Hello January.

What a beautiful month you are – full of new beginnings, fresh starts, and opportunity.

My name is Allie and I’m your devoted soul who’s pledging to be the absolute best version of herself – for today, tomorrow, this month, this year, and forever more.

Am I getting too sappy?

I’ll try to hone in the weird/mushiness… (try being the keyword).

January 2016 Goals + Reflections - Pin now, read later!

Pin now, read later!

Goals & Reflections is a new section on the blog. At the start of each month, I’ll document my goals for the month ahead + reflect on the past month. It’s my hope that by sharing and publishing my intentions, it’ll give me a kick in the ass & simultaneously give you a dose of inspiration/ass kicking too.

Last month I started this section with the hope of giving myself a big kick in the ass. And while I can’t say that a huge ass kicking occurred, I can say that I grew as a person and taught myself a few lessons in the process.

And that friends, is totally fucking worth it.

The biggest takeaway from last month and what I did and didn’t achieve is this – it doesn’t matter HOW MUCH you achieve, if you achieve AT ALL, but instead – how CONSISTENTLY you do the work.

To smooth out my jibber jabber, let’s take a quick look back at December Goals & the work I did/didn’t do.

  • I started the 40 Day Meditation Mantra Challenge… and then I fell off at day 12. Was it worth those 12 days, hell yes. Will I start again, hell yes. Will I get to 40 days – who knows & honestly who cares.
  • I got my booty up and made it to one early 1/2 primary class… and damn, it felt so good!
  • I didn’t start or finish any of my other yoga goals, and I’m okay with it.
  • I booked two out of three flights for upcoming trips (insert excited to travel Allie here).
  • The life category seriously got me this past month… ugh. Most of my goals weren’t even attempted, I’ll just leave it that. I did get myself a massage, I didn’t eat clean whatsoever, but I did start and finish the book – Big Magic.
  • And lastly – my blogging goals. I made a video,  but didn’t publish it. I didn’t start my blogging course. I didn’t create a business outline… BUT amidst all of those didn’t dos, The Journey Junkie did hit a record number.

100,000 monthly views

Cue the bottles of champagne popping, I mean green juice flowing (whoops forgot it’s the New Year).

In conclusion – I proclaimed a lot of intentions for December, I manifested an extreme amount of work for myself, and in turn – a lot of it didn’t come to fruition. Moving into this month, my biggest takeaway is start small, devote time exactly where it’s needed, don’t spread myself too thin, and most importantly – enjoy the journey.

And with that out of the way… let’s get into January.


Yoga Goals:

  • Start the 40 Day Meditation Challenge – again. I think this will be my 7th attempt…. who’s counting anyway.
  • Cultivate a morning routine of movement. I wrote this one last month, let’s see how it unfolds this month.
  • Attend 1/2 primary class on Monday mornings – it’s such a great start to the week!
  • Study 1 chakra and 1 posture.

Travel Goals:

  • Book our honeymoon trip, which has now been changed to Oahu and Kauai. I’m over the moon with our new destination, Aloha Hawaii!
  • Stay healthy and well-rested while I travel for work this month. This is a hard one for me, as I’m sure it is for many. I’ll be at a conference for an ENTIRE WEEK – eating out, not in my normal routine, attending dinner parties, the whole gammut.


When you’re the bride to be… Flowers & wine please! ????

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Life Goals:

  • Be in my relationship, like all in. Lots of partnership, communication, effort, kissing, and a side of sex.
  • Start the book – Big Magic – all over again. The book is so incredible, it deserves another read through, and possibly a third one too.
  • Dry brush my body every morning – another December goal that was sadly forgotten.
  • Keep the gratitude train rolling with daily reminders and an outpouring to others.
  • Start the Kayla BBG workouts again. I didn’t start last month, ughhhhhh. But January is a fresh start, so let’s do this fellow worker outers (made up word, I know).

Blog Goals:

  • Post 3x a week.
  • Create, edit, and publish a yoga video (I’m still scared as hell, but onward we go).
  • Start the blogging course I already purchased – get with it Allie!
    • From what I’ve read, this blogging course is  EPIC and definitely produces results. The course is currently closed, but do join their waiting list if interested.

And that’s it – not so bad, right?

My hope is that by sharing these goals, that I will be motivated to further explore and achieve my dreams, while you do the same in your life.

Let’s start this year together – one movement, one goal, one dream, one journey.

Join me!

Let’s Talk – What are your 2016 goals? How do you keep yourself motivated and moving forward? What tips & tricks do you practice to stay motivated all month-long? What are your biggest challenges when it comes to goal setting/achieving?

As always – comments, suggestions, feedback, or general life love – leave it down below.

Until next month – xoxo.


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