Oh the holidays, one of the best times of the year and yet, one of the busiest, jam packed, full of organization, and running around like a chicken times of the year.

And while (in my opinion) half the excitement comes from the hustle and bustle, it can be all to easy to get lost in it, leading to the holidays passing by and you thinking …. Where did they go? I don’t remember that special moment with my parents or children? What did we even eat?

Let’s not do that this year, okay.

Instead, let’s commit to being present, returning to a relaxed state, and enjoying our family and friends, wholeheartedly, not just in passing. You with me?

Good. Now let’s talk about today’s yoga class which will help you do just that.

This is a restorative yoga practice for stress and anxiety. My goal for you is to bring down your heart rate, loosen up your heart space, declutter your mind, release the stress and anxiety, and welcome a state of presence and relaxation.

Here’s what you can expect:

If you’re new to restorative yoga, I highly recommend investing in a few props to experience the practice fully, plus creating an environment that helps foster relaxation.

For the environment, think things like comfortable clothing, an area with little to no distractions, soft music playing in the background, a candle lit by your side, or an oil diffuser gently perfuming you.

Once you’ve created the ambiance, do your best to soften into this practice. Give yourself permission to take this time for yourself. Invite your mind into your body, giving your mind a quick break from the constant to-dos. And lastly, breathe with me.

Keep your breath steady, yet soft which will help keep your mind in the body.

And now step on your yoga mat, commit to releasing the stress and anxiety of the holidays, and surrender so that you can be present with your family and friends.

I’ll meet you there, xoxo.

p.s. – Since it is the holidays, why not invite someone special to practice with you? Or send them this video to help them relax too.


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