Śauca Power Hatha Yoga Class to Purify & Detoxify

Śauca Power Hatha Yoga Class to Purify & Detoxify

Ever have the urge to purge? To clean house? To detoxify from the wear and tear of daily life? To hit the reset button and start again?


If your answer is YES, then you’ve arrived at a life-changing conversation and yoga invitation.


Welcome to a power hatha yoga class that purifies and detoxifies your body, mind, and soul.


In the past, I’ve created similar themed yoga classes, but this one’s different because it’s bolstered by an ancient yoga teaching that’s part of a step-by-step framework for transformational living.


That teaching is the niyamas and that framework is the eight limbs of yoga.


If you’re a dedicated JJ member, then you know last month’s yoga class focused on the yamas, which are the first limb within the eight limbs of yoga. There are five yamas in total and they are thought of as attitudes or behaviors we practice towards others and ourselves.


If you missed the yama yoga class, I suggest staring there, then returning here.


This month, we’re traveling to the second limb and bringing our awareness to the niyamas, specifically the first niyama – śauca.


Psst: Wanna experience all five niyamas? Come join me inside my online studio where this month we’re learning, embodying, and applying the niyamas on and off the yoga mat through our asana practice, mudras (hand gestures), breathing techniques, worksheets, and community.


Click here to join the studio.


Like the yamas, there are five niyamas in total, and they’re also referred to as restraints, disciplines, observances, attitudes or behaviors. The one significant caveat is that the niyamas are personal, meaning they’re exclusively concerned with our attitudes and behaviors towards our individual selves.


The focus turns inward to reveal our most potent, powerful nature.


Below offers a brief glimpse into what the niyamas are and how you can work with them:



*this is the focus of today’s power hatha yoga class


  • The first niyama
  • Defined as cleanliness or purification
  • Receives two yoga sūtras to convey it’s intention and importance
  • Focuses on internal and external cleanliness, but solely concerned with creating a tranquil state of mind


Śauca asks us to examine our relationship to cleanliness from every angle so we can feel purified on every level – body, mind, and soul. It asks us to adopt physical practices like a clean diet, lifestyle, and environment, and clean psycho-emotional practices like pure thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.


And as many of us have experienced, purification does indeed happen like a domino effect. Once we wholeheartedly embrace one behavior, the next comes easier, more naturally, with a bit more grace and ease. We meet purification with less resistance and more reverence and acceptance.


My personal śauca is inextricably linked to my dietary choices. When I choose pure ingredients with energetic and nourishing qualities, everything else I want to create and commit to happens with less force, less effort, and less negative self-talk. The moment I indulge too much or for too long, it becomes painstakingly clear that śauca is no longer part of the conversation.



Which then leads to a dissipation of energy in every area like my morning devotion (pranayama + meditation), daily choices, screen time behavior, my marriage, my personal development efforts, and especially – my creativity and intuition as a yoga teacher and community leader.


It’s all linked. Everything we do and think connects to one another.


So where do we begin? How do we start cleaning up? How do embrace purification to reveal our most potent nature?


We start on the yoga mat with our asana practice and breath. We put our faith into this ancient system and let it shape our existence. We allow the trickle down effect to happen. We let our actions on the mat inform our actions off the mat. We make a new choice. We choose a new behavior. We act as though śauca matters. We act as though we matter.


Which brings me to this week’s new yoga class, a power hatha practice to purify your body, mind, and soul (how appropriate, I know). This practice is breath centric, filled with strength, and centered around twists. It will ask you to work hard, focus your mind, and twist towards what’s most pure for you.


It’s truly a body-mind-soul sequence, please don’t miss it.


For the remaining niyamas, I won’t be providing an in-depth explanation, as these teachings are reserved for studio members. If after finishing this conversation and doing the new yoga practice, you feel curious about how this ancient framework can support your wellbeing, then don’t hesitate – come join us in the studio to experience the niyamas in their entirety!


Click here to learn about the studio.


And now, let’s continue the niyama conversation, shall we?




  • The second niyama
  • Defined as contentment, an attitude acceptance, a belief that you did your best, that you are enough no matter what
  • Reminds us to stop placing our happiness in expectations or attempting to control an outcome
  • Provides confidence in the face of adversity
  • Can be easily accessed through a gratitude practice
  • Greatest lesson: YOU ARE ENOUGH




  • The third niyama
  • Defined as heat, fire, zeal, austerity, transformation, spiritual discipline
  • Known for it’s ability to burn away physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impurities
  • Most commonly accessed through a dedicated asana practice
  • Can also be accessed through any dedicated spiritual discipline of your choosing




  • The fourth niyama
  • Defined as self-study, self-reflection, getting close to yourself, self-inquiry, the studying of ancient texts
  • Can be accessed through reading/studying personal development, yoga, spiritual texts
  • Can also be accessed through slowing down, stillness, and silence
  • Transformative lesson in learning to belong to yourself




  • The fifth and final niyama
  • Defined as to surrender to a higher power, to lay your actions at the feet of God, to do your best and leave the rest.
  • This niyama can be paired with any yama or niyama (attitude or behavior) to create a powerful life reminder
  • Can be accessed through prayer, devotion, intention setting, asana + pranayama practices, stepping into and/or communing with the sacred, rituals, etc.
  • Can deeply support life’s major and minor trauma tears if experienced through the lens of faith



These are the five niyamas, the second limb within the eight limbs of yoga, and guess what – they are ours to learn, embody, and practice, handed down to us from thousands upon thousands of years, as guiding principles to free us from the enslavement of fear based living, and instead – experience freedom.


