If I had to pick two physical takeaways that yoga has gifted me, it’s a –


Sexy, Strong Back & Sexy, Strong Upper Body


And yes, my entire body has transformed from the consistent practice of yoga. But specifically, these two areas of my body have experienced the most profound transformation. It’s humbling and incredible all at the same time.


If you’re into the idea of cultivating a sexy, strong back (which who isn’t), then this is the perfect yoga post for you. Keep scrolling babes, just keep scrolling, and then start doing.


Sexy Back Yoga Sequence


Here we go friends – time to work it out, the yoga way. Before we start bending and breathing, I highly recommend a quick warm-up to get the blood flowing, the body warm, and ready to build strength + stability.


Suggested warm-up videos:



And now, let’s begin.


1. Belly Swimming


It’s just like it sounds, get on your belly, and pretend you’re swimming! But below are some tips, so we’re all on the same page:


  • Start lying on your tummy with arms stretched overhead and forehead resting on the ground.
  • On an inhale – lift your right arm and left leg, bring your head and chest along with the breath.
  • On an exhale – switch.
  • When switching, the opposite leg/arm will come to a hover above the ground, for added strength building.


Recommended repetitions – 10 to 20 times per side.



2. Half Bow Pose


This pose is such a back builder killer, LOL. It’s incredibly intense for the middle back muscles, the upper body, and the quad + hip flexor.


Basically, it’s an all over body builder posture, but specifically focuses on the middle/thoracic spine area. Below are my tips & tricks:


  • Use the front forearm to anchor down & lift back up, focus on maintaining a lifted chest.
  • Energize the back leg and hug the pelvis towards the ground to create extra anchor points.
  • Use the hand to foot connection to open + strengthen the spine and open + relax the quad and hip flexor.
  • If you experience knee discomfort (at all), slowly back out of the posture and find your level of depth and comfort.


Recommended repetitions – hold for 5 to 15 breaths on each side, repeat 2-3 times, based on your personal comfort.


Sexy Yoga Back Sequence - 5 Poses for Strength & Stability - Pin now, work towards a sexy yoga back now!


3. Thunderbolt Pose


This is a wonderful posture to pepper into your flow or hatha style classes – there’s so much goodness happening here!


  • Come into the posture from a runner’s lunge by using an inhale breath to rise up.
  • The body should be stacked like so – front knee aligned over ankle and back leg straight, you’re on the ball of the back foot.
  • The torso is in a 45 degree angle creating a line of energy from crown of head to the back foot – reference the photo above to see the energetic line.
  • Arms in a goal post like shape with elbows aligned to shoulders and wrists aligned with elbows.


Recommended repetitions – hold for 5 to 15 breaths at the beginning of a flow, then quicken the practice to a one breath, one movement pace.



4. Locust Prep Pose


I LOVEEEEE  doing this posture movement at the beginning of a yoga class. It’s a quick way to warm up the spine, strengthen the backside body, and wake your entire body up!


I usually do this movement as part of my warmup sun salutations, before upward facing dog, to prep the backside + frontside body. Below are my tips:


  • Start lying on your tummy, feel free to lower down from plank pose.
  • Cross one ankle over another.
  • Interlace the hands behind your back and roll your shoulders onto the back.
  • On an inhale breath – lift both the chest and legs off the ground.
  • Focus on creating length in the body versus height in the pose.


Recommended repetitions – hold the pose for 3 to 5 breaths, repeat as many times throughout your practie as needed or desired.



5. Warrior III


And lastly, drumroll please – we have Warrior III.


As many of us know, this posture is an all over body strengthener, but the majority of stability comes from our core area (including the back muscles).


Below are my tips:


  • Always, like every single breath, keep the stomach hugging up and in towards the midline.
  • Energize both legs to support the posture.
  • Keep hands extended overhead and long, at heart center, or pointing towards back of mat.


Recommended repetitions – hold the pose for 3 to 5 breaths, repeat as many times throughout your practie as needed or desired.



And that’s a wrap yogis!


Please spread the sexy yoga back sequence love by pinning the image, using it in your personal practice, and sharing it with other yogis.


Until next time, xoxo.



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