Listen tribe, I was hesitant to post a bedtime video, because many of us love the fast-paced, stronger practice. Or maybe that’s just me who loves it…

But, sometimes what we don’t make time for, is precisely what we need. And that’s how I feel about today’s yoga flow.

So welcome to your

Bedtime Gentle Flow

A yoga class to help relax after a busy day, to release the many moments, ease tension from the body, with the goal to experience a restful night of sleep.

And I’ve said it before, but just for good measure, I’m always seeking the how behind a deep, restful sleep. See, here’s the deal in my bedtime world.

Husband easily slips into a slumber like state, while I lay awake, tossing here, turning there, readjusting my pillow, taking a third bathroom break for good measure, and at some point – relinquishing into a state of sleep.


In an effort to continue my seeking/slight obsession with sleep, this video was created.

It’s my hope that if you’re anything like me, that this yoga flow provides a space for relaxation, rest, and more of what we all need – sleep!

Now before we dive in, I want to point out one of my favorite postures from the sequence, jam about it’s benefits, and why I’ve fallen head over heels for the pose.

The pose being, makarasana or crocodile pose.

Why I LOVE this Pose:

  • rejuvenates + releases the lower back, where many of us hold tension
  • encourages deep relaxation
  • connects our body + soul, while relaxing the mind
  • accessible for yoga students at any level
Bedtime Yoga Video: Gentle Slow Practice to Relax and Rest - Pin now, find relaxation and rest now!

Bedtime Yoga Video: Gentle Slow Practice to Relax and Rest


Crocodile Pose How-To:

  • lie on the stomach
  • extend legs behind you, shoulder-width apart, with toes splaying out and heels rolling in
  • stack the hands or forearms atop one another and gently rest forehead here
  • choose to elevate your feet atop two blocks for a deeper release
  • begin to invite diaphragmatic breathing into the pose, taking full inhalations and exhalations from the belly center
  • continue to breathe, relax and release into the pose

When to do Crocodile Pose:

*a 10 minute hold is suggested to experience the posture’s full benefits

  • in the morning to ease anxiety, congestion or unsettling dreams
  • mid-day as a reset + reconnect moment
  • before bed to encourage the relaxation state
  • at the beginning of a yoga practice
  • between postures, specifically backbends

To read more about this powerful pose, check out this article here.

Okay tribe, there it is, my favorite yoga pose from this gentle bedtime yoga flow.

Now let’s unroll our mats, get settled in, and ready to flow into a dreamy bedtime sleep.

Bedtime Yoga Video: Gentle Slow Practice to Relax and Rest - Pin now, relax now, rest now, get to bed now!


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