Taking a Break: When You feel like Quitting, Rest instead

Hi JJ Family.   After four years of creating, sharing, and teaching, it has come to my attention that this woman needs a break.   I am officially burnt out.   This blog post serves as my permission slip to retreat backwards, so in the coming months I can progress forward.   Why? Because right now, I feel LOST as ever 😮   I am stuck in a cycle of creation that no longer aligns with who I am as a person, who I am as a yoga teacher, and who I am as a...

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My Favorite Way to Meditate: Guided Mala Meditation Practice with a Powerful Statement

Welcome to your guided mala meditation to help anchor your energy and connect with your most important intentions.   This style of meditation - using a mala necklace and pairing it with a powerful statement - is how I regularly practice meditation. It’s the style that has stuck with me, my energy, and my psyche over the past years, serving as an internal refuge.  And today, I am here to share it with you.   Here’s what you can expect to learn, as you...

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Power Yoga Practice to Embody Your Best Self

Welcome to your power yoga practice to embody your best self through movement, breath, and intention.   Today’s yoga class experience is an invitation to come back to what matters, re-evaluate your actions, forgive yourself for what already happened, and then decide if you want to lean further into this best self work.   Already know you want dive in? Click here to join the free Body Mind Soul Rest challenge.   Now let me provide some context to what...

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Sacral Chakra Yoga Class: Reconnect to Your Emotional Wellbeing

Welcome to your sacral chakra yoga class that invites you to reconnect with your emotional wellbeing through specific sacral chakra movements and the permission to feel your feelings.   Now what does that mean?   Here's my interpretation and if it resonates, amazing, and if it doesn't, I still invite you to experience the sacral chakra yoga practice with me.   Within each of us lies an energy body, also known as the subtle body. It's the layer of our...

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Arm Balance Yoga Class: Build Strength for Crow Pose & Flying Pigeon Pose

Welcome to your yoga class to build strength for two arm balance postures that are both challenging and empowering, say hello to bakasana (crow pose) and eka pada galavasana (flying pigeon pose).   And also, welcome to your permission slip to fly high in your life off the yoga mat too.   Today’s yoga class was built upon four layers of inspiration.   First, the teachings of Jason Crandell, a yoga teacher who I look up to, practice with regularly, and...

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Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation: Honor Your Life Cycles and Create New Ways of Being

Welcome to your meditation practice to reshape your consciousness, break negative habits, and honor the life cycles that unfold in your being.    Today’s meditation was inspired by Elena Brower, a yoga teacher who I turn to for wisdom, inspiration, and guidance. I thank her for introducing me to this mediation experience.   And now, I have the honor of introducing you to this experience.   Welcome dear one and thank you for choosing to be here.    The...

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