Oh wow.

This post is coming at ya from a major place of authentic living, experiencing and of course – the power of manifesting.

As I write this, SO MANY MONUMENTAL MOMENTS have unfolded.

Like divine manifestation type moments that don’t just happen coincidentally, they happen because I’m doing the work, I’m on the path, I’m living the journey.

These moments include:

  • unveiling my first paid program – sayyyyy what!
  • putting in my notice at work – goodbye cube land, not going to miss ya.
  • receiving a bonus at work – icing on the cake!
  • reaching 10,000 YouTube subscribers – thank you yoga community!
  • my husband’s final inspection for a 2 year job – hello new opportunities!
  • and did I say – launching my first paid program – feeling like a major boss babe!

Is the idea of divine manifestation starting to click?

Well, I hope so.

Because it’s real. It’s possible. And I’m about to teach you how.

Ready to Manifest?

For the sake of making sense, I’m breaking this manifestation conversation into four sections. I encourage you to dust off that journal hiding in your nightstand, grab a writing utensil, sit up a bit taller, shine your heart forward, take a deep breath….

and let’s get started.

1. Feel

Before we do anything, first – I need to ask you an important question.

How do you want to feel?

Sit with that question for a moment. Then, jot down how you want to feel about yourself, your relationships, your career and your experience here in the world?

This is a hard exercise, but do it, and take the time to do it.

Some of my feelings include:

  • connection
  • authenticity
  • growth
  • confidence
  • grounded

It took me a few weeks to narrow it down, a plethora of sticky notes all over my bedroom wall, and the slow process of removing one after the other to choose a select few.

Again, take your time + do the work + stay open + enjoy the process.

2. Visualize

Next step.

We know how we want to feel, but what does this look like? How does this person (you) live their life, what type of home do they live in, how do they dress, what’s their presence like, how do they engage with others, what type of experiences do they have?

Take another long moment here. Close your eyes.

… visualize who you are in the world when operating around how you want feel?

3. Action

Whoa, we’re halfway through the manifestation process, you’re doing great.

Let’s review what’s been covered thus far.

  • we identified how we want to feel
  • we visualized ourselves living + aligning with our feelings

Now, let’s take action.

What steps can you take to live a feeling aligned life? How can you start? What research needs to be done? What conversations need to be had? How will you execute this life of living to feel versus living to just live?

I recommend choosing three areas to focus on, no need to overwhelm the manifestation station and not do any of it (which often times does happen).

Here’s my three action areas:

  • I want to feel connected —> I need to reach out + connect with others in my community 2x a month
  • I want to feel grounded —-> Cultivate a meditation practice of finding stillness once a day
  • I want to grow —-> Read one book a month + attend a local workshop quarterly

Your turn.

Connect the dots. Make your action plan.

4. Manifest

And lastly…. it’s time to manifest and do the work.

You’re probably thinking – do the work, I just did a ton of work, what the hell Allie.

Listen friends, this live your journey stuff doesn’t manifest out of thin air. It manifests only after we do the work consistently + patiently (two key words).

Here’s what I recommend:

  • write out your action goals weekly + check in
  • find an accountability buddy or join our private community
  • take care of your health, making it SO MUCH easier to do the work
  • practice patience
  • practice discipline

…… then Manifest. 

And I probably just lost ya.

When it’s all said and done, after we’ve done all the work and put forth a mega amount of effort – eventually, we have to surrender.

We have to allow our efforts to sink in, to unfold as necessary and manifest what we want to create. This is where the magical, woo-woo, believe in the unseen and know it can happen thoughts are needed.

So don’t hold back – Bring It. 

…. and if you feel uncomfortable in this unknown world, here’s a few extra tips to help:

  • set intentions to start your day, before a yoga practice, to use for a meditation, etc.
  • write encouraging affirmations and display them loud + proud
  • revisit your desired feelings
  • write yourself love notes

And the end.

Said no ever.

It’s actually just the beginning and the end to a life of not really living. Start today. One step at a time. Rediscover who you are. Identify how you want to feel. Visualize who you can be. Take action to begin. And then do the work. Manifest. Manifest. Fall. Pick yourself back up. Take another step forward. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

You got this.

Now, just manifest.



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