Mantra Meditation: 40 Day Challenge

Let’s cut to the chase yogis, we all know meditation is good for us.

Actually, we know it’s better than good – it’s pure magic. Magic that is accessible to anybody, anywhere, anytime. Simply find a seat, plop your booty down, sit up tall, close the eyes, breathe, and let all distractions wash away.

Simple as that. Said no one ever.

Here’s the real scenario – we sit down, close our eyes, begin to breathe, and suddenly a flood of thoughts and emotions come barreling towards us. We breathe a little heavier, readjust our seats, and try our hardest to do this thing called meditation. I mean honestly, how hard can it be to sit still.

The answer is – hard.

Like really hard.

We – as in me and you – are conditioned to constantly think and feel. And I’m the first to admit, meditation is not my strong suit. I’ve tried it before and I’ve tried it again, but the practice has never stuck with me.

Even after countless discussions, yoga teacher training, conversations with fellow yoga teachers, books, and you name it – meditation just hasn’t struck a chord with me.

It’s time for a change. I’m starting a 40 day mantra meditation challenge with YOU.

Yes – me and you.

First thoughts:

  • 40 is an intimidating number.
  • I don’t have time to meditate everyday for 40 days.
  • Where do I find a mala?
  • How do I choose a mantra?
  • And then – how the hell do I chant, meditate, and use the mala beads?

I’ll cover all of those thoughts below and provide a free 21 mantra guide to inspire your meditation journey ahead! Don’t forget to grab it!

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Why 40 Days & 108 Repetitions:

Why 108 Repetitions:

  • The number 108 breaks down to:
    • 1 = God or a Higher Truth
    • 0 = Emptiness or Completeness
    • 8 = Infinity or Eternity
  • There are 54 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet, each one has a masculine and feminine quality – Shiva & Shakti. 54 letters x 2 qualities = 108.
  • The Chakras are energy lines in our body that start at the root of our body and travel up to the crown of our head. It is said there are 108 energy lines that  converge to form the heart chakra, Anahata.
  • A mala necklace is an Eastern rosary used for mantras, chanting, and prayer – it has 108 beads.
  • There are 108 Upanishads – an ancient text that is highly revered in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

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40 Day Mantra Medtiation Challenge - Pin now, meditate later!

40 Day Mantra Medtiation Challenge – Pin now, meditate later!

Why 40 Days:

In a world filled with temptations, shortcuts, and comforts – it’s incredibly easy to fall into bad habits. Just like the saying goes, you are what you eat, it’s also true of your habits.

Our habits define the everyday routine, whether we like to admit that or not. And more often than not, some not so great ones sneak into our lives.

It’s normal and human, no need to fret over it.

Instead, commit to breaking a habit. Let it no longer control the everyday. Train the mind, body, and soul to act differently. We achieve this “breaking of the habit” by repeating a positive habit for a consecutive period of time.

And that’s why 40 days is the chosen number!

I’m sure there’s a more mystical reasoning behind all of this but let’s just keep it simple.

Here’s the one catch:

Mantra meditation must be completed for 40 days CONSECUTIVELY. If you miss a day, the 40 days start over.

Don’t cheat yourself in this situation. Be honest. If you miss a day and need to start over, then do it.

The days will come and go regardless, why not do something beneficial for yourself as they pass?
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How To Do the Damn Thing:

Now that we know the why behind this, let’s talk about the how.

1. Choose a place to meditate

….preferably one that is quiet and relaxing.

I try to meditate in my outdoor Zen Den but sometimes life throws a curve ball or two.  Like mosquitoes and 100 degree weather – yay!

Have a backup plan if the first option is not working out. Also, be prepared to find a quiet space if traveling or your day takes a wild turn from the norm. Don’t make excuses friends!

2. Prepare the body

This might seem silly but trust me, it’s so helpful.

Suggestions are below:

  • Take 10 deep breaths before starting the mantra chanting.
  • Complete 5 – 10 sun salutations.
  • Do a short yoga practice that involves relaxing, nurturing postures.
  • Go for a walk outdoors to breathe in fresh air.