It’s my hope that whether you join the studio or not, you’re able to find a sense a familiarity within these teachings and develop a strong self-awareness, so when life throws its hurdles, you can scan through the ten guiding principles (the yamas and niyamas) and ask yourself – which one do I need in this moment? How can I think or act in a way that moves me further and further from fear, and closer and closer to freedom?


Because I’m quite positive that at any given moment, we each need varying doses of loving kindness, truthfulness, non-stealing, moderation, non-grasping, cleanliness, contentment, discipline, self-reflection, and surrender to a higher power.


Finally, for those who are geeking out on the niyamas and the greater eight limbs of yoga system, below is what’s included in this month’s studio membership:


  • Śauca Power Hatha Class to Purify Your Being
  • Santosa + Īśvarapranidhānā Yin Yang Class
  • Tapas Transformative Vinyasa Class
  • Svadhyāyā Restorative Yin Class
  • Niyama Yoga Workbook with in-depth explanations and worksheets
  • Niyama Podcast Conversation between myself and Andrea Dawn
  • Niyama Studio Giveaway!
  • Themed Yoga Class Calendar
  • Weekly Niyama Love Letters (aka emails)
  • Access to last month’s yama yoga materials
  • Access to all previous studio materials
  • Private Studio FB Group! 


Woo. That’s a lot of yoga for only $29.


Click here to gain access to the studio.


Alright JJ community.


I believe we are fully prepared for this month’s new yoga class, so please unroll your mat, and come join me for a śauca power hatha yoga class.


I’ll meet ya there.


Allie, xx


Ahimsā + Satya Vinyasa Yoga Class: Do No Harm, Take No Shit Power Yoga Practice

Ahimsā + Satya Vinyasa Yoga Class: Do No Harm, Take No Shit Power Yoga Practice

Welcome to the yoga commandments and welcome to your new yama vinyasa yoga class to strengthen and stretch your upper body, which is really code for strengthening and stretching your loving kindness and truth muscles.


Psst: Wanna explore all five yamas? Come join me inside the Body Mind Soul Studio where the next three months are dedicated to the eight limbs of yoga, with the first month focusing solely on the yamas.


Click here to learn more and become a studio member.


Today we’re bringing our attention to the first limb within the eight limbs of yoga – the yamas.


But before we unpack what the yamas are and why they matter to your yoga and life practice, we first need to understand what the eight limbs of yoga are.


Yoga dates back thousands upon thousands of years and it’s original, most notable mention is in the Vedas – the oldest record of Indian culture. Back then, yoga was not taught how it is today. It was passed directly from teacher to student. There was no formal instruction to be read in a book or followed in a group setting. Students would discover a teacher, move in with them for several years, learn the yoga methodology, and when ready – the student was granted permission to pass the yoga teachings to others.


So what changed this mysterious, very private, exclusive yoga teaching paradigm.


Enter: Patañjali and the Yoga Sūtras.


Somewhere around 500 and 200 B.C., Patañjali (a great Indian sage) gathered the yoga teachings happening behind closed doors and systemized them into one collective text called the Yoga Sūtras. The sutras are a collection of 196 succinct lessons that do two things.


First, they outline our human nature, human potential, and how this potential can be realized.


Second, they outline the entire science of Yoga – it’s aim, the practices, the obstacles that we will meet along the way, how to remove these obstacles, and the results we will attain from doing these practices.


It can be likened to a step-by-step guide for transformational living and the heart of the text is the eight limbs of yoga (also called Ashtanga yoga, not to be confused with the style created by Pattahbi Jois). The eight limbs begin with ethical principles (yamas and niyamas), flow to action (asana and pranayama), transition to the mental (pratyahara and dharana), and end with liberation or unity (dhyana and samadhi).


It’s important to note…..


The limbs are not a linear system, but rather a circular experience. We can begin anywhere within the eight limbs of yoga, which is evident by the millions of people (including me) who begin at the third limb (asana), but if we are curious about how yoga can transform our lives, then it’s not recommended we stay here.


This recommendation is the reason behind today’s new yama yoga class and the next three months inside the Body Mind Soul Studio.


Shall we begin discovering them?


The first limb we encounter is the yamas.


The yamas are defined as ethical observances, disciplines, restraints, attitudes, or behaviors that we cultivate towards things and people outside of ourselves and that which happens within us. They are daily attitudes we want to embrace, both on and off the mat, to create a life we love.


There are five total and below offers a glimpse into what they are and how they can be applied.




The first yama is ahimsā, which means to do no harm, to be non-violent, to act with loving kindness. This ethical guideline is woven into every religion, every nation, and our innate human nature. We are designed to choose the non-violent option, to do what’s right, to have an attitude of friendliness.


This is one of the yamas we will learn and embody during today’s vinyasa yoga class.


Now how do we cultivate and apply ahimsā to our life?


We use it to establish a non-harmful or non-violent way of behaving in relation to our daily life experiences. Experiences like…..


