. The hemp cord material is the easiest to use as it’s durable and somewhat stretchy. I bought a multicolored pack and a natural looking one, who doesn’t love options?
    • The red spool of string is used for creating feather embellishments. I found this in the yarn section, super inexpensive and lots of it. Choose whatever color you like.
  2. These supplies are to hang from the dreamcatcher and make it look extra dreamy. You can find the spools in the yarn section and the lace material is from the ribbon section.
  3. The fabric selection should be given some extra thought and time. This is where colors and patterns should be chosen based on a theme or overall look & feel. The fabrics I chose can create 2 –  3 different looks depending on which ones are paired together.
    • This step can become very expensive – look for the fabrics that are on sale,
    • Decide on a fabric that will be the base and wrap around the entire hoop.
      • Purchase 1 – 2 yards of the base fabric.
    •  Decide which fabrics will be used as accent colors.
      • Purchase 1/2 – 1 yard of these fabrics.
    • Feathers and beads galore –  no need to go crazy here but do have fun with it.
      • Purchase either a large bag or two smaller bags of feathers. I gravitate towards the more natural looking feathers.
      • Pick out a few packs of beads that fit the style and overall design.

How to Wrap the Hoop:

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher - Pin now, read later!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher – Pin now, read later!

  1. Choose a fabric to use as the base and wrap around the entire hoop.
  2. Using a scissor, cut an inch into the fabric. Make sure to use the side that is jagged and scraggly looking.
    • THEN – rip all the way down the fabric until you have a fabric strip. Be sure to stop every foot or so to keep the fabric from going crazy. This is my favorite part, for some reason ripping fabric is weirdly therapeutic!
  3. Start anywhere on the hoop and begin to wrap the fabric around the starting piece. Go a few times around and around to ensure the fabric is tightly wound and secure.
  4. Wrap it up! You can make each wrap as small or large as necessary. There’s no method to the madness, just keep wrapping the fabric around and around.
  5. If you run out of fabric – simply rip another strip, secure the first piece with double-sided tape, and start again where you left off.
  6. Finish wrapping the hoop by securing the fabric with a hot glue gun or any type of adhesive.

How to Weave the Middle Pattern:

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher - Pin now, read later!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher – Pin now, read later!

  1.  Locate the wrapped hoop and hemp cord material.
  2. Cut a large amount of hemp to create the middle pattern – 3 to 5 feet to start.
  3. Decide where the top of the dreamcatcher will be and tie a knot –  a tight, secure knot.
  4. Measure about a pinky fingers length away from the top knot.
    • The measuring that is done in the beginning will affect the overall design. You can easily measure a smaller or bigger distance here.
  5. Wrap the hemp underneath and then loop it through, pulling it tight and secure.
  6. Continue measuring a pinky fingers length from each knot created – looping and knotting around the entire circumference.
  7. When you get back to the top knot, measure the next knot to the middle of the first one.
    • This can get tricky so move slowly and patiently.

How to Weave the Middle Pattern, contd…

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher - Pin now, read later!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher – Pin now, read later!

  1. Continue the same knotting technique – slowly weaving the circle smaller and smaller.
    • Make sure to line each knot up in the middle before looping.
  2. As the circle gets smaller, feel free to pull and tighten the hemp to the desired effect.
  3. Decide how small or large you want the center hole to be and then tie it off.
    • To tie it off, end on a knot where the circle looks somewhat uniform.
    • Pull the hemp tight and then tie a knot. I like to double, triple the knot here.
    • Trim the remaining string.

How to Embellish & Decorate:

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher - Pin now, read later!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher – Pin now, read later!

  1. Decide what fabrics to use – these will hang down from the bottom of the dreamcatcher.
  2. Use the same technique of cutting and then ripping to create fabric strips.
    • You can make however many your heart desires.
    • I did less of the expensive fabric and more of the solid, cheaper fabric.
  3. Fold the fabric strip in half,  then create a simple loop and pull the fabric through.
    • Use the picture above as a reference.
  4. Pull the fabric tight and voila – you’re on the way to a dreamy dreamcatcher!

How to Embellish & Decorate, contd…

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher - Pin now, read later!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher – Pin now, read later!

  1. Continue adding fabric strips to the bottom of the hoop, keeping the fabric strips close together.
  2. Create more dimension by using the materials from the yarn section.
    • This is where it starts to get really pretty!
  3. Optional: add beads throughout the hanging pieces.
  4. Create a layering / texture effect by tying knots or braiding pieces together.
    • Again – the options are endless here!

