Hello Journey Tribe & welcome to your weekly yoga video.


The goal for today’s practice is quite simple & one that we can all benefit from. I deem this practice the…


Fiery Vinyasa Yoga Flow.


I created this flow with a few ideas in mind:


  • quickly heat the body
  • strengthen all parts of our being – body, mind and soul
  • cultivate motivation through releasing stuckness
  • circulate our life force creating inspiration


And personally, I think we can achieve all of this OR start the conversation to begin the process of achieving all of it.


Before we start flowing like fire, I want to touch on each of these ideas and why they’re so important to me + why they’re important to living our journey.


1. Heat the Body


While restorative + yin like practices serve many benefits, there’s nothing like warming the entire body, feeling the sweat drip from every crevice, and knowing that change is being created within that very moment.


Am I right?


A heated practice serves two purposes. The first being to warm and lubricate the body, thus providing a safer, more supported state to move into postures. But the second purpose isn’t as obvious or well-known.


….. or at least, my second purpose for warming the body.


The second reason is Tapas, the third Niyama (self-observances/disciplines), which are part of the eight limbs of yoga. And no, tapas is not related to a small, tasty meal – good guess though.


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In the yogic world, tapas is defined as – austerity + discipline


It’s the idea that our impurities are burned away through a consistent yoga practice, through leaning into the discomfort, through knowing when to deepen versus soften, through understanding that advanced asana takes time & not becoming discouraged, through practicing poses we shy away from, and through burning away at negative thought patterns.


As you can see, this Niyama is incredibly important & easily relatable to each of our personal journey’s – right?


To bring it full circle – by heating our body, disciplining our movements, and committing to our mat, we begin to burn away our impurities and tap into the authentic version of who we are and can be!


2. Strengthen Our Being


I won’t keep rambling on here….. but, this flow will strengthen us from the exterior to the interior and back out again. It’s not overly fancy or advanced, but instead – foundational postures that when done correctly – can and will strengthen our entire being.


Plus, I’m always game for a good butt kicking!


3. Cultivate Motivation


One of my favorite takeaways from yoga is motivation.


I never leave a yoga class feeling deflated or disconnected. Like ever.  Instead, I show up on my mat with all of the day’s events, worries, insecurities, icky emotions, and uncomfortable tightness.


And after an hour of intentional movement, all of that is washed away, and my truest self comes forth.


I leave my mat with an undeniable sense of motivation to do the right thing, to be the best version of me, and to help others do the exact same thing! And while it can (and does wear off), it simply means we need to step back on our mats again and again and again.


4. Create Inspiration


And lastly – this flow + our yoga practice can and will create inspiration.


The more present we become on our mats, the more space we can create, and the more open we become, the easier it is for inspiration to unfold. It’s a magical scenario that I’ve witnessed + experienced over and over again.


Use this practice to tap into this magic.


Breathe so damn deep. Stay present with yourself. Allow your creativity to run wild and free.


And then, harness all of that beauty into the inspiration needed to Live Your Journey!


And with that said, I invite you to unroll your yoga mat, jam to some inspiring tunes, and let’s get started.


Let’s Do the Fiery Flow.


Fiery Power Yoga Flow for Strength, Motivation and Inspiration - Pin now, flow now!

Fiery Power Yoga Flow for Strength, Motivation and Inspiration – Pin now, flow now!



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