  • How we treat our bodies, our self-image
  • Developing a calm mind that isn’t persuaded by the inner critic
  • Treating our partner with loving kindness
  • Practicing non-judgment towards our family members and friends
  • Extending friendliness towards strangers
  • Practicing yoga without harming our body or psyche
  • Committing to our work without harming our body or psyche
  • Treating the planet with loving kindness via our actions


Remember, like most spiritual practices, loving kindness begins with us. We must cultivate it within ourselves before we can extend it forward.


Translation: use today’s yoga class and your many self-care practices to tend to your loving kindness garden.


Yama Vinyasa Yoga Class: Strengthen and Stretch Your Upper Body

Yama Vinyasa Yoga Class: Strengthen and Stretch Your Upper Body




The second yama is satya, which means truthfulness or to speak the truth.


Satya is a complex yama as it involves the words we speak, which consequently affect our and others states of beings. But it also includes the ability to live our truth, which usually doesn’t come easy after decades of conditioning.


To embody this complexity, one must commit to an awakened awareness regarding their speech, and also an unlearning and relearning of what their truth really is.


Now how to apply satya?


For the full explanation and worksheet, I recommend joining the BMS Studio, but below are two questions you can ask yourself on a daily basis.


Am I speaking my truth in conversation, both aloud and within? Am I living my truth in action?




The third yama is asteya, which translates to non-stealing or to only take what belongs to us.


Asteya has roots in every plane of our earthly experience – physical, social, environmental, the psycho-emotional, and spiritual. While asteya might appear as a simple lesson, it’s actually multidimensional, and therefore when put into practice – creates an onion effect of benefits.


Inside the studio, this week is dedicated to uncovering how we steal across these planes, practicing non-stealing daily, and finally – gifting ourselves the gift of a gentle, restorative sequence so we can embody this yama throughout the week.


Wanna put asteya into practice? Click here to join the studio.




The fourth yama is brahmacarya which is typically translated as moderation, widely known as celibacy, and lesser known as a movement towards the essential.


The word brahmacarya is composed of the root car which means “to move,” and the word brahma which means “truth.” When you string these two meanings together, we arrive at – a movement towards the essential truth. I love this newfound definition and have to thank TKV Desikachar’s book, The Heart of Yoga for bringing it to my attention.


With this translation – a movement towards the essential – guiding our efforts, I believe brahmacarya is actually a balancing of energy and through balancing, we arrive at what’s most essential and what’s most truthful – our peaceful nature.


Peaceful nature, what the hell is that?


In our current climate, peace is a rare commodity. We know it exists, many of us here have the tools to experience it, and yet we are pressured to live in the extremes. The extremes are glorified as the place to be, and heck, I’ve lived there for years and still find myself existing here.


But guess what also happens when the pendulum of our energy swings to the extremes? We reach a breaking point. We burn out. We hit a wall. We break the fuck down. We are overwhelmed. We are so tired, so very, very tired.


Anyone been there? Anyone?


This yama is an invitation to stop glorifying the extremes and instead, move towards your essential truth.


Yama Vinyasa Yoga Class: Strengthen and Stretch Your Upper Body

Yama Vinyasa Yoga Class: Strengthen and Stretch Your Upper Body




Th fifth and final yama is aparigraha, which translates to non-grasping, non-hoarding, non-clinging, to only take what is necessary, to not take advantage of a situation.


Similar to asteya, this yama has roots in several planes of reality – physical, social, mental, emotional, spiritual – with the potential to set us free from fixation.


Physically, aparigraha asks us to stop hoarding, clinging, and grasping to material items.


Socially, aparigraha asks us to explore our relationships and how we might be clinging, grasping, or taking more than we need (psst: this applies to social media too).


Mentally and emotionally, aparigraha invites us to examine the “I AM” statements we hold onto.


Spiritually, aparigraha asks us if we’re clinging to outdated, limiting, false, or fucked-up beliefs? And if we are, can we use the essence of this yama to loosen the grip?


I believe the answer is yes and yes.


Yes, we have beliefs to release and yes, we can use the yamas to set us free.


If discovering and applying the yamas to your yoga and life practice interests you, below is what we’ll be experiencing this month inside the Body Mind Soul Studio:


  • Ahimsa + Satya vinyasa yoga class (today’s free class)
  • Asteya gentle, restorative class to stop stealing from your energy
  • Brahmacarya hatha class that uses your breath to embody balance
  • Aparigraha sun salutation power class to let go and release expectations
  • Yama Workbook – five yama worksheets + in-depth explanations of each yama
  • Bonus – podcast interview with Andrea Dawn that further uncovers the yamas
  • Yama gift giveaway – themed book, handmade earrings, custom BMS Studio journal
  • Private FB group to garner support and share your yama experiences with
  • Plus, access to all the previous studio content! 


Want in on the yama journey? Click here to become a studio member.


And with that said JJ fam, I think it’s time we unroll our yoga mats and embody doing no harm and taking no shit.


I’ll meet  ya there.


All my yama love,


Allie, xx


Yama Vinyasa Yoga Class: Strengthen and Stretch Your Upper Body

Yama Vinyasa Yoga Class: Strengthen and Stretch Your Upper Body

Root Chakra Vinyasa Yoga Class: Build Your Lower-Body Foundation

Root Chakra Vinyasa Yoga Class: Build Your Lower-Body Foundation

Welcome to your right to be here.


And welcome to a new yoga class experience, a new month, and a new season.


