Yogi Tribe, welcome to one of my favorite yoga classes to teach + practice.

Core Restore

I used to teach this yoga class in a studio space and at first, I couldn’t deal. My fiery fast-paced vinyasa self found it quite boring, I of course spoke too much while people were trying to tune out, and I found the sequences to be stale + stagnant.

But like all good things in life…..

It simply takes time to warm up, find the silver lining, and surrender into the magic of what the moment truly is.


I became enamored with not only core restore yoga classes, but the beauty and pure surrender of restorative yoga. This class + my past injury + a general need to switch gears is part of what’s shaped me into the yogi I am today.

So to the studio owner who gave me a chance when I had zero experience  (Wendy + Joana @ Nava Yoga), the teacher who gave me tips + sequences, the online community that came before me & shared their knowledge, and the students that accepted my inexperience + held space for me to grow – thank you, thank you, thank you.

This lesson of  dipping our toes into the unknown, trying something new, and sticking with it is one that we can all learn + practice, right?

Real Talk.

It applies to everything we jam about here at The Journey Junkie – leaning into the discomfort, releasing fears, committing to courage, practicing compassion, inviting in love and living the journey.

And with all of that said, let’s do some yoga already!

For today’s class, I recommend all the props.

  • Blocks
  • Bolster
  • Blanket

And a you can do this attitude – both to work your core + to mega restore.

Now step on your mat, remove the distractions, and let’s flow yo!


Work Your Core + Restore Your Body Yoga Video - Pin now, get your yoga on now! Work Your Core + Restore Your Body Yoga Video – Pin now, get your yoga on now!



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