How to Create Feather Embellishments:

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher - Pin now, read later!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher – Pin now, read later!

  1. Supplies needed: string, feathers, and beads.
  2. Create a cluster of feathers that you want for each grouping.
    • Tip for doing this – don’t try to smooth down or line the feathers up by size. This will flatten the feathers which isn’t appealing in the end. Instead, just make sure all the tips are lined up but let the feathers stick out whichever way they please.
  3. Secure the feathers with whatever is handy. The big toe is optional, LOL.
    • Cut 3 – 4 feet of string for the feathers.
    • Tie a tight knot around all the feathers, about 2 inches down from the tips.
  4. Refer to the picture to understand this next step –
    • Make sure to leave the short piece of thread hanging out, so it’s visible and easy to work with.
    • Begin to wrap the long length of thread around both the feathers and the short piece of thread.

How to Create Feather Embellishments, contd…

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher - Pin now, read later!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher – Pin now, read later!

  1. Wrap the string around the feathers until it reaches the tips. Once it’s at the end:
    • String a small bead onto the short piece of thread, the piece that was purposely left out.
    • Tie a knot between long and short piece of thread, securing the bead in place and the feathers.
  2. Either trim the remaining piece of string or tie a bead to the end.
  3. Decide where you want the feather to hang from, then tie it and trim the end piece.
  4. And voila –  we have hanging feather embellishments!

How to Create the Top Loop:

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher - Pin now, read later!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher – Pin now, read later!

  1. Cut a piece of fabric or yarn to the desired length for the dreamcatcher to hang.
  2. Simply tie the material in a knot at the top of the hoop.
  3. Tie it in a second knot at the top. Decide to trim or leave the ends of the material.
    • I used hot glue to secure the top knot, this is optional but it can’t hurt.
  4. Your dreamcatcher is officially ready to hang!

Thanks for sticking around till the end, I hope you have the sweetest dreams tonight and forever more – or at the very least, I hope your rooms looks extra dreamy.

Let’s talk – Have you created a dreamcatcher? What are your favorite techniques, tips, or tricks?

As always – questions, suggestions, comments, and general dreamy love, please leave it down below!

Until next time – xoxo.

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher - Pin now, read later!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher – Pin now, read later!



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75 Discussion to this post

  1. gail says:

    i like the way you weave, mine was better when i followed you, i love making dreamcathers, thanks

  2. Sibi says:

    Wow… this is really cool.I was thinking how to make the inner pattern in the ring.Now this make some sense.Anyway thankyou so such

  3. Kylie says:

    Thank you! I’m wanting to sell dreamcatchers on Etsy so this tutorial is perfect!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      How perfect is that! Good luck making them and selling them, there’s definitely a great market out there! Including me LOL!

  4. Rupal says:

    It’s beautiful ..I will try to make it .

  5. Dustin says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing clear step-by-step lesson! It’s easier than I had imagined! Going to start today and see what comes of it! Much appreciated!

  6. michelle says:

    is all the yarn needed for the hoop or embellishments?

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Fabric is what’s used around the hoop but yarn could also be used. In the case of mine, I used fabric first, then yarn to hang down from it, but really – it’s totally up to you!

  7. David Wood says:

    Thank you for your tutorial.I’ve learned a lot.I make jewelry but always like to try new things.I’m very creative.I really enjoy your sense of humor.Way to go girl.Thanks again.

  8. Dale Whittred says:

    Thank you sooo much for your tutorial, it was really easy to follow. I can’t wait to get started on mine. I will source my fabric from our local opportunity shop (op shop) to start with.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      You’re so welcome Dale, thanks for reading through it! I hope you’re enjoying making your own and thanks for stopping by!

  9. collyn says:

    thank you sooooo much for this tutorial. I love dreamcatchers but they can be so pricey. Now I can make them myself!!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      You’re so welcome Collyn, it’s the best arts + crafts time and it’s so damn pretty at the end! Thanks for showing some love too!