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3. Find a seat on the ground.

And do all of the below:

  • Sit up tall, lengthen from your tailbone through the crown of the head, roll the shoulders up, back, and down.
  • Hold the mala beads in the right hand between thumb and pointer finger.
  • Start at the head bead.
  • Gently close the eyes and begin.
  • Repeat the mantra 108 times while moving the beads through the fingertips. 108 repetitions will bring you back to the beginning of the mala necklace.
  • Take a moment to feel the effects of meditation and chanting.
  • Open the eyes and smile!

Helpful Tips:

The mantra can be chanted out loud, in your head, or half and half. Do whatever feels natural to you. I like to start by chanting out loud and then slowly repeat it silently to myself.

No rules yogis – you should know that!

To make the sitting process more comfortable, use a yoga prop – blanket, bolster, or block.

40 Day Mantra Medtiation Challenge - Pin now, meditate later!

40 Day Mantra Medtiation Challenge – Pin now, meditate later!

How to Find Time:

The time issue. We either have too much or too little of it.

I’d love to say that I manage my time incredibly well and can always achieve my goals – day in and day out. But I’m human so that would be a serious lie.

I think you are human too, so this will always be a challenge.

Below are a few suggestions to help make time:

  • Choose two times that works best with your personal schedule. If you work full-time (like moi), upon waking and before heading to bed are two great times. If you’re a stay at home mommy or a full-time yoga teacher, choose the times that best fit with your schedule. But stick to them!
  • Write it down in a planner. Literally schedule a date with yourself.
  • Hang up an inspirational photo, quote, or anything that serves as a reminder.

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Where to Buy a Mala:

Malas are legit everywhere. If you’re an avid yogi then these beautiful jewels shouldn’t be hard to find.

But if all of this spiritual yogi ish is new to you, below are my suggestions:

  • Check out your local yoga studio’s shop. A lot of studios will sell local designs / support yoga teachers who make their own.
  • Stop by two of my favorite yoga jewelry shops to browse through their amazing mala collections – My Bohemia Jewelry & I Heart Naturals Company. Both of these shops are the real deal – beautiful pieces, passion for their craft, and awesome people in general!
  • Browse through Etsy – the options are literally endless. This is the Etsy shop I ordered from and am super happy with the quality and customer service.

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How to Choose a Mantra:

This final step is a very personal one.

The idea behind 108 mantra repetitions x 40 days is that whatever you choose, it will be ingrained into the mala beads, your body, your mind, and your soul.

The mantra and the mala beads will symbolize a lifelong affirmation.

An affirmation that goes something like this:

  • You are supported.
  • You are limitless.
  • You are strong.
  • You are beautiful.
  • You can achieve greatness.
  • You are loved.
  • And you are whole – mind, body, and soul.

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I urge you to do some soul searching before deciding on the mantra.

Write in a planner. Talk out loud. Move through a yoga sequence. Take a long walk. Do something to understand better what it is that YOU need!

Here’s a list to get the creative juices flowing – 5 Ancient Mantras, please keep in mind that this list provides Sanskrit options. While Sanskrit is the traditional language of yoga, it’s not required to use it for this meditation challenge.

You are always encouraged to create your own mantra that suits your needs.

If nothing on the list resonates, do more research, make up your own, or ask your favorite yoga teacher if they have one. The mantra options are endless!

40 Day Mantra Medtiation Challenge - Pin now, meditate later!

40 Day Mantra Medtiation Challenge – Pin now, meditate later!

Are you ready to sit, breathe, and repeat for 40 days?

Let’s do this one together – one journey, one movement, one meditation. When you’re contemplating not doing it for a day or not starting this challenge, just remember that yogis all over the world are right alongside us. We are a community of like-minded people who are creating a movement of intention, positivity, and growth. Join me and be part of this movement – you won’t regret it!

Let’s Talk – What questions, comments, feedback, or general yoga meditation love do you have?

Until next time – xoxo.