Your new yoga class is a root chakra vinyasa
practice that seeks to strengthen your lower-body foundation. Yep, it’s going to be a tad challenging and yes, it includes all the root chakra body parts (glutes, legs, knees, ankles, feet).


The new season is the upcoming Spring Equinox, a seasonal shift that marks the onset of a new experience and one that I particularly love for these qualities – light, warmth, emergence, rise, birth, blossom, expand, and extend. These qualities describe the individual and collective earthly energy we can experience (if we choose to tap into it).


Psst: Inside the BMS Studio, the entire month is dedicated to your root chakra and marrying it with the Spring Equinox. Want in on the experience? Click here to become a studio member.


So, why the root chakra? And what is the root chakra?


The root chakra is the first energetic center within the chakra system, and the chakra system is a collection of inner chambers that exist within the subtle body. The body that you can’t see, but can absolutely feel.


The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, think the area between your genitals and anus (way down there), and it’s been mapped to the coccygeal plexus (a bundle of nerves connected to the tailbone).


Because of it’s positioning, it is the foundation for both your chakra system and your spinal column. In terms of energy, it marks the beginning of the chakra liberation current which travels upwards towards freedom, and it marks the completion of the chakra manifestation current which travels downwards towards individuality.


Your root chakra is the foundation upon which everything rests!


Before we go annyyyy further, let’s discuss some root chakra basics.


  • Sanskrit name – muladhara, which means root support
  • Location – base of spine, legs, knees, feet, bones, and skin
  • Purpose – survival and stability
  • Goals – connection, grounding, physical health, trust, prosperity
  • Element – earth
  • Color – red
  • Sound – LAM
  • Activity – having
  • Relation to self – self-preservation
  • Identity – physical identity
  • Demon – fear
  • Excessive – heavy, monotony, lethargic, obesity, hoarding, materialism, greed
  • Deficient – fearful, undisciplined, restless, underweight, ephemeral
  • Harmony – stability, physical health harmony
  • Development – conception to 6 months old
  • Important factors – family and childhood experiences in relation to safety, stability, support, health, and finances 


These basics provide a framework to understand your root chakra, but how the hell are you supposed to create balance here? What are the secret tricks?


Great question! Let’s talk about it.


When I sat down to create an entire month of supportive root chakra materials, these are the energetic containers that came to me.


Nourishment. Grounding. Physical Health. Environment. Mental & Emotional Healing.


Now within these categories, I’ve mapped out individual aligning practices too. Below are 1-2 examples, but the entire root chakra guide is inside the BMS Studio (if that interests you).


  • Nourishment – rejuvenating sleep and meditation.
  • Grounding – outdoor activities, chanting LAM, restorative yoga
  • Physical Health – proper posture, protein rich foods, lower-body conditioning
  • Environment – indoor plants, cleanliness & organization
  • Mental & Emotional – making sense of your finances, body acceptance & appreciation 


What’s so interesting to me is that even though I grew up in a “white picket fence” scenario with no major family or childhood trauma, I’ve still got a pretty fucked up root chakra. I really, wholeheartedly, truly thought that because I came from an intact family who provided love, support, and the financial means to achieve my dreams, that there couldn’t possibly be a misalignment here.


And after four years of studying the chakra system, I also thought I knew my shit. Hah! I was wrong and how beautiful is that because the first step to create change is always AWARENESS.


Your girl is aware, thank you universe, root chakra stated noted.


You might be wondering, whaddya mean you have a fucked up root chakra? Can you explain?


Here’s what I mean. Through my life experiences, I’ve developed a set of beliefs, and not from indoctrination (my family), but rather from socialization (culture) and self-created thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


  • I believe consistent NOURISHMENT is for the weak.
  • I believe STRENGTHENING exercises aren’t really necessary for my body’s integrity.
  • I believe messy FINANCES aren’t a big deal.
  • I believe my gut intuition isn’t TRUSTWORTHY.
  • I believe BOUNDARIES are whatever and last minute efforting will always prevail.
  • I believe my masculine energy provides more WORTHINESS than my femininity.
  • I believe playing BIG isn’t for me, I’ll stay in the middle where it’s comfortable.


Notice the words in ALL CAPS, these are root chakra properties and practices.


Any of them sounding familiar? Any of them resonating with your subtle body? Any of them brushing up against your belief system?


Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh.


Now for me, here’s the antidote to my fucked up root chakra.


A little more nourishment. A little more strength (okay, a lot more). A little more organization. A little more trust in my capabilities. A little more more grounded discipline. A little more right brain, yin time.  A little more coloring outside the lines.


These are the energetic ingredients my root chakra needs? What does yours need?


To answer this question, I have a few suggestions.


First, do today’s yoga class and notice if afterwards you feel more grounded, stable within your lower body, and energetically supported throughout your day. Second, do a deep into your root chakra via books, yoga classes, and some of the practices I mentioned above.




If you’re interested in dedicating an entire month to root chakra alignment, then the BMS Studio doors are wide open, waiting for you to step inside. Below is a quick overview of what you can experience over the next five weeks:


  • Week 1: Root Chakra Vinyasa Class – Build Your Lower-Body Foundation
  • Week 2: Root Chakra Power Class – Strengthen Your Roots
  • Week 3: Root Chakra Restorative – Nourish Your Body
  • Week 4: Root Chakra Vinyasa – Rise High into Prosperity
  • Week 5: Root Chakra Hatha – Respect Your Boundaries


Plus, every yoga class marries the root chakra properties with the upcoming Spring Equinox by using the analogy of a plant to guide our experience.


