Here we go tribe, another weekly yoga video is LIVE & ready for you to flow to.

Welcome to your quick + dirty video to build strength.

Core on the Floor

This class is just like it sounds. It involves equal parts laying on the floor plus work your core efforts. You will work hard. You will scrunch your face up. You will sweat. You will feel the burn. You will not like me. You will relax. You will gain strength. You will feel epic afterwards.

Because this video is a quick + dirty, here’s my recommendations:

  • layer it onto another movement practice, like running or biking
  • combine it with a shorter  yoga video
  • combine it with 5 – 20 sun salutations
  • do it on it’s own

This core practice is really a do as much as you want practice, because in reality, the core is our central support system and it needs to be strong.

I’m the first to admit, I have a weak core.

Even with the ability to do arm balances + inversions, I still experience lower back pain from the lack of core strength.

So with that being said, unroll your yoga mat, prepare to work hard for a hot minute, and start to strengthen your core!



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