This is for the mothers. 


The women who bravely created another. 


The women who gave away their heart. 


The women who sacrifice their needs. 


The women who bend deeply.


The women who give with their everything. 


The women who breathe existence into our very being. 


Today we bow to you. 


Today we honor you. 


Today and every day we offer thanks to you. 


This is your invitation to settle in. 


To receive the nourishment you so willingly give.


To retreat inward, to be taken care of, to soften the inner critic.


To experience your greatness.


To remember how important you are. 


You are a mother.


You are a creator. 


You are the roots beneath the surface. 


You are the tress that breathe vitality. 


You are the sun that shines upon us. 


You are our everything.


And now, it’s your turn to receive. 


Take a deep breath, let’s begin. 


…… experience the full meditation, find a comfortable seat, gently close your eyes, and come join me. 


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