Okay yogis.

In this post we’re getting down to business about why yoga is the transformation that LASTS and…

How to Make Your Yoga Practice Stick!

I know many of us, myself included, dearly love our yoga practice & all the beautiful benefits that manifest from it. But, yes there’s a huge ass but, we struggle with how to make this EPIC practice a regular commitment. Or what I like to call – a transformation. 

A typical yogi’s experience goes something like this….

  • I freaking LOVE yoga, I’m doing it every damn day.
  • Yoga is SO epic, I’m buying all the accessories, it’s necessary for my journey.
  • I need to seek out other yogis, they’re obviously the jam to my peanut butter.
  • I feel like a yogi badass, everything in life is changing for the better.
  • Oh shit, life got hectic, where did my yoga practice go?
  • Double shit, my body is so tight and poses that once were comfortable are now SO uncomfortable.
  • My yoga accessories are collecting dust….. why did I buy those again?
  • I feel disconnected, everything is unraveling – physical health, mental health, emotional health and spiritual health.
  • Okay yoga, you win, I’ll step back on my mat. I’ll recommit. I’ll make time for you. I’ll make the space.
  • I freaking LOVE yoga, I’m doing it every damn day.

And the cycle viciously repeats. Again, and again, and again.

Sound Familiar?

As I type this, the corners of my mouth are lifting, because oh man – after 5 years of practicing yoga, this is so familiar. And let me tell you – it’s exhausting. 

What if we change this familiar scenario into a different conversation? What if we deeply understand and recognize the importance of yoga & manifest it into a transformation that lasts?

What if…..

Our Yoga Practice Sticks?

Well, that’s the goal for you + me + the entire Journey Junkie community. So without further ado, let’s dive into the deeper depths of how to achieve just that.

First off, let’s discuss why yoga is so important & impactful.

Below are a few reasons why I fell head over heels with the practice, but feel free to layer onto this list in the comments below.

  1. Yoga works from the exterior to the interior – quickly and efficiently.
  2. It’s a personal experience that’s practiced in a community environment.
  3. It’s never about the shape we make, but how we feel in the shape.
  4. It instills self-confidence, self-awareness, self-care and self-love.
  5. Instantly links you to the community at large, giving people a sense of support and inspiration that can be accessed around the globe.
  6. Yoga is a never-ending practice, you will never be done practicing, learning and experiencing.
  7. It’s been around for thousands of years and is a tried and tested method.
  8. Built on an ancient thought process, with the ultimate goal to reach enlightenment, who doesn’t want this!
  9. Builds noticeable strength in the body, but more importantly – in the mind.
  10. Releases tension – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tension that builds up from every day, from the smallest to the largest traumas of our livelihoods.
  11. Yoga’s mantra is compassion over comparison, a refreshing change for many of us.
  12. It’s for everyone. There’s a practice and style suited for every body type, every age, and every desired outcome.

That is quite the list, right?

Whether you’ve practiced yoga for a month or a decade, I’m positive we can all relate to at least three of the above reasons (probably more). And while it’s great to nod our heads in agreement & feel that yoga magic, it’s even greater to experience it.

And now…. the work begins.

Below are three opportunities to make your yoga practice stick. Don’t worry, I’ll explain each one + give a few extra tips and tricks that work best for me, in hopes that they’ll work best for all of us too!

1. The Journal Prompt

This is your personal space to get real, like real as fuck.

It’s your opportunity to create awareness surrounding the yoga practice and how powerful it is and can be. No one needs to see or read this journal prompt, so please, be authentic, be vulnerable, and let yoga begin or continue to transform your journey.

*Side note – Use this worksheet or write the answers into a personal journal, whatever works best for you.

And as promised, I’ll reveal personal tips + tricks too.

So, why journal? Why set aside time for this practice? And where to start?

Journaling is a release – period. It’s a moment to let go of harbored thoughts, fears, anxiety, stress and everything in-between. Think of it as your personal therapy session that doesn’t cost a damn thing, just yourself, a writing utensil and a book filled with blank pages is needed.

But Allie….. how do I journal, like what does that mean? 

  • Buy yourself a special journal, doesn’t need to be fancy, just special.
  • Create space in your routine to journal it out.
  • This space can be daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly.
  • Set the scene – remove distractions, light a candle, fix your favorite beverage, do what ya gotta do.
  • Date the top of the page (for reflection purposes).
  • Put the pen to paper and Let Go.
  • Write your heart out…. whatever comes to mind, write it, release it, let go of it.
  • Draw your heart out…. artist or not artist, do what feels right.
  • Collect momentos…. tape, glue or staple into your journal significant memories/moments.

Is it all making sense?


2. Yoga Posture + Practice Journal

This worksheet is exactly like it sounds. 

It asks you to choose five postures that you’re crushing on & make them a focal point of the practice. The five postures can be whatever your heart desires, but I do recommend choosing a family of postures to create consistency in the skills required.

Below are a few examples of posture families:

  • shoulderstand, bound headstand, tripod headstand, dolphin pose, forearm balance.
  • standing splits, downward facing dog, warrior 3, handstand tuck jumps, handstand
  • side angle pose, humble warrior, bound side angle pose, tree pose, bird of paradise (+ sneak in hamstring stretches)
  • low-lunge, half splits, pyramid pose, seated wide-legged forward fold, full splits pose

Remember – this is an inspiration tool to stay committed to starting + sustaining your yoga journey. Feel free to continually use it as your practice expands, changes and unfolds. 

3.  Create Your Yoga Flow Worksheet

And finally, the last piece to the how to make the yoga practice stick puzzle is….

A worksheet to create your own yoga flows, aka to practice at home sans a yoga teacher. This is an EPIC tool that outlines a common yoga sequence, an example from one of my YouTube video flows, postures ideas for each section of the flow, and the opportunity to create five flows of your own.

Basically – this worksheet is jam packed with EPICNESS!

A few tips + tricks to get started:

  • Make one flow at a time, don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Create different flows for different results – power, restorative, arm balances, etc.
  • Use your posture + practice worksheet above to help shape your flows. This will keep your efforts aligned + create a deeper understanding of body mechanics + pose purpose.

And lastly, just like the above worksheet, I recommend continually using this as your practice shapes, changes, expands and unfolds! It’s a keeper, FO SHO.


That was a hella lot of information & you have a hella lot of work to do!

One more thing, before we depart.

Enjoy the Journey.

Take it one posture, one breath and one moment at a time. While I do encourage “doing the work”, I also encourage enjoying the work as it unfolds. And with all of that said, holy crap I said a lot, let’s begin the beautiful process of making….

Our Yoga Practice Stick.

How to Make Your Yoga Practice Stick for Realz (Free Worksheets + Journal Prompt) - Pin now, get the worksheet now!

How to Make Your Yoga Practice Stick for Realz (Free Worksheets + Journal Prompt) – Pin now, get the worksheet now!



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