  10. Laura says:

    Thank you so much for this really detailed yet easy to follow tutorial! In just one afternoon I made my two boys the dream catchers they’ve been asking for!!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      You’re so welcome Laura & so happy you could do that so easily (and hopefully, enjoyably)! It’s the best gift to give others and always looks so impressive 🙂

  11. Kevin Truong says:

    What a wonderful idea! I love your instructions, they’re clear and great. I just have a question on what you meant by creating more dimensions to the fabric strips using materials from the yarn section. How would I do that? Otherwise, amazing tutorial 🙂

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Kevin, so happy you like the tutorial! The yarn is optional, but I like how it gives the entire piece more dimension, meaning – more layers, textures and depth. I hope that makes more sense! If you like your dreamcatcher with just the fabric strips, keep it nice and simple! Play around with it 🙂

  12. Heather McClelland says:

    I just happened upon your tutorial. I haven’t made one yet, but after reading and looking at your tutorial, I am really excited to do one. Thank you so much for providing such thorough and easy to understand instructions.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Heather, glad you found me! It’s one of the best DIY crafts & once you make the first one and get the hang of it, you’ll want to give everyone a dreamcatcher LOL! Thanks for stopping by & please check out some of the epic yoga stuff here too, xoxo!

  13. Malcolm Maxwell- Frechette says:

    This has to be the most coordinated diy procedure. Your science teacher would be proud

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      LOL never thought of it that way, just tried to explain it really well and make it easy for people to digest 🙂

  14. Kelcie says:

    Hi are they easy to make

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Kelcie. They’re easy to make once you get the hang of it, but the first 1-2x can be a bit difficult. But please, go for it, it’s a super fun craft to do with friends or alone, and also very inexpensive!

  15. nico says:

    HI, super helpful and inspiring thank you for your efforts on sharing and being creative.


    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Nico – you’re so welcome! I try my best to communicate inspiration, glad it’s working 🙂

  16. Ruchika says:

    Hey ! Great guide !
    I tried doing it but my middle part doesnt come perfect. The circle in the center doesn’t come out the way it should. What should i do?

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Ruchika! Thanks for stopping by. So, the middle part is the trickiest part and it will often not come out as you expected. I recommend doing two things – 1. roll with what you create, add some fun hanging feathers in the middle, and love it for what it is…. or 2. You can retrace your steps by undoing the weave until it’s more aligned, then start again and take more notice to how you space out the strings/loops with the thread.

      I hope that helps babe!

  17. Emma says:

    Hi! This guide is super amazing and so easy to follow. Do you have any tips on making ones with less elaborate webbing in the middle? I’ve bought some dream catchers have something in the middle of the ring with a few strings attached instead of the webbing. Any tips? 😀 I’m hoping to get the hang of making them but the webbing takes so long.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Emma – so happy you’re digging the guide and happy it makes sense! So for the middle section, you could do a few different things. The easiest option is using a lace doily and securing it at even spaces around the hoop, this is also a really pretty option that I love! You can also place another circular item in the middle and secure it with string the entire way around, although this could be equally as time consuming as the webbing! I hope those ideas help, go for the lace doily – so simple and pretty!

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  20. Mio says:

    Where can I buy that circle and what was its name ??? Please answer me 🙂 Thank you and God bless you 🙂

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Mio – You can buy the circle at any craft store, it should be in the crochet aisle! Thanks for stopping by & showing some love!

      Have a great day!

  21. Chelsea says:

    This is such a beautiful tutorial 🙂

    Just wondering where you got your hoops from? Once I have that i’m going to attempt it 🙂

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Chelsea, so happy you like it!

      I bought the hoops at Joanns, but you can find them at thrift stores too! You can use metal or wooden crochet type hoops.

      Have fun making one! And thanks for stopping by & showing some love – xoxo.

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  23. Carter says:

    Love this tutorial!
    Thanks for all your help!

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  26. Annie says:

    HI!! I am hoping to be successful in making a dream catcher for my mom as a Christmas gift since I have been unable to find one that I like … Could you elaborate on your idea to use a doily instead? This will save me so much time considering Christmas is in 9 days!
    Thank you!!!! I can’t wait to get started 🙂

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Annie.
      For the doily – you can find them at craft stores, they come in all different circular sizes, so find the one that fits inside whatever hoop you’ve chosen to do.

      Then simply cut a long piece of thread, find an open hole in the doily pattern (on the edge) and begin attaching the doily to the hoop. You’ll want to loop the thread underneath/over the hoop, then back through the doily, and continue that pattern until you make it around the entire hoop.

      I promise – it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Once the doily is attached – then begin to decorate your beautiful dreamcatcher!

      I hope that helps & good luck with your present. Have an amazing holiday & happy new year!

  27. Diane says:

    Great directions! I would like to know what size hoop you used/recommend and also overall length. So excited to get started. Thank you!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Diane – I used a medium sized hoop, although I have made a larger one which was fun too! I think mediums good to start with tho. Have fun & thanks for reading the blog – xoxox.