A plant? What does that even mean? I will explain, in order of the above weekly yoga classes.


A plant requires a solid foundation to begin it’s journey with equal parts soft and strong, permeable and powerful soil. A plant requires a strong root system to extend down, expand out, and rise high. A plant requires nourishment in the form of right nutrients (soil, water, sunlight, air). A plant requires equal parts masculine and feminine energy to blossom and prosper. A plant requires boundaries, protection, and respect if it’s to survive and thrive.


You are THIS PLANT and your root chakra is the key to unlocking your right to be here and your right to have.


Ready to unlock and align your root chakra? Click here to join the BMS Studio!


Psst: You also receive all of the below materials too ⬇️


  • Root Chakra Workbook (that’s insanely beautiful and badass)
  • BONUS: Body-Mind-Earth Guided Relaxation Meditation
  • Root Chakra Giveaway (two books, custom chakra mala, root chakra essential oil)
  • Weekly root chakra focused emails
  • Root chakra themed yoga class calendar
  • Private studio community to support your root chakra experience


Now whether you join the studio or not, here’s why your root chakra alignment is SO CRUCIAL.


Because of it’s location in the physical and energetic body, it plays a massive role in your ability to release attachments, fixations, and addictions, as well as bring your dreams from consciousness down to earth plane.


Meaning, you can SPEND YEARS doing all of the prescribed energy work to heal your other chakras, only to end up STUCK AF.


This is where I’m at.


You can meditate every damn day, but if your back is always in pain, are you experiencing peace? You can visualize your dreams every morning, but if you aren’t getting enough sleep in the evening, will your day be joyful and purposeful? You can tap into creativity, but if you don’t trust yourself, will you be able to share your work? You can have a ridiculously open heart, but if you’re not choosing nourishing foods, your heart will close and suffer. You can exercise your power and do-do-do, but if you can’t balance your yin and yang energy, your doing will burn to nothing. You can master the art of FUN, but if you have no boundaries, when will the work get done?


This is what I was missing all these years. I didn’t get how important the root chakra is. It wholeheartedly is the foundation for all that we do. And if you’re like me, wildly curious about how to live your journey and not let it live you, then aligning this chakra is what we need to do.


Ready to align with me? Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh.


Awesome. Please unroll your yoga mat and do today’s practice, and if you’re wanting more of where that came from…. step inside the BMS Studio, where the entire month is waiting to support you!


Click here to join the BMS Studio.


I’ll meet you on the mat, ready to practice.


All my grounded love,


Allie, Xx


Heart Chakra Yoga Class: Connect to Your Heart’s Desires

Heart Chakra Yoga Class: Connect to Your Heart’s Desires

Welcome to your heart chakra manifestation yoga class that seeks to create space using your breath AND welcome to the fourth class in the Manifest Your Journey series.


Whoa, that sentence was a mouthful, and so is the next paragraph.


This is the final *FREE* class in the Manifest Your Journey series, the second half of the chakra manifestation system is waiting for you inside the Body Mind Soul Studio – thebodymindsoulstudio.com. The second half includes four yoga classes, a second workbook, a chakra manifestation masterclass, weekly love letters, monthly product giveaways, a yoga calendar, andddd the most loving, badass private community you could ask for. If you wish to continue this journey, come join me and #thejjcommunity, we are waiting to welcome you!


Okay, announcements are complete, let’s keep manifesting. Shall we?


We have arrived at the heart chakra, anahata, which is located at your heart space (obvi). But it also includes your entire chest cavity (the heart, lungs, and ribs), the shoulders, upper chest area, and the upper-mid back.


That’s a lot of energetic real estate.


The heart chakra is associated with love and relationships, as such, we want to foster the qualities of connection, compassion, self-love, self-acceptance, and expansion. The element is air, expect to breathe here.


Balance and harmony are also of key importance as the anahata chakra is the center of the entire system, with three chakras beneath it and three above it. The entire system is reliant upon it as it’s the bridge between the physical realm and mental/spiritual realms. If it’s blocked, we cannot travel the manifestation or liberation currents.


Now when it comes tot manifestation, the practices are identifying what you love about your dream, recognizing and learning how to co-create, creating and realizing beauty, establishing right relationships, creating a dream team, and remembering to breathe.


Justtttttt breathe…….. imagine Faith Hill singing that line to us.


The manifestation principle is Love Enlivens.


Today’s yoga class focuses on co-creating with our breath, making S P A C E in the heart space to welcome our dream, and practicing self-love and self-acceptance as we continue to bring our dream into reality.


Today’s workbook exercise (click here to get the workbook) is a journal prompt that asks you, what do you love about your dream? This question might appear simplistic, but it actually carries great meaning and serves a distinct purpose.


Wondering why? Let’s dive in and learn about our heart chakra and manifestation.



What do you LOVE about your dream?


Love is the ruling property of the heart chakra.


When it comes to manifesting, we have the opportunity to approach our dream with the heart first, and the ego second (the ego lives in the solar plexus). This massively matters as it lays an aligned foundation, helping to create a solid structure for our dream to land and live within.


Let me provide more context.