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96 Discussion to this post

  1. Robert says:

    Excellent routine to follow! Have been practicing Inner Engineering Yoga & Meditation for over a year through Sadhguru. Has been amazing! Will definitely try this as well! 🙂

  2. Kiana Kuamoo says:

    I am new to the world of yoga and meditation and this 40 day challenge looks so amazing!! I am wondering if there is a specific way to choose a mala necklace or is just someone that looks appealing?

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Welcome to the journey Kiana! I recommend whatever calls to you <3 read about the different stone + bead attributes, find a handmade one from a shop you want to support & then cherish that baby!

  3. Chantalchetty says:

    Excellent I’m changing my lifestyle
    Thks to you
    Love light and blessings

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      So much LOVE right back at ya & thanks for being part of this journey! Please keep checking back for more, xoxo

  4. Nelly says:

    What a beautifule guide, thank you! I’m trying to look more after my mental health these days so I’ll try my best to tackle this challenge^^

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Let me know how it goes Nelly, it’s quite the challenge, but one that will reap everlasting benefits. Thanks for stopping by, xoxo!

  5. Apple says:

    I love your site name! journeyjunkie! that should be a hashtag!:) i’m trying to get into a meditation practice and i would love to do this 40 day challenge!:)

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Thankssss! I love it too, LOL! And I definitely encourage you to try the 40 day meditation challenge, it’s a wonderful journey that will teach you a hella lot about yourself, your habits, and your potential 🙂

  6. Karla says:

    Thank you for the confirmation! I LOVE ❤️️ The Journey Junkie! You’re a true inspiration.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Karla, thank YOU for the confirmation, such an exchange of energy babe! So happy you’re part of the community, xoxo.

  7. mandi says:

    Thank you for the inspiration!
    What website creator did you use to set up your website/article?
    I am interested in making my own because i want to see more yogis in the world 🙂 And i think its a great way of connecting with other yogis. I blog, and journal everything about my journey but want to share it with others online as well!
    Thanks in advance !

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Mandi. I use the WordPress + a theme that’s been a tad developed out.

      I definitely urge you to start an online slice of yoga heaven, regardless of spreading the information, it’s incredibly empowering to create personal work. It’s also incredibly scary, but nothing great comes without a bit of fear first 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by love, xoxo!

  8. Belani says:

    I can’t seem to find malas with 108 beads…like from the site you recommended. Any help?

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi, last name fixed! Anyway, I’ve found a ton on Etsy, then there’s companies like Tiny Devotions, My Bohemia Jewelry, and I love Naturals Company. Also, within the post, I link to some of these shops.

      Hope that helps babe! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  9. TinaMarie says:

    I woke up this morning & said to myself,J really need to start new habits/routines…i.e. Meditating EVERYmorning b4 work.Even if it’s just 5 mins.I open my Pinterest app & what’s the first thing I see?! Thank u for the inspiration.Heres to #everydamnday

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      So happy you found me Tina (thank the lordy for Pinterest, LOL)! And I think I need to hop back on the train with you regarding meditation and setting healthy morning habits/routines. I find myself going through waves of great practices and then absolutely nothing…. which is also ok! Enjoy your meditation journey, allow yourself to fall off, and then just remember to get back into it!

      Thanks for stopping by – xoxo!

  10. Krissy says:

    I have been wanting to start a meditation routine for awhile and I am just starting yoga. It all seemed very daunting so your breakdown made it seem more do-able. I’m looking at mala beads and then will start thinking on a mantra. Thank You.

  11. Kierstyn says:

    Hello to you…I just found your blog and I adored reading it. I am a Engineering student nearing finals and need a set time everyday to breathe. I am going to do some research and begin my 40 days. Thank you for the information and the love throughout this post.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Kierstyn – glad you found me babe! My fiance is an engineer, I give you major kudos for pursuing that career path, it’s hard stuff! Anyway, glad this can help you relax, stay focused, and show yourself some LOVE.

      Good luck on your finals!

