Yoga Wheel Flow: Total Body Workout

The yoga video you’ve been asking for has officially arrived – tribe! And I have to be honest here, this video wasn’t easy to create. Picture lots of falling. Lots of rolling. Lots of huffing + puffing. Maybe a few bruises. Confusion for sure. Stalking Instagram yogis for inspiration. Searching on Pinterest.

I created a list of wheel poses. I created a flow. It didn’t work. I tried again. It kinda sorta worked.

And then that moment of aha came – I created a yoga wheel flow! Hell yes!

If that didn’t give it away, let me spell it out for ya. Welcome to your total body, yes we’re going to work + stretch the entire body,

Yoga Wheel Workout Flow.

Brought to you by yours truly + Kurma Yoga (where my yoga wheel is proudly from).

For those of you who already own a yoga wheel, get on with it, hit the play the button, throw on some yoga like jams, and start flowing it out with your yoga wheel.

But if you don’t own this EPIC yoga prop, then stick with me, hear me out.

The yoga wheel is a fairly new prop in the yoga world, like under five years new, but it’s quickly become a favorite among yogis for it’s many uses + benefits. If you do a quick hashtag search for #yogawheel, you’ll quickly understand why it’s a favorite and have one of two thoughts.

First thought.

These yogis are cray.

I am never bending my body into that shape, atop that circular looking device. Count me out.

Or the second thought.

Huh. That yoga wheel is intriguing. I’m kinda digging it. I like what I’m seeing. But. How in the hell would I use it + integrate it into my yoga practice?

And that second thought is why we are here.

After many of our tribe members reached out and requested a yoga wheel video, I finally gave in. I did the work. Researched the postures. Went through the entire experience above. And created a flow that I believe is helpful for yogis of all experience levels, ages, and shapes.

This is truly a yoga wheel practice for EVERYONE, not just the super bendy, fancy, take epic pictures for social media yogis. Instead, it’s a practice for you, for me, for the beginner, for the advanced and for the every yogi in-between.

It’s a practice that aims to achieve the below:

  • Familiarize yourself with the yoga wheel, kinda like a first date
  • Provide inspiration for your personal yoga practice
  • Encourage you to try something new, hello living your journey
  • Instill confidence
  • Build strength, while providing support
  • Create length, while providing support
  • Have a shitload of fun, obviously

If you DIG all of the above, come join me + our tribe on the mat to flow it out, work it out, and wheel it out!

…… and if you are sans wheel, click the pretty picture below, and gift yourself a yoga wheel to get started today. 

Let’s Talk – Was this yoga wheel workout flow helpful? Did you find it challenging? Did you find it inspiring? Will you use your yoga wheel more now that you’ve moved + grooved with it?

As always, drop the your comments, suggestions, questions and general yoga love down below.

Until next time, xoxo.

Yoga Wheel Flow: Total Body Workout - Pin now, treat yourself to a wheel now, and learn how to use your wheel alongside me for a total body workout!
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Allie - The Journey Junkie

Allie is the creator + soul behind The Journey Junkie Community. She is a sucker for all things life – movement, sunshine, creativity, and connection. Allie’s deepest desire is for you to embrace the idea of intention setting, false belief breaking, and dream making! Through sharing her journey – wholeheartedly & unapologetically – she hopes to inspire & shape your journey!

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8 Discussion to this post

  1. Thea says:

    Hi Allie,
    I saw this previously and bookmarked the video but it seems to have disappeared??? I can’t find it on Youtube or anywhere else. Loving the flows and new Zen Den space. xxx

    • Steph says:

      Same here! I was just looking for it, but it disappeared 🙁

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Hi Thea, apologies, I accidentally deleted it! But the video is back up now, thanks so much for flowing along with me and getting on the mat!

  2. Maryjane says:

    Allie, I am a daily user of your videos and I must say this flow had me dripping sweat and feeling glorious after. I actually reporposed a piece of pipe I found on my local beach and covered it with a blanket and some duct tape – boom! Yoga wheel. I was quite pleased with myself which made this practice particularly rewarding. Thank you for all you do, my husband and I are huge fans.

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      I LOVE this wheel story, thank you for leaving it here, and for going the extra mile to participate in the class LOL! And about the sweat, yehhhh, it was quite the doozy of a yoga practice, but in a good way! Thanks for stopping by, for flowing with me, and tell your hubby hi!

  3. Vivianne says:

    AWESOME FLOW! I loved the support in crescent, that wasn’t something I had seen before! And it felt so nice to have some pressure on my shin in pyramid, I think that would be great for someone healing shin splints. The only thing is that I think you should do a bit more warm-up for the back, even just some cat-cow before getting started 🙂

  4. I need to order one of these tools as soon as possible. Looks amazing at opening up the body in such a unique way. Beautiful flow!

    • The Journey Junkie says:

      Thanks Juliette, it’s definitely a unique + awesome yoga tool! Go get yourself one babe!

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