Typically, and from my personal experience, we approach the creation process through the lens of the ego. We create dreams, we set goals, we do things, and we achieve things to keep the ego happy.


For example, many of us strive to increase our income because we’re conditioned to believe that money equals happiness, and yet we know from countless people who do amass large quantities of money, they still aren’t happy.


Why is this?


Or how about this one, many of us strive to live in a bigger, grander, fancier home, and yet we know that it’s not the size of the home that creates happiness, but rather the amount of living and love that’s infused into the home that matters.


And lastly, this one.


Many of us strive to own a “nicer” car, something newer, a vehicle with all the gadgets, all leather interior, a sought after brand name, and yet once we have the car and are sitting in it every damn day, we no longer find fulfillment in owning it.


Are you beginning to notice a pattern here?


Now let me be clear, some people do all of the above and find great fulfillment in their achievements. This is because their actions aligned with what they love and they continued to create within the dream, fueling their heart chakra energy. And let me also be clear in that there are outlier circumstances where money, a solid home, and a working car are necessary elements of happiness.


Butttttt, many of us fall somewhere in the middle.


We don’t need more money. We don’t need a bigger home. We don’t need a nicer car.


The ego confuses us into believing we do, usually to feel a sense of belonging, but the reality is quite opposite. We achieve “the thing” and still, we aren’t accessing happiness.


This is why the manifestation current is so potent.


Before we even get to the ego, we connect to the heart.


We lay a solid AF foundation, love brick by love brick, which builds a solid structure to support our dream. This way, when we reach the earth plane, there’s no misalignment. We are integrated with our dream. We know why we created it. We experience happiness. We know how to create within it.


I’ll share a personal example in regards to one of my dreams, creating the Body Mind Soul Studio.


When I asked myself this question – what do I love about my dream – this is what my heart told me:


  • The body, mind, soul foundation
  • Boundaries which create fluidity
  • Permission to dive deep
  • Ability to receive, assimilate, and express information and energy
  • Creativity
  • Responsibility
  • The impact, the potential
  • Direction to focus my attention on my intention (body, mind, soul integration)
  • Weaving of the chakras into my work
  • Invitation to keep learning, experiencing, sharing, teaching
  • My body, mind, soul practices directly impact my success and other’s wellbeing


Now it’s your turn. Pull out your workbook. Flip to page 22. And ask yourself…..


What do I love about my dream?


Once complete, I encourage you to return here when your energy misaligns, when obstacles arise, and when you need to choose rest over quitting.


Every Act is an Act of Co-Creation


Literally, everything.


The computer that I’m typing this blog post on was gifted to me as a wedding present from my husband. He generated the means to purchase it through his work, his projects, and his relationships. The existence of the computer itself was a co-creation between man and machine. And once upon a time, Apple computers was a co-creation between Steve Jobs and his consciousness.


See how that works.


Recognizing and respecting this fact is incredibly impactful when it comes to manifestation.


As much as I’d like to think it’s all about me, it’s not. It never was. It never will be.


It’s about us and our relationship to Self, one another, this planet, and the universe.


Remembering this is SO HELPFUL when it comes to manifesting your dream.


Take a moment to contemplate how many acts of co-creation led you to this point, the fourth step in the manifestation journey, the decision to be part of this series, the ability to dedicate yourself to a dream, the opportunity to practice yoga via a digital device, your relationship to me and this community, and how many acts of co-creation it will take to bring your dream to reality.


It’s insane how large of a role co-creation plays, whether we’re dreaming or existing.


So how does this fact help you manifest? Well I’ll tell ya how it helps me, in hopes that it helps you too.


This fact humbles me to my knees.


It reminds me to be grateful for where I am and where I began.


It reminds to be grateful for everyone whose supported and still supports me. 


It reminds me to be patient and trust the process.


It reminds me to do good work, because I never know who or how it will create impact.


It reminds me to practice acceptance, while also believing in the process of creation.


It reminds me to believe in magic.


We’ll dive deeper into co-creation in the chakra manifestation masterclass and the role it plays with our solar plexus. To access the masterclass, click here.



Right Relationships


Once we infuse love into our dream, we can use this love to enliven our relationships and establish the right relationships.


As a budding business owner, I’ve learned a thing or two about right relationships, and let me tell ya, it’s an ongoing process of refinement, communication, and appreciation.


In the beginning, I used to welcome every act of co-creation, believing that all relationships would benefit me.


Nope. That was incorrect.


I believed that trading my time, energy, and visibility was beneficial for a yoga towel, a yoga outfit, a yoga wheel, a yoga trapeze, a yoga mat, a yoga book, a yoga feature, a yoga promotion, and a paycheck.


At the time, I couldn’t comprehend the sacred component of my time, energy, and efforts.


I simply thought, cool, a new yoga product, an extra couple hundred dollars, a picture of me on a large social media account. Woo. I’m making it.


…….and yes, some of these relationships were beneficial.


But ultimately, what transformed my business was a devout dedication to building and uplifting this community through high-quality content, creativity, and constant communication.


Sure you might like my yoga pants, but that’s not why you keep unrolling your mat with me.


You keep showing up because we’ve formed a relationship with one another, a relationship built on connection, mutual respect, and trust.


This same relationship is what we’re seeking in relation to our dream.