  12. N T says:

    The rosary beads are made to roll through between the thumb and the tall finger of the right hand. THE POINTER IS NOT USED AT ALL. It is difficult to begin with but one gets used to it.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Thank you for the correction, truly appreciate it! Always room to learn and grow, that’s part of the journey 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

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  15. nai nai says:

    every day

  16. Melissa says:

    Wow, I really enjoyed this read. Having finished a 40 day program I’m glad to see I’m not alone, just wish I’d read this before embarking on my program. I managed anyway, but I will bear all these tips in mind for my next one, thank you for sharing! 🙂 http://YOGIBEE.LIVE/

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Melissa, so happy you found this, even if it was after you completed one! I’m still attempting this challenge, taking it slow, LOL!

      Thanks for stopping by and showing some love. Have a great weekeend ahead – xoxo.

  17. […] that religion or may have a different view point. And that’s okay. The blog post I read is MANTRA MEDITATION: 40 DAY CHALLENGE . I new nothing about mantra meditation; so, naturally I Googled it. In mantra medication you use […]

  18. Deena says:

    Wow! This is quite the challenge! I meditate on a daily basis, for about 45 minutes using Crystals. I find that my Crystals ground me when I am meditating. I will start implementing more Yoga into the mix. Moonstone is my go-to Crystal when I am in meditation, because it is also a manifesting Crystal. I love your post. It is so well informed. I will have to get some Mala Beads now:)

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Deena. I agree, it’s definitely quite the challenge. And to be frank, I’ve still not completed it (I think I’m on my 8th or 9th attempt). But in my opinion, it’s not about the final destination of 40 days, it’s more importantly about the journey that takes place.

      And dang girl – 45 minutes! That’s amazing, keep up the epic soul work! Thanks for stopping by Deena & have a great day 🙂

  19. […] you have other questions on the challenge please check out Allie’s original blog post on it! Also feel free to email me any questions as well at […]

  20. Charlotte says:

    This is such a good post, I’ve been meaning to try it out! I just wanted to let you know I featured one of your pictures in my blog and have linked your page up 🙂

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Charlotte! Thank you for stopping by and showing some love and thank you for the link back!

      Have a great day!

  21. Stacey says:

    You can do it! I started this a while ago and am proudly on day 30! No way I’m stopping now to start again! Have a feeling I will be going well past 40 and it will in fact become a daily ritual. Thank you so much for sharing and for your wonderful website, it truly has got me out of a very ‘stuck’ place and I am feeling so wonderful now, amazing how 30 days of a mantra and daily yoga can turn things around so dramatically! Thank you so much!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Stacey! Thank you so much for the positive encouragement, I need it! I have to be completely honest – I fell off the bandwagon again and it’s my own challenge…. ugh! Just goes to show that we’re all human and the most important thing is getting back up and trying again! Congrats on the 30 days babes, major kudos to you. So happy meditation is working it’s magic on you so deeply!

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your personal journey, lots of love – xoxo!

  22. Patricia says:

    Hari Om! Thank you for great article! A really inspirational guide!! However may I humbly point out that Chakras are not energy lines meridians or Nadi’s. are. Chakras are wheels or spinning vortexes that spin prana into the body at certain points of the body. We use 7 main ones. But there are many. Be blessed

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  24. Alyssa says:

    okay, I’M IN! I am starting a 4 week meditation at my studio and am also going to complete my YTT in May, so I think this challenge will definitely help my growth as a student and teacher of yoga 🙂 I’m nervous but excited!

    Your blog is so inspirational and fun. I’m happy I stumbled upon it a couple days ago. Thank you for sharing your love and light with all of us!

    <3 Alyssa

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Alyssa – I’m so happy your on board to start the meditation journey! I also agree this is a great opportunity to grow as a student, teacher, and also grow your students as a byproduct! I think this is a great idea to do in my classes too…. the students will love it!

      And I’m so happy you stumbled upon me too, thank you for the sweet words! I share it in hopes to inspire people to try new things, grow as a person, and then continue to inspire others! Thank you for stopping by and showing support and love. Have a great day – xoxo.

