Welcome to a yoga video for flexibility and the awakening of our favorite body part…..

The Hamstrings.

Yup, I knew everyone would be thrilled.

I think we can all agree that over time, our hamstrings become quite the stick in the mud. They no longer like to play, stretch or bend in all the fun ways of years past. But can we really blame them?

We do a hella lot of sitting the older we become – sitting at work, sitting while driving, sitting on the couch, sitting to eat, and then laying down to sleep.

It’s a recipe for the thickest, stickiest mud ever & our hamstrings are the poor body part that’s stuck between life and it’s daily effects. And to make matters worse, our hamstrings are responsible for being both bendy + strong and executing hip + knee movement.

It’s quite the busy bee.

So here’s what happens as the years pass & sitting becomes more prevalent…. and the answer to why we’re doing this video today.

The longer we sit, the weaker our hamstrings and glutes become and the tighter our hamstrings and hip flexors are (obviously, we’re squashing them). But if you’re someone like me who likes to stay active, then we continue on our normal movement routines, not accounting for the weaknesses.

This lack of connection can result (and has for me) in super sensitive, sometimes painful knee aches, an extremely tight hip flexor situation, an achy lower back from overstretching the hammies, and a case of sciatica/piriformis aches to top it all off.

Doesn’t that sound dreamy……

Now, don’t be freaked out, the above scenario isn’t your scenario, it was mine. I only tell this story to bring awareness to the community & a better understanding for why I choose to do the videos that I do.

With this being said, I invite you to further explore this idea of hamstring flexibility  through today’s practice, daily preventative moments, reading up on it, asking your local yoga teacher, chatting with a chiropractor about it, and also adding more yin + restorative practices to encourage safe, deeper stretching.

Below are a few of my favorite resources to stay educated about body health:

And now, let’s dive in yogis.

Unroll your yoga mat, get ready to breathe deep, and let’s do the damn thing.

Let’s stretch + awaken our hamstrings!


Hamstring Yoga Flow for Flexibility - 30 Minute Video - Pin now, stretch your hamstrings now!

Hamstring Yoga Flow for Flexibility – 30 Minute Video – Pin now, stretch your hamstrings now!



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