Hey Tribe.

It’s a bit quiet over here, I know, it’s very unlike my usual nonstop talking self.

I am taking a break at the moment to reset, reconnect and work on me + support the yogis who are taking part in the Body Mind Soul Detox.

But don’t you dare fret!

I will be back to live the journey in May with brand new yoga videos, blog posts and so much more!

In the meantime, please make sure you’re signed up to receive weekly emails (you can do this here) + part of our online private community (join here) where we’re constantly connecting, inspiring and supporting one another.

And of course, please keep Living Your Journey.

Talk Soon,

Allie, xoxo


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  • Repeat after me my worth doesnt lie in the yoga
  • No matter how badly you misbehave we still love you
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