  25. Gabby O says:

    I’m in for your 7th-8th (who’s counting anyways?!) round of 40 days of Meditation 😀 Let’s do the damn thing already! We got this <3

  26. Melanie says:

    Hi There!

    I am completely new to meditation, mantras, and malas! I read through all the comments to find an answer to my question but I didn’t see that it was asked yet. So, my question is, is a mantra just one sentence? Or can it be 5 or 6 sentences? The other part of my question is, if it can be 5 or 6 sentences, do you say all the sentences on one bead of your mala or do you say one sentence per bead?

    Thank you so much!

    • Gabby O says:

      I believe you pick ONE mantra and chant all 108. From what I have read, you stick with that mantra until your mala breaks. When this happens, that means you have had your break through (literally!) and the new mala (or re-strung mala) needs blessed and a new mantra given. How does it break? Because with each recital you touch a bead and as you speak aloud, you spin the bead. 🙂

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Melanie – thanks for stopping by and please, always feel free to ask questions!

      A mantra can be anything you want, it can be one sentence, it can be a paragraph, whatever you need right now. But for the actual meditation component with the mala, I recommend a one liner, like I am beautiful, I am strong, I am limitless, I can do this…. etc. Otherwise you’ll be sitting forever and ever, LOL!

      You repeat the mantra with each bead, so each day you repeat the mantra using the beaded necklace 108 times. With each repetition, move your fingers to the next bead until you come back to the beginning! I hope that helps explain this better!

      Again, thanks for stopping by the blog, enjoy your meditation journey!

  27. Jamie says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog! With my recent birthday right before Christmas I decided to finally make some changes in my life because I have been very unhappy. Part of the changes I want to make includes becoming more grounded, and I’m so excited for this challenge! I made a mala necklace on New Year’s day (which is more difficult than one would expect) and have tried to meditate a couple of times since then. It’s very difficult! Looking forward to being part of a group with this!

    Thank you for all your great inspiration!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Jamie – I’m so happy you found me too! I love that you took a moment to evaluate yourself, set goals to change, and now are making those changes! Life is about moving forward and creating space to become a better version of you…. you got this girl!

      And what perfect timing that you just made a mala necklace, now you have a great opportunity to put it to good use! And I totally get you on the frustration, meditation is never easy, but the more we do it, the more comfortable it will become. So please, keep at it!

      Thank you again for stopping by and showing some love. Have a great day – xoxo.

  28. Becci says:

    Hi there! Just found your blog via Pinterest! This is exactly what I need, but I am SO new to it all! Could I just hold anything instead of the beads? And how would I keep track of counting to 108 if I am chanting the affirmations? I will totally lose track of what number I am on! 🙂 Thanks for any direction.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Becci. So happy you found me! So here’s the deal – the mala necklace has 108 beads so each time you repeat the chant, you move your fingers along the beads, and at the end of the necklace, you’ll be at 108 repetitions! The necklaces purpose is so that you don’t lose track but also can relax into the meditation without thinking about it.

      Now without a necklace, I recommend not doing the 108 and simply breathing and repeating your mantra as much as necessary!

      I hope this helps love! Enjoy your meditation journey and know that there’s no real rules, simply do what feels good!

  29. Turtlemoon says:

    Jumping in today! 🙂

  30. glenda says:

    I only just learned of the 40 day meditation this morning, so will jump in today if that’s all right. 😀

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Glenda – of course it’s alright, yoga has no rules, do what you want! Btw – I’m starting again for 7th time, aiming to finish it through this time, so that should tell you it’s never to late or early to start!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  31. steff says:

    Mantrayama is an old spiritual practice.

  32. Rae says:

    How perfectly timely has finding this post on Pinterest been?

    Since I came across it, it’s been stuck on my mind, and I thought long and hard on my chosen mantra before being gifted a set of Tibetan Mala Beads.
    I started meditating on New Years Day and I’m finding the process so grounding; I’ve really struggled with meditation – switching my mind off is never easy, but this challenge takes the ‘challenge’ away if that makes sense?!