We want to find the people who believe in our dream, who will uphold the integrity of our intention, and support us when we fall down and need helping RISING STRONG again (thank you Bréne Brown).


It will take time to find these people. Don’t rush the process.


But do start to expand your awareness. Become a faithful watcher of those who are doing the work. Notice the people who are putting in the effort. Then reach out. Extend a branch. Ask to form a relationship.


Sure, your invitation could get declined. But what if they say yes to your dream?


Let me share a personal example regarding the chakra manifestation workbook.


I was searching for someone special to create this document. A designer who understood what  the fuck a chakra is. A designer who could intuitively interpret my Google Doc into a work of art without needing my guidance.


Many of you know by now, a member of #thejjcommunity created the workbook, but here’s how it all went down.


Kassandra is a member of the BMS Detox community and during our 21 day experience, she posted about her work as a designer, and because I was searching for the right relationship, I was aware enough to notice her post, read it, click through to her profile, validate that she is a designer, and then send her a private message.


She then sent me her portfolio, which led to the co-creation you now have in your hands, and a forever connection between two creators.


While you’re here, let’s examine another right relationship.


A few years ago I received a message from Alyssa (the creator of the Journal Deck). At the time, the deck wasn’t born yet and I creating the first iteration of the BMS Detox program.


I was a little weary of her invitation to chat, but my heart said – SAY YES.


That first conversation lasted well over an hour.


Since then, we’ve had many an hour longer conversation supporting one another through the creation process. We’ve motivated one another to take risks, to take breaks, to change our systems, and mostly – to believe in our potential.


Alyssa gets it. She’s in it with me. She’s a yoga teacher. She’s a retreat leader. She’s a podcast host. She’s a content creator.


Had I not listened to my heart and had that first conversation, I’d be missing out on a right relationship that’s served me and my business.


Now it’s your turn. What right relationships does your dream need?


We’ll dive deeper into our needs during the sacral chakra week, inside the Body Mind Soul Studio, but for now – start identifying these relationships.


Bring them into your consciousness. Become that faithful watcher of others.


And when you’re ready, take a chance, extend a loving branch.


Just Breathe


Remember, the heart chakra element is air, this means our breath provides a direction connection to this energy center, and we have the power to employ different breathing practices to create that which we need in relation to our dream.


  • Need energy and clarity, practice kappalabhati.
  • Need balance and harmony, practice nadi shodhana.
  • Need to cool down, practice shitali.
  • Need to relax your nervous system, practice dhirga.
  • Need to focus, practice ujjayi.
  • Need self-acceptance, do the heart chakra pranayama (found in today’s yoga class).


As you expand your yoga toolbox, you’ll not only know how to do these breathing practices, but also when to employ them.


Above all else, when you and your dream meet an obstacle, remember to just breathe.


And with that said, let’s dive into the heart chakra manifestation plan:



Now please unroll your yoga mat to access your heart chakra center.


I’ll meet you there, xx.


Heart Chakra Yoga Class: Connect to Your Heart’s Desires to Manifest Your Dreams (Step 4 of 8)

Throat Chakra Yoga Class: Connect to Your Voice & Learn to Tell Your Story

Throat Chakra Yoga Class: Connect to Your Voice & Learn to Tell Your Story

Welcome to your throat chakra meditation class that seeks to create an energetic connection, develop your inner voice, and remind you how important it is to tell your story.


And, welcome to the third class in the Manifest Your Journey series.


The MYJ series is an eight week experience that uses the chakra system and our yoga practice to manifest our dreams from consciousness to reality. The series includes a free chakra workbook that I absolutely recommend downloading, if you’re serious about manifestation. Click here to get your copy! 


Your throat chakra is obviously located in your throat, but it also encompasses your ears, nose, jaw, and entire mouth. This energetic center is associated with communication, creativity, honesty, truth, authenticity, and resonance.


The manifesting principle is Communication Catalyzes.


To quickly recap, we’ve now descended three layers into the chakra system using the manifestation current. We began in the crown chakra, a boundary-less state where beliefs, thoughts, and ideas formulate. It was here that we updated our belief system and learned the importance of S P A C E making. We then traveled to the third eye chakra where we examined our life purpose, dreamt our ideal life, chose a dream to manifest, designed a vision vehicle to carry our dream, and committed to visualizing our dream.


At the fifth chakra level, we are both internally and externally focused. It’s here that we begin to communicate our dream to others, practice owning and telling our story (because every story matters), open ourselves to feedback and constructive criticism, and set our first goals. It’s also here that we develop an internal dialogue with our chakras, learning how to listen to our energy and respect it’s feedback, advice, and intuition.


Let’s cover the weirdest stuff first, learning to dialogue with our chakras, which happens to be what we do in today’s meditation too.


Chakra Voice Dialogue


In Creating on Purpose, Anodea offers this exercise as a way to turn our inner voices into allies (the ones that we typically ignore) and to help strengthen our listening skills. Often times we become fixated with a specific dream/goal and move full steam ahead, and also often times, we meet a shitload of resistance along the way. We think we want one thing, when in actuality, we might want something completely different that’s buried deep within, unable to reveal itself because our insecurities are muting the communication connection.


Our mind says one thing. Our heart says another.


