Welcome to a yoga video that couldn’t have come at a better time…..

Full Body Yoga Stretch

……aka absolute heaven on a yoga mat. 

We just wrapped the Yoga Body Bootcamp Challenge (sign up right hurrrrr) and to celebrate, we deserve a big, yummy, so damn good stretch sesh. Don’t you agree?

Yup, I knew you would.

This yoga stretch is simple and to the point. No crazy transitions. No booty burn. No tummy tone. No sweat. No heavy breathing. No gritting of the teeth. No burning muscles.

Just a Stretch.

And take a big sigghhhhh, because that’s how you’ll feel after this.

Before we begin – I recommend making this practice all about you. Set aside time to do it distraction free. Grab all your favorite props. Light a few candles. Wear your comfiest yoga gear. And remove all distractions.

I’ll meet you on your mat, ready to stretch, and ready to live the journey.

If needing props, below are my favorites.

  • Bolster – if not wanting to use a pillow.
  • A blanket – for that extra cushion.
  • Blocks – for extra support, always.

And if needing to create the  yoga ambiance, check out my faves below:

(pin image here)

Yogis – do you dig this type of yoga class?

If so, I recommend doing this type of practice, or a similar one, at least once a week to balance out the intense, work the body type movements we do. It can be a shorter or longer practice,  but pleas remember to do it.

Let’s Talk – Do you usually practice slower, more soft practices? If so, how often and are they at home or in a studio? If not, can you schedule time with yourself to stretch and decompress? Did you like this type of practice?

As always – your questions, comments, suggestions and general stretchy yoga love is welcome down below.

Until next time, xoxo.


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