Here we go again tribe, another weekly yoga video is LIVE to help all of us bend + breathe, and of course – Live Our Journey.

Today’s yoga video is simple, so damn necessary, and especially helpful for yogis who like other forms of movement. Hello runners, cyclists, swimmers, rock climbers, and weight lifters.

This practice is FOR YOU.

Welcome to your moment to cool it down, after you work it out.

This flow is simple and straightforward with the goal to make you feel good. Period. That’s it.

I want you to feel good after your preferred movement practice, release the built up tension, soften into your beautiful efforts, and restore your body for the next moment of movement.

…..whatever that moment may be.

Below is a summary of what you can expect, in hopes that a cool down, after workout flow becomes part of  your routine.

  • spinal movement
  • surrender
  • neck stretches
  • integration
  • hamstring stretches
  • hip flexor stretch
  • general hip opening
  • gentle twisting
  • chest + shoulder opening
  • side body awakening/releasing
  • mindfulness
  • and surrender again

If you’re digging this summary, which what yogi in the land of yogis wouldn’t, please join me and step on your mat. Together, we’ll breathe deep, bend all the right ways, and work to cool the body, mind and soul down.

Let’s Get Started!

After Workout Yoga Flow: Perfect Stretch for Sore Muscles - Pin now, soother your muscles later I If you're someone who loves a good workout, think runners, cyclists, cross fit peeps, high interval training, yes that type of working out - then this is the yoga practice to counter all of that movement! Come join me for 30 minutes & together we'll breathe, bend and make the body feel good! After Workout Yoga Flow: Perfect Stretch for Sore Muscles – Pin now, soother your muscles later!



Choose a yoga program below to begin, strengthen, or dive deeper into your yoga practice.

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