Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate and personal home yoga teacher.

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Welcome to the Journey



Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate
and personal home yoga teacher.


Click below to join the family and unlock
my free morning yoga class pack –
a week of short yoga videos to start
your day with purpose. 




So you want to start a blog, but have no clue where to start.


And let me guess, you have a thousand ideas running through that beautiful brain of yours, yet no clear direction on how to communicate them.


Well, welcome to the club.


How to Brainstorm a Blog - Pin now, read later!

Pin now, brainstorm later!


I vividly remember my first brainstorming sessions when this blog came to be…it involved a lot of paper, doodles, bullet points, arrows, and highlights. And sadly, even with all of that brainstorming, the blog and me were still confused.


Confusion is completely normal when you start blogging. I mean let’s be brutally honest (like I’m ever not), people who want to blog have a message they want to convey, a greater purpose for sharing their knowledge, and are craving a creative outlet. This emotional/physical desire to share can often spin out of control and into complete chaos.


Luckily, The Journey Junkie never entered chaos mode but it did veer off track for a moment or two in the beginning. But with the help of fellow bloggers and posts like this one, I quickly learned the importance of having a clear direction and vision.


And if you want to be a blogger babe, then you must learn this too.


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Whether  you’ve actually started a blog or not, it’s critical to define the focus of your blog.


The biggest mistake a blogger can make is trying to tackle too many topics. And I totally get it friends, we have a lot of passions and want to share those passions with the world, but please for the love of information overload – don’t.


People want specific information that’s targeted to a specific topic and a specific person to deliver that information.


For example, I know and trust certain blogs based on the interests/topics that I seek out.


Some of these include:



If you visit any of these sites, you’ll quickly notice their different categories and what they specifically focus on. And if you take a moment to look at The Journey Junkie menu, you’ll also notice the 3 top categories that I focus on.


So here’s the deal, I want you to take out a pencil, a piece of paper, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and start brainstorming. The first and most important thing to decide is – what sets your soul on fire? What do you love to do that can be translated into an online destination? What is the one thing that you’ll always enjoy and want to continue spreading to others?


This one thing is your MAIN TOPIC.


It’s your passion.


From here, I want you to brainstorm three sub-topics that fall under the main topic/passion. The three sub-topics should be broad and allow for plenty of topics to fall underneath them. For example, The Journey Junkie’s main topic is to inspire people and this inspiration theme is carried through three sub-topics: yoga, travel, and life musings.


I communicate these three specific topics through the menu bar, through the sub-categories underneath each topic, and through my site design. And if that’s not your perception, then please comment or e-mail me so I can work on that!


So with all of that said –  below is a blog brainstorm worksheet to help you better understand your passions and the direction of your current/future blog. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or an absolute rookie, this is a helpful tool so please use it!


To access the worksheet, simply click on the image or the link above and it will redirect to a PDF document.


How to Brainstorm a Blog - Pin now, read later!

Pin now, brainstorm later!


I TRULY hope this tutorial helped bring clarity and focus to your future or current blog.


Please use this worksheet plus any additionl tools to help further grow your online passion into an online destination. And I can’t emphasize this enough – enjoy the process of creating a blog, enjoy the mistakes, enjoy the successes, and be present for the journey.


Let’s talk – How did you brainstorm when creating a blog? What are your biggest challenges when it comes to blog creation and manifestation? What else can I offer you to help make the process easier?


As always – comments, questions, suggestions, and general blog love, please leave it down below.


Until next time – xoxo.



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