    I’m a bit miffed that I missed last night’s meditation, but the beauty is I can start over and that’s perfectly okay!

    Thank you so much for creating this challenge; I’m really enjoying the experience and embracing the positivity it brings to my being.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Rae.
      Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience, it’s an inspiration to you, me, and everyone else!

      I have yet to complete this 40 day challenge, but I’ll be starting again this Sunday! I’m sending out an e-mail to ask everyone to join in, so please, keep going if you’re are, or start again with us on Sunday!

      Thanks for stopping by Rae and showing lots of love, have a great day – xoxo!

  33. Nali says:

    I needed this. I found silence and I let the noise get too loud, I needed this to refocus. Thanks.

  34. Jen Taff says:

    This is the EXACT post to move me forward in my meditation practice! I have been doing breathing meditations for the past year, not every day but pretty consistently. I have been contemplating how I can deepen my meditation practice, and this 40 day mantra challenge feels exactly right. As in, I read this blog post and felt immediately lighter and excited and inspired. Thanks so much for this link from your current post about your December goals. I never would have found it otherwise…

    I wish you continued light and happiness today!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Jen – I’m so happy you found my blog, this post, and that it’s what you needed in this moment. I love when the Universe works like that, makes me smile!

      I have a serious hang up with meditation, I love it, but can never seem to stay dedicated to it. I just started the 40 day challenge again (for the 5th time), because I’ve yet to finish it. So I’m right alongside you, breathing, chanting, trying to create space and change.

      Thank you for the sweet words & have a beautiful day – xoxo.

  35. Lisa says:

    This is going to sound stupid, but I’m new to this. i was looking for some information.
    but what exactly am i chanting, the mantra, i know, but what am i saying? is it something i have to look up, or is it my own words? I’m so confused.

    thank you xoxo

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Lisa – no worries girl, no questions are ever stupid! So to break down it further… chanting is simply repeating a statement over and over again. You are chanting whatever mantra you choose to do for the 40 days. For example, you could say something like – I am strong. You would then repeat this (either out loud or in your head) 108 times as you move your fingers along the mala bead necklace.

      You can create your own mantra like the one I said above or look up Sanskrit mantras that resonate with you. I find that Sanskrit mantras can be very powerful but also a bit intimidating so you choose what works for you.

      I hope that helps Lisa! Thanks for stopping by the blog – xoxo.

  36. Mel says:

    Hi there!

    So I totally loved what I just read and I’m telling you I’m so in! I just have one question about the mantra I should pic, does it really has to be one single mantra for the 40 days? See, I’m kind of in a searching-for-me journey and I really don’t know what kind of mantra could I use or would be best for me…. so, yeah if you could help me with that I would really appreciate it!! and also I couldn’t go to the link of the – Energy of Attraction Mantras by Deepak Chopra & Oprah.” that you mention and I’m super duper new at this meditation thing so I don’t know where i can find mantras inspiration, lol.

    Well <3 thanks!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Mel, thanks for stopping by & showing some love! And welcome to the mantra challenge!
      To answer your questions about the mantra:
      1. Traditionally, you are supposed to use the same manta for all 40 days so that it becomes more and more powerful with each passing day of meditation. Also, the mala beads became powerful as well and are then a piece of inspiration anytime you need an extra boost (even after the meditation challenge is completed).
      2. Now, I believe yoga has no rules so if you want a few different mantras, then do that. Meditation is extremely beneficial whether you follow the exact code of rules or not. So do you girl!
      3. I apologize that the link is broken, it appears they must’ve taken down the list. I added a new link to get some ideas moving along for you. Keep in mind, the link provides Sanskrit mantras and this is not required. You can make up any mantra your heart desires or needs.

      Let me know if you have any other questions love, feel free to e-mail me too (find this on contact page).

      Thanks again for reading along and have a beautiful week ahead of you – xoxo.

