Alright tribe, it’s about time I created this yoga flow, like seriously – it needed to happen after the many requests, comments and conversations. So here it is.

Welcome to your yoga video to stretch + strengthen

Your Wrists.

Many yogis, especially newer  yogis, experience moments of wrist discomfort, pain, tenderness and/or frustration . It’s common and expected, but it’s also a pain in the ass.

…… like hello, we’re trying to plank all damn day, work with me wrists.

So real talk. Why does wrist pain happen. How can we experience it less. And what practices can we cultivate to strengthen + stretch these spaces.

Let’s start with why it happens.

Generally speaking, wrist pain can manifest from any of  the below experiences (and many more):

  • Lack of upper arm + shoulder strength
  • Sinking into the joints/ground
  • Misalignment in a posture
  • Repetitive movements
  • Overuse of the wrists
  • Imbalance of strength/flexibility with the wrist extensor and flexor (because that’s life)

Okay, why it happens is no longer a mystery.

But how can we experience it less + what practices can we cultivate to help strengthen + stretch?

Well, that’s the goal of this yoga video.

I share a plethora of wrist exercises, built into a yoga sequence, that can be used in it’s entirety or broken down into singular exercises. I recommend doing the entire flow, while simultaneously taking note of what you really LOVE or what’s really HARD.

Come back to these love/hate moments, single them out, and begin to cultivate a practice of doing them regularly. Start to layer them into your movement warm-ups, movement cool downs, in the middle of your yoga practice, or doing them independently just because.

And let’s be honest, we adore our yoga practice, it breathes life into our being, but when our wrists aren’t down, how can we get down? We can’t. So yogi friends, if you’re someone who experiences wrist pain/discomfort….

This is where your work lies.

This is where you need to dive deeper.

This is where your focus should go.

This is your opportunity to change the story.

Now unroll your yoga mat, take a deep breath, and let’s start to stretch + strengthen our wrists together.

One stretch. One breath. One movement.

Here we go!

Stretch + Strengthen Your Wrists: Yoga Flow for Every Yogi - Pin now, work your wrists out now! Stretch + Strengthen Your Wrists: Yoga Flow for Every Yogi – Pin now, work your wrists out now!



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