Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation: Honor Your Life Cycles and Create New Ways of Being

Welcome to your meditation practice to reshape your consciousness, break negative habits, and honor the life cycles that unfold in your being.    Today’s meditation was inspired by Elena Brower, a yoga teacher who I turn to for wisdom, inspiration, and guidance. I thank her for introducing me to this mediation experience.   And now, I have the honor of introducing you to this experience.   Welcome dear one and thank you for choosing to be here.    The...

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Morning Yoga Practice to Awaken Your Feminine Nature

Welcome to your morning yoga class to wake up and feel like goddess, because let’s be transparent, some mornings feel the exact opposite.   Am I right?    This class is designed to awaken your feminine nature, so that you can begin your day in a state of flow, and stay connected to your source as the day unfolds.    And how the hell do we plan to do that?   By accessing the subtle body through breath and movement (aka your yoga practice).   Anytime you step on...

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Headstand Yoga Class to Increase Happiness, Circulation, and Core Strength

Tell me, are you searching for any of these qualities…..    Happiness. Energy. Strength.   Oh you are, how coincidental, because I am too. It appears that you and I are in the right place, together.   Welcome to your headstand yoga class to increase happiness, circulate life force energy, and build core strength.    Today’s yoga class is a beautiful concoction of increased energy and happiness, awareness of headstand alignment, integration of the...

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Cleanse & Charge Your Chakras: Kundalini Pranayama Practice

Welcome to your chakra kundalini pranayama practice that cleanses and charges your seven energetic centers that lie within.    Let me forewarn, you’re in for a weird one today.   I learned this chakra pranayama (breathing practice) from a workshop I attended with Anodea Judith, and instantly knew I needed to know more about it. My curiosity led me to buying another book, crazy I know, and learning the intricacies of this energizing, clearing, and quite...

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Power Yoga Flow: Twist Towards Your Strength

Hi loves, there's no full-length blog post this week as we're mid-sailing and deciding how to outrun the hurricane that is currently upon us. The heart of today's yoga practice was sent via email and as always, is woven into the movements that we share together on the mat.   Thank you for choosing to be here, now unroll your mat, and twist towards your strength with me! ...

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Hatha Yoga Flow: Twist Towards Your Best Self

Welcome to your thirty minute gentle yoga flow that encourages you to twist towards your best self.   And now what the hell does that fluffy language mean? Well first, this is a gentle hatha yoga practice that covers all the bases, so in thirty minutes, you will not only have moved your body, but also come closer to who your BEST SELF is.   Let me explain this best self concept, and then we'll dive into the yoga practice,    Oh babe, where to even...

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