Headstand Yoga Flow Video to Increase Confidence + Strength

Ready to get upside down and all turned around?

Okay, that was weird…. Let’s start over.

Ready to increase your strength + confidence and possibly get upside down? There we go.

Whether you have a solid headstand practice or a nonexistent one, I present your weekly yoga video

The Headstand Flow.

This is a full-length practice to work towards headstand, key words being – work towards. We spend a lot of time strengthening our core + upper body, flowing through complimentary sequences and finally – we come to the pivotal pose.


I walk us through the prep posture that many of us can experience and if you’re ready to continue on the journey, we then make our way upside down.

Now, let’s stop the chatting and start flowing – yeah?

Unroll your yoga mat. Invite confidence + strength to the party. And let’s do this!

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Headstand Yoga Flow Video to Increase Confidence + Strength - Pin now, get upside down now!

Headstand Yoga Flow Video to Increase Confidence + Strength – Pin now, get upside down now!

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  1. June says:

    Loving your videos! My journey has just commenced. Your pointers are extremely helpful in learning to understand how to ground and position yourself without the aid of a mirror – fabulous. I completed your day 1 yoga challenge this evening. Never realized there was so much happening in table pose – wow. Thank you so much. I will be returning regularly and enjoying the journey.

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