Hello Gorgeous Yoga Souls.

Welcome to your weekly yoga video where I invite you step on the mat + breathe + bend + live your journey.

Today’s flow is all about linking breath with movement, specifically a ….

Vinyasa Flow.

For this flow, I want us to set the intention to cultivate and experience strength + inspiration while on the mat. And I imagine, your next thought is something like…. but how do I do that Allie?

Well, let me explain.

The foundation of a vinyasa flow practice is linking our breath with movement, period. It’s not about the fancy postures, the depth with which we can go, or how long we can hold a headstand. Instead, it’s about strengthening our connection between breath + movement to experience a “moving meditation”.

Now, let me be frank, the moving meditation happens in bite size pieces.

Our minds like to wander, the transitions can become tricky, or we simply need a water/child’s pose break. This is normal. This is expected. This is more than welcome.

But when we are in the zone and the flow is effortlessly happening, this is where I want us to sink further into physical + mental strength and allow the beauty of inspiration to enter into our journey. Let me paint the picture.

You’re in Warrior II. 

You’ve been holding the pose for what seems like forever. Your legs are shaking. Your arms are beginning to sag. Your mind is wandering. And you want to just let that shit go.

Well, instead of literally letting that shit go and coming out of the posture, I invite you to figuratively let go of your limiting beliefs, release the mind chatter, and stay put. And when you stay put, this is where the strength + inspiration can begin to enter in.

Again, imagine you’re in Warrior II.

You’re around the one minute mark and instead of fighting the pose, you become the pose. Your fingers lengthen further forward and backward, your chest becomes broader, your legs firmer, and your mind softer. And then whooooosh, like a big  gust of wind, an epic idea/thought comes into focus or the answer to a long-standing challenge becomes clear or the confidence to have an uncomfortable conversation surfaces or the compassion to apologize to someone becomes an obvious action.

Are you feeling me here?

Are you seeing how your yoga practice on the mat can quickly + easily be translated to your practice off the mat?

I think you are, I can feel it through this bright ass screen!

To wrap this up and get to flowing, I leave you with this concept.

When we switch our mindset from doing yoga to lose weight, get more flexible or nail a pose, and apply it to facing our fears and living our best journey, the experience becomes the EPIC moving meditation it can (and should) be.

Now, let’s do just that yogis.

Let’s get…..




and Live Our Journey.



Creative Vinyasa Flow Video to Feel Empowered - Pin now, start flowing now!

Creative Vinyasa Flow Video to Feel Empowered – Pin now, start flowing now!



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