What’s up my fearless tribe of movement makers & dream creators!

Welcome to Day 4 of the Yoga Body Bootcamp Challenge & welcome to the…

Tummy Toner Flow.

If you’re totally unsure of what’s going on, have zero idea about what this challenge thing is, and feel like running away from this post – stop and click below.

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Okkkurrrrr, back to our scheduled programming.

We’re on day four of the challenge – How are you feeling? How is your body reacting? How is your mind working? How is your soul connecting?

Personally – I feel connected, inspired, fueled and ready to take on the world (aka my life). I hope your answers fall into this same spectrum, but if they don’t, that’s okay too.

I promise that after this flow – you will definitely feel connected and fueled. And aside from the emotional, inspirational side of toning the tummy, below are a handful of physical reasons to focus on the core:

  • Supports the weight of the entire body
  • Aids in keeping the entire back, especially the lumbar spine healthy and pain free.
  • Helps initiate all of our major movements
  • Keeps us balanced
  • Protects our internal organs

With that said….

Please unroll your mat. Put on your I can do this face. And let’s start to tone the tummy.

Join the Yoga Body Bootcamp Challenge today! A 7 day journey to reset + reconnect, seven full-length yoga videos, seven days of inspiration, seven days to kick start your journey!

Join the Yoga Body Bootcamp Challenge today! Click here to sign up!

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If you’re a yoga teacher who loves this type of practice, I highly encourage you to explore the below training program.

YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP program, devised from Creator, Deborah Williamson’s 30 years in both yoga and fitness, and uses the art and science of yoga to educate students on harnessing the power of the parasympathetic nervous system to allow the following:

  • working with intensity vs. effort
  • calming of the nervous system
  • speedier recovery in the body (during the class, and in the days following)
  • lessening of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline

As a result, students not only experience an amazing mind-body release, but also achieve amazing physical results in a very short time.



Choose a yoga program below to begin, strengthen, or dive deeper into your yoga practice.

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