This week’s yoga class is a real treat. It was filmed as the sun was setting over the Caribbean sea and it’s intentions are exactly what this world needs.


Welcome to your evening hatha yoga class (that’s a mouthful) that encourages you to stop, take time for you, and transition into your evening with a sense of renewal.


Now, let’s get real for a minute.


The overwhelming reality for many of us, including myself, is that we do all the things every damn day. We wear hat after hat – like wife, mother, homemaker, student , entrepreneur – and often times, we forget to put on the most important we have.


The hat where you get to be JUST YOU.


….. where the hell is that, anyway?


Today’s hatha yoga class is an invitation to find your YOU hat.


You see, I vividly remember my evening yoga class, the 6 PM one that was jam packed with people just like me….. people searching for their me hats.


This class was my everything.


It helped me pause the nonstop tape player of do this, you didn’t do that, you have chores to do, dinner is going to take forever, you have personal emails piling up, friends to connect with, and oh yeah – you forgot to pay the water bill – don’t forget that either.


That 6 PM yoga class is essentially what kept me sane.


And so I know – with absolute conviction – that you need this same class too.


You need that same moment of reprieve, that invitation to hit the STOP button on your tape player, and just breathe.


I mean it, just breathe.


So today, when you step on your mat, I ask you to leave your other hats at the door. Hang them up. Tell them you’ll be back.


Let out a big sighhhhh, the day is over.


It’s time to pick up your hat.


The hat that needs your attention, your love, your dedication, your curiosity, your vulnerability, and your bravery.


As you move through the yoga postures, keep coming back to your hat. Stay connected to the most important person in that moment (oh hey, that’s you babe).


And remind yourself over and over again: I am here, I care, and I promise to come back.


Okay, and exhaleeee with me, I think we’re ready to begin.


Unroll your mat love, thank yourself for showing up, be grateful for today, and let’s journey through this beautiful, sunset hatah yoga class together.


I’ll meet you there, xoxo.


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