Oh Savasana, you do me so good.

You always know how to make things right, how to seal the moment, how to send me into a state of thoughtless bliss.

You simply get me.

Anyone else have this intimate relationship with savasana? Oh wait, who am I kidding….. all yogis (or the mass majority) have a serious intimacy with the ending to their practice.

It’s the seal to our efforts. It’s the moment where we can release and sink into the depths of who we are – body, mind and soul. It’s our permission slip to let the exterior become fuzzy, so damn fuzzy, and slip into the interior beauty of our journey.

It’s beautifully incredible, and sometimes, because it’s so damn beautiful – it’s also so damn hard to come into.

Am I Right?

Depending on the day, time or our specific situations, sometimes savasana isn’t the perfect scenario. Some times it’s filled with bustling thoughts, outside noises, anxiety, panic, stress and the itching desire to get the fuck up and move on with the day.

But as we all know….. savasana is THE most important part of our practice.

It’s like hitting the reset button.

And to help us all reset the button with grace and depth, below is exactly what we need to start the process.

10 Epic Savana Songs

….. enjoy yogis, you’re going to love these!

p.s. – these are all shared via Spotify, my favorite program to discover music + create playlists. Feel free to follow me for fresh finds + to use the playlists for your personal or teaching experiences.

For the below songs, click + follow the playlist here!

1. Nuvole Bianche

by Ludovico Einaudi

2. Bolo Ram

by Wah!

3. Ra Ma Da Sa

by Snatam Kaur

4. Invocation

by Deva Premal

5. Ganapati Om

by Donna De Lory

6. Fields of Gold

by Mars Laser

7. Asleep

by Tombi Bombai

8. Devi Prayer

by Craig Pruess

9. Shanti Omstrumental

by MC Yogi

10. Timeless Soul

by Cornell Kindernecht


10 EPIC Savasana Songs for Your Yoga Practice - Pin now, discover epic music now!

10 EPIC Savasana Songs for Your Yoga Practice – Pin now, discover epic music now!


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