  37. Astrid says:

    Wow this one of the best yoga blogs I’ve seen. I love the layout and all the pictures. I have been inconsistent with my yoga practice and meditation. I will start reading your blog to get motivation for hopefully my daily routines.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Astrid.
      Thank you so much for those sweet words, truly means a lot! And inconsistency will come and go with everything in life, it’s simply our job to recognize it and then work towards consistency.

      Please let me know if you have any questions or want to see something more specific on the blog. Thanks for stopping by & showing some love.

      Allie – xoxo

  38. Heather says:

    Hi there!!!
    I just wanted to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this post!!!!
    I’ve been trying to get into meditation for awhile now but was having a terrible time just trying to sit still and clear my mind. This is definitely going to help!
    I ordered my mala yesterday and am so excited for it to come in!

    Thank you again!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Heather.
      Thank you for making my Friday afternoon & leaving some love on the page. And I hear ya girl, meditation isn’t easy so having something to follow or do while meditating makes it easier. Wishing you the best of luck on your journey!

      And hope your malas are beautiful, xoxo!

  39. Claire Ann says:

    Hi Journey Junkie! 🙂

    I’m fairly new to the whole meditation and yoga thing… I’ve been doing yoga for two months and I’m loving it!
    I haven’t tackled meditation thus far.

    I have a few questions (they seem quite silly, but I’d appreciate an answer):
    Can Christians also meditate with a Mala? Or is it preferred to use a Rosary and do a similar thing? Would it be against my religion to even meditate? I looked this up online and I stumbled upon “Maranatha” – which is meditation for christians. Should I rather follow that instead of your 40 day challenge?

    Confused Claire (X_x)

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Confused Claire – you’re too cute!
      We are all confused when trying something new so explanations are needed there. First, I’m so happy you found yoga and that you’re connecting to the practice, it’s such a beautiful experience. And regarding the Christian question, here’s my thought process:

      1. I’m Jewish but practice meditation. I don’t relate my yoga practice to any specific faith but rather a personal religion of how to treat myself and others. It makes me a better persona daily and that’s what important to me at the end of each day.

      2. Regarding a rosary or mala, I think either is fine but I would consider that the number 108 is important and that’s why a mala is suggested.

      3. For the Maranatha question, do whatever feels right and interests you enough to do for an extended period of time. My belief is anything that’s furthering your individual growth is the right answer 🙂

      I hope all of that helps and let me know if you have any other questions. I’m here to help so always reach out!

      Have a great day – xoxo.

  40. Ashlee says:

    This is so lovely. I have been back into my yoga practice for a few weeks now and even after the first class back, quickly realized how much my body and mind had missed it! I have always struggled with the meditation aspect of yoga, but I love how you have laid it out here (and I love me a challenge), so I very much look forward to dedicating this daily time to myself! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Ashlee.
      Thank you for stopping by & dropping some love! It’s crazy how you can leave yoga and upon returning, it takes only a few classes to fall right back in love. I know that feeling and it always surprises me how quickly it comes back!

      And meditation, it’s such a doozy for me too! I hope this challenge helps you find a bit more ease in the practice.

      Again, thanks for stopping by! Have a great day – xoxo.

  41. Sari says:

    I’m very new to the lifestyle and am finding it a helpful guide and force in my life. I’m curious about the mantra. Would it be a series of a few phrases repeated, or 108 separate thoughts? Also, do you find a new mala each time you create a new mantra? Thanks for the info and patience. I love it!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Sari. For the 40 day meditation challenge, the mantra would stay the same throughout the entire period. Each day – you sit, close your eyes, use mala beads or not, and then breathe in an out 108 times, and each breath you repeat your chosen mantra. You can repeat it out loud or in your head, either way works.

      Traditionally, you are supposed to only use one mal with one mantra. But, that’s a bit impractical for me. I’ve been told to thank the beads for their service and then you can use them for a new mantra.

      Sorry for the information overload! I hope this helps & thanks for stopping by the blog! Have a great day – xoxo.