Today’s meditation seeks to open our closed communication channels through chanting, sound, meditation, and writing. We will use the throat chakra bija mantra – HAM – to activate the sound element and awaken our energy. I will guide us through 108 chants that begin audibly, then transition into silent chanting. At the conclusion of the meditation, I will ask you to dialogue with your throat chakra about your chosen dream.


You will need the chakra voice dialogue exercise in your workbook, please have it ready. 


At this stage, your only job is to listen. Listen to the feedback your throat chakra is sharing. Accept whatever it shares with you. Write it down. And thank your throat chakra for speaking to you. 


Now I gotta be totally honest, my first time doing this, I heard diddly squat from my chakras. No words. No intuitive hits. No advice. No feedback. No guidance. No you’re doing an awesome job at manifesting Allie! I was disappointed and immediately leapt to self-deprecating conclusions about my dream.


Luckily, I tried again, and again, and again.


And about the third attempt, I began to get the hang of it. I excused my mind from the conversation and allowed my subtle body to take the stage. The advice I received wasn’t over the top life-changing, but it did provide a lens to listen through, and an awareness that my listening skills are a biiitttt underdeveloped (my husband would definitely agree too).


In the today’s meditation class, I lead us through one round of chakra voice dialogue and  we only do it with the throat chakra. I highly recommend doing this dialogue with each chakra using the related bija mantra, meditation, and then asking your chakra for feedback in regards to your dream. 


Also, this practice doesn’t need to always include a mantra + meditation, it can be done whenever you want to check in.


Okay onward with our fifth chakra, let’s shift to external communication and listening.



Communication & Story Telling


This is the step where you begin to share your dream with others, and others can be anyone that will listen. Your partner. Your parents. Your sister. Your brother. Your friends. Your co-workers. Your yoga class neighbor. Your running buddy. Your teacher. Your fellow club member. Your online community friend. Your social media friends.


Literally anyone qualifies as a listener. 


When we engage in communication, sharing our dream and vision, it gives us an opportunity to refine the message. Let me give you an example. 


Over the past year, I’ve been crafting my message surrounding the new Body Mind Soul Studio. I would talk, talk, talk, talk my husband’s head off about my dream and vision, and one day, he finally challenged my message. He told me it wasn’t clear enough and my communication wasn’t painting the intended picture. He knew the picture from hours of conversation, but it wasn’t being translated properly.


I was missing the mark. 


Now here’s where the difficult component of sharing begins….. the receiving of criticism. No one wants to hear that their dream is falling on deaf ears. No one wants to feel like their vision isn’t resonating. No one wants to put in hours of effort only to witness their dream not be received. 


This is why the exchange of listening and receiving is V I T A L when it comes to manifesting our dream. We have to learn how to use our voice. How to tell our story. How to communicate effectively. How to create with resonance. How to receive feedback. How to tweak our message. How to craft potent messaging.


The best way to do this is to talk. 


Talking can be overwhelming and intimidating in the beginning, but the more you do it, the more natural it will become. As a yoga teacher and writer, talking is my main form of connection. It is through language that I create an experience, whether that experience happens on the yoga mat or via a written email, it’s all delivered through language. 


This is the case for many people. 


So, what’s the manifestation lesson here? Talk is cheap, do lots of it!


This is your next assignment. Share your dream. Share your vision. Share your message.


Throat Chakra Goals


Goal talk time. Ready to do some more writing? 


The fifth chakra refines our dream and vision by breaking it into smaller pieces, these pieces are projects and goals. Projects are a portion of our dream/vision that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time, while goals fall underneath projects as a singular thing to be accomplished. 


The throat chakra is the first mention of goals on the manifestation journey, and these aren’t just any goals, these are SMART goals. SMART is an acronym that’s widely used in business as a way to craft meaningful and purposeful goals, it stands for:


  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-based


Anodea recommends listing out the first five projects necessary to complete your dream and strengthen your vision. The projects you choose should be in alignment with your dream as this alignment will naturally motivate your efforts, strengthen your abilities, and make the creation experience more enjoyable and fulfilling. 


To do this, download the chakra manifestation workbook and do the SMART goals exercise. 



Okay friends, your fifth chakra lesson is now complete. Below are your manifestation recommendations for this week:


  • Have the Chakra Voice Dialogue exercise by your side.
  • Sit down. Chant. Meditate. Dialogue with your throat chakra. 
  • Practice talking this week to anyone who will listen. Share your dream and vision!
  • Practice receiving feedback and refining your message. 
  • Do the SMART Goals exercise in your workbook
  • Share your fifth chakra experience inside the MYJ Pop Up Facebook Group!
  • Purchase Creating on Purpose (affiliate link) to deepen your manifestation journey. 


And remember, the purpose of the manifestation current is to condense upper chakra energy towards lower chakra creating, as such, the practices we’ll be doing from here on out will continue to bring more shape and form to our dream and vision, helping to create density and bring them into reality. 


Now please find a seat to connect with your energy, tell your story, and craft your first goals on the manifestation journey! 


p.s. – Manifest Your Journey is an EIGHT week series! The first four weeks (1/2 the chakra system) are being shared on YouTube (woooooo)! The second four weeks, plus a second workbook and a chakra manifestation masterclass are being shared inside my brand new Body Mind Soul Studio.


The studio opens February 1st, click here to read what it’s all about!

Throat Chakra Yoga Class: Connect to Your Voice & Learn to Tell Your Story to Manifest Your Dreams (Step 3 of 8)

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