Positive Body Meditation: A Practice to Release, Accept & Honor Ourselves

Welcome to your Positive Body Meditation.

A meditation to release false beliefs, accept who we are, and honor our capabilities.

A meditation that we all need and one that I’m proud to offer our community. The idea for this topic came as a follow-up to last week’s post about mindful eating habits & how to start and sustain them. And when it came time to brainstorm a meditation related to the topic of food, at first I was thinking…..

Meditate on food, how weird. What in the hell will I say.

But then I dug a bit deeper, thought harder, brainstormed more…. and voila, the idea came to me. The idea to use mindful eating habits as the stepping stone to a greater, very important conversation about positive body talk.

In today’s society, it has become increasingly difficult to OWN OUR BODIES.

We are constantly told + shown what the ideal body type is and how to achieve it. But guess what friends….

I call bullshit.

I call bullshit because there’s no such thing as an ideal body, it’s a false reality. A reality that’s sold to us by endless companies, magazine covers, advertisements, and social media. A reality that’s destined to make us unhappy. A reality that’s not real.

But what is real?

What’s real is – YOU.

Positive Body Meditation: A Practice to Release, Accept & Honor Ourselves

Positive Body Meditation: A Practice to Release, Accept & Honor Ourselves – Pin now, meditate now, love yourself now, get the free worksheets now!

You are your own version of a beautifully badass body that holds the power to experience endless amounts of happiness, fulfillment and success. The power is inside, not outside friends…. so stop searching for the magic answer, the special quick fix or the specific diet – it won’t work.

What does work is… becoming authentic in our personal journey, including our body journey.

The goal of this meditation is to start the essential conversation between you and your body. I want you to become a lover of your own body – your strengths and your weaknesses – and everything in-between.

All of you matters.

All of me matters.

All of us matters.

And it’s my deepest desire that we can all honor and accept our bodies for what they are – nothing more, but nothing less. And while we learn to accept ourselves, also recognizing and honoring that there’s work to be done.

The work being…..

  • healthy fuel
  • consistent movement
  • strength building
  • relaxation + restoration
  • self-love and self-care
  • leaning into the discomfort
  • experiencing the unknown

So with all of that said, I invite you to be selfish and take a moment for you + your body (mind and soul).

I invite you release the beliefs you’ve been fed and now tell yourself. I invite you to accept and love who you are, because you’re absolutely perfect right now. And I invite you to honor your capabilities and the work that lies ahead.

I invite you to join me & let’s meditate.

Let’s meditate to love our bodies, let’s meditate to love one another’s bodies, let’s meditate to be the change, let’s meditate to Live Our Journey.

If you missed the post from earlier, do take a moment to read through it as it’s deeply related to this conversation.

And also, I include an *EPIC* worksheet to inspire your healthy eating habits. Find it all below friends – xoxo.

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  1. K says:

    Not usually the type to leave comments but this meditation really moved me. Just want to thank you for everything you do and for doing it for free! Love from my heart to yours.

  2. thank you I really enjoyed the mediation today

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