Okay yogis, if you like to feel good in 20 minutes and free of charge, you’ve landed in the most perfect spot.

Welcome to your weekly yoga video & welcome to your

Feel Good Yoga Video.

Today’s class is straightforward with the obvious goal to feel good. But in addition to this, I also created this class for all of us, because life is busy and sometimes a kick your butt asana class is just not in the cards.

Can I get an amen?

…… amen, says the girl who yogas for a living. 

So what can you expect from this feel good flow?

1. Yoga Uniform – Comfy

I recommend your comfiest, yummiest yoga outfit for this one. We’re going for feel good, not feel sucked in by your cute ass yoga spandex.

2. My Favorite, Feel Good Poses 

Below are just a few of the poses we’ll experience. If you dig any of these, bookmark them for your personal practice or yoga teachings.

  • half happy baby
  • figure four
  • figure four supine twist
  • seated twists
  • neck + wrist stretches
  • seated forward fold
  • seated meditation

3.  Good for Anytime, Anywhere

I mention in the video that this can be done to start or end your day, but really, it can be done whenever or wherever your heart desires.

And with that said, unroll your yoga mat, get your comfy gear on, and let’s flow to Feel Good!

…….. and if you’re a Pinterest lover like me, help a girl out and repin that image below, okkurrrrrrr.

20 Minute Yoga Flow: Stretch Anytime & Anywhere - Pin now, FEEL GOOD now!

20 Minute Yoga Flow: Stretch Anytime & Anywhere – Pin now, FEEL GOOD now!



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