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  29. Emily says:

    I have just finished making a dreamcatcher by following your tutorial and it’s worked a treat! Definitely need patience for the webbing, that took forever but once it all came together the little mistakes in the webbing aren’t noticeable. It is for my friends baby’s room so I made it with soft colours. Thanks for making the tutorial easy to follow!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Emily. Thanks for stopping by & for making a dreamcatcher! And yes, patience is key with these babies, there’s no quick way about it. Once you do one and get the weaving down, it becomes very relaxing (in my opinion).

      I hope it looks beautiful in the baby room. Have a great day!

  30. Jason Strong says:

    My little niece wants a dream catcher for her birthday and I figured it would be cooler to make one. I’m trying to figure out how to do it, but I had no idea how many steps go into making one. It’s all good though, I’m going to get this down and make it work.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Jason, thanks for stopping by! It’s deff a time consuming project but here’s a few ways to save time – instead of doing the weaving pattern in the middle, buy a doily from the craft store and use that as the middle centerpiece, super easy and quick. Also, this will eliminate the center feather embellishment which takes a bit of time too.

      Hope that helps and hope your niece loves her dreamcatcher! Have a great day!

  31. Ashleigh says:

    Hi and i just want to say these dream captures inspired me to make more more my mum doesn’t like the mess I leave in the house but……I LOVE IT my friends think the dream captures they want to know where I brought them and said: Guys theses r hand made by me so thx a lot☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Ashleigh. So happy you love them and your friends do too! Yes, crafting can be quite messy but just make sure to clean it up, then it’s all worth it. Enjoy your dreamcatchers love – xoxo.

  32. Brandie says:

    I loved your tutorial! It was so easy to follow, and I love the pictures that go with the instructions. They really helped me make sure I was following the steps correctly. Thank you so much for making this.
    Brandie recently posted…Dream CatchersMy Profile

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Brandie. Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m so happy the tutorial was helpful… I know pictures and detailed instructions are SO important! Have a great rest of your weekend – xoxo.

  33. Dreamer says:

    Hi! I LOVE this idea, thanks for sharing! I just made a beautiful dreamcatcher using your tutorial!

    Something I did that others may like is that I got samples of about 5 different kinds of fabric, and it was way more than enough to make one, and it was FREE. Just an idea, Jo-Ann’s does samples that are three inches, so you can get a decent amount of fabric.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi – Happy Saturday! I’m so happy it turned out beautiful! And awesome tip on the fabric girl. I will definitely keep that in mind for the next time. Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful weekend ahead – xoxo.

  34. Casey says:

    Hi! This article is so helpful! I had never really thought of putting the feather in the middle of the dreamcatcher before; I usually just put it on the bottom. This is very detailed and easily explains how to make a dreamcatcher. If you are looking for some other style ideas check this cool post out: . Thanks again for your great insight!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Casey! I tried to make it as easy and detailed as possible considering crafts/ creativity doesn’t come to me easily. Glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend – xoxo.

  35. maria says:

    Hi I have been to hobby lobby and bought all the supplies. My daughter is having an Indian/horse/Native American Birthday party. We should have about 10-15 kids. I plan on getting the woven part ready for the 6 year olds to decorate with feathers and beads. I am hoping this will all work out!! Love this blog!! Thank you

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Maria. What a great idea! The girls will love that! Another option and quicker than doing all of the middle weave is doilies. The doilies can be the middle center piece and it requires much less time! Also, having the fabric strips pre-ripped and ribbons cut and such. Have so much fun, let me know how it goes! Thanks for stopping by Maria – xoxo.

  36. Amy Adventurine says:

    This is awesome! I’ve been having crafty cravings for some dream catcher making for a while now, thank you so much for this guide! Do you have any pictures of the finished dreamcatchers? I’d love to see how they came out!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Amy! Crafting is so relaxing for me, I highly recommend it to zone out and declutter the busy mind. And yes, I can definitely add a photo or 2 at the end of the post with the finished project. Thanks for stopping by, have a great week ahead of you!

  37. Henna says:

    Absolutely awesome! love it

  38. palmo says:

    Hi!!nice idea you got there…I will try it right away….can’t wait to see other tutorials of yours…<3<3

  39. Melissa says:

    Girl, I have literally never commented on a blog before… and this is the third time I’ve commented here! I love your style and your energy!

  40. Yoga mom says:

    Sweet job (JJ) journey junkie, I love the feather tutorial toe pic ! It is crucial to use the feet as helpers! Namaste’

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi! OMG the big toe and the feet in general, so crucial in making dreamcatchers! I made sure to paint my toes and nails before this post, LOL. Happy Thursday!

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