  42. Fabian says:

    Hello, I came here from Pinterest and read the whole publication with great interest. I did meditations Deepak and I was deeply amazed by meditation. I will practice this meditation with mantras for 40 days, this week will get my Mala and start.
    Thank you for taking the time to publish these wonders!
    Best wishes,

    (sorry my bad English, I speak Spanish!)

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Fabian. Thanks for stopping by & your English is perfect, awesome job!
      That’s awesome you completed the Deepak meditations, I’ve heard great feedback on his 21 day programs. I have yet to do one but it’s on my radar. I’m so happy you’re getting further involved in meditation and will try the 30 days! Let me know how it goes once you complete it!

      Have a great day!

  43. Amanda says:

    I wanted to wait until I received my mala beads to do this. I’m excited to get started. So far I lost 100lbs and during the journey thus far I’ve taken up yoga and meditation but I’ve been lead to want to take the meditation a step further. SO happy to start this challenge.
    Amanda recently posted…Protected:My Profile

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Amanda. Wow – that’s an incredible achievement you’ve done, so many kudos to you!

      And you can wait for the mala beads or simply start a meditation practice and breathe 108 times repeating the mantra. Either way works, the beads obvi help to keep track but it can be done without.

      And it warms my heart to hear that you’ve added yoga and meditation as a tool during your journey, good choice babe! Thanks for stopping by and being part of this positive movement.

      Allie – xoxo

  44. Gigi says:

    I’m having difficulty finding a mantra that really speaks to me. Any suggestions?

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Good Morning Gigi.
      Your mantra doesn’t need to be Sanskrit or fancy, it can be something as simple as:
      I am beautiful.
      _____ is my passion.
      I will face my fears.

      If the mantra thing is holding you up, simply start the meditation practice with the mala beads & your breath. Breathe 108x with each bead on the mala.

      I hope this helps, have a great day!

  45. Katie says:

    Could you switch up the affirmation from day to day or week to week, or do you recommend repeating the same one for 40 days? Thanks!!!
    Big love-

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Katie, thanks for stopping by! Technically, you’re supposed to keep the same mantra for all 40 days and use the same mala for that specific mantra. The reason being – the mantra and mala beads become more & more powerful with each chant.

      However, I always say that yoga has no rules and to do whatever is necessary for your personal practice. So do what feels right and beneficial to achieve your overall goal.

      I hope this helps, LOL. Happy Friday – xoxo!

  46. Trina says:

    I love this is puts meditation, yoga, & getting outside (which I don’t do often for a short walk) together <3 thank you!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Trina – thanks for stopping by! And yes, we all need to get outside more, each and every one of us. Meditation is a great combination tool to achieve a little bit of everything 🙂

      Have a great day!

  47. Sarah says:

    I love this idea so much! I’m going to start as soon as I can get my hands on some mala beads. Thank you for introducing meditation in a way that is really down to earth and accessible, the mantra is such a good way to bring a sense of focus..
    Sarah recently posted…#ShareYourSerenity with PortmeirionMy Profile

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Sarah. So happy this resonated with you and thanks for stopping by! I’m on day 7, it’s slowly becoming more natural and focused. Got a ways to go though! Have a great week ahead of you – xoxo.

  48. Spenser says:

    Thank you for being so honest in your post about meditation. When I was younger, I thought sitting down and assessing everything that was going on in my life was a sort of meditation. Although it proved to be healthy in it’s own right, I finally attended a breath-work, sound-healing, meditation workshop and saw the clear difference. You’re right, though, it was hard for me to free my mind! I think having the breath work and sound healing first definitely helped me relax and let go.

    I may be a little late for your challenge, but I am looking forward to setting my own goals for meditation. I hope you are enjoying your journey! Thank you for your inspiration…loved this article!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Spenser. You are so welcome for the honesty! That’s awesome you’ve been doing all of this from such a young age, kudos to you. I do find that just sitting down and meditating is basically impossible for me. I either have to do a yoga or breathing practice to settle my mind beforehand.

      And you’re never late! I actually had to start over because I missed a day. Whoops! It’s all part of the journey though. Thanks for stopping by – xoxo.

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