Yoga Class for Digestion, Bloating and to Feel Relief When You Overeat

Yoga Class for Digestion, Bloating and to Feel Relief When You Overeat

Welcome to your yoga class for digestion, bloating and to feel relief when you overeat. 


Step on your yoga mat today for a gentle class that’s designed to aid in digestion and elimination so you can move with ease and feel freer and lighter throughout your day. 


The class begins with belly down breathing to create abdominal spaciousness and then moves into twists, squats, cleansing breath techniques, more twists both standing and seated, and finally an integrative rest (aka savasana). Bring a yoga blanket or chunky towel, you’ll need it! 


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Now this blog post is airing around the holidays, so it’s only appropriate that I speak to them. 


In my family we make, share, and enjoy an abundance of food together, because after all we’re pizza bagels here — one part Italian and one part Jewish. This means we take food very seriously, sometimes too seriously, but nevertheless we love our nourishing, comforting meals. 


I imagine you do too.


And I also imagine that like me, you find yourself overeating and then feeling lethargic, foggy, uncomfortable in your skin, and possibly battling the inner critic who’s giving you all sorts of shit. 


Shit like… you shouldn’t have eaten that, drank that, had seconds, had dessert, sneaked a third midnight meal, you’re fat, you suck, the holidays suck, my family sucks, why does this happen every year…


That voice sound familiar? Oh yes it does. 


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So how about this holiday season (or always) we do something different. 


How about we accept the mashed potatoes, enjoy the scrumptious stuffing, and have that slice of pie, but then come to the mat to replenish and take care of our bodies.


To find relief from annoying family members, that overstuffed feeling or the inner critic who’s always got an opinion on everything. To find spaciousness in every form that it can possibly exist, like in our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. 


And to move with ease and believe that regardless of what we’ve eaten, that our body still loves us unconditionally.


Now how in the world can you do this this season? 


Well, on the mat with me and with this new yoga for digestion practice. 


This new gentle yoga class has been designed to provide relief when you overeat and to help you digest with a bit more ease. And when I say digest, I mean digest everything… 


The thankfulness and happiness, the forced conversations and disagreements, the upheaval of inner child wounding (this always surfaces for me), and eating leftovers for breakfast (another classic for me). 


Come join me this season (and always) to take care of yourself —  body, mind and soul.


I promise this class will not only help you feel better, but also shift into a high-worth state so you my friend can love and appreciate the current season. 


And one more thing before you leave me. 


Comment I MOVE WITH EASE on the YouTube class so I know you’ve read this and are committing to this intention with me. 


Click here to move with ease with me


Meet ya on the mat,


Allie, xx 


PS – I’ve always overeaten at the holidays and my remedy has always been to lay on my belly. My family loves to tease me about this, so this is where we’ll begin the practice… breathing on our bellies! 

Relaxing Yoga Class for Neck & Shoulder Relief

Relaxing Yoga Class for Neck & Shoulder Relief

Welcome to your Yoga Class to Soothe Away Stress and Feel Shoulder and Neck Relief. 


Now tell me the truth. When’s the last time you tended to your neck? The part of your body that holds up your beautiful, brainy head? The area where all thoughts, ideas and conversations happen?


Your answer might be yesterday or never…


Regardless, I’m confident that your neck is going to loveeeee me after this new yoga class, and so will your shoulders and nervous system. 


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Now it’s no secret that most of us struggle with tech neck because our world demands it, butttt we can take a stand and do something about it. Like incorporating yoga classes that ease tension, soothe away stress, and lead to relief. 


Exhaleee, doesn’t that sound dreamy 💭💭


Well stop dreaming, babe…. because I’ve created an intentionally designed yoga class to take care of your neck, while simultaneously tending to your whole being (as in your body, mind and soul). 


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So a bit about this class, because intention matters. It’s a gentle, low to the ground, neck and shoulder centric sequence. Every pose has been thoughtfully designed to tease out accumulated tension, amplify relaxation, and bring you back into homeostasis… that place where you make conscious, high-worth decisions. 


We’ll practice all sorts of interesting stuff with a heavy emphasis on contralateral movements, like moving your head one way and your arm the other. 


Why are we moving in opposites? 🤔


Because opposites help balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, help create focus and concentration, and generally reset the nervous system so you can shift into a rest and digest state (where healing and repair happens). 


So not only will your physical body be tended to, but so will your emotional, energetic, mental, wisdom and spirit bodies too. 


Don’t miss this one, it’s that good. 


Press play to love on your neck and meet me on the mat!


Allie, xx 


PS – Comment RELAXATION SUPPORTS ME on the YouTube class so I know you’re part of the yoga fam.

75 Minute Hatha Yoga Full Body Flow to Learn & Grow

75 Minute Hatha Yoga Full Body Flow to Learn & Grow

Welcome to your intermediate hatha yoga flow. 


Step on your mat today for a full body hatha yoga class that’s rooted in yoga foundations (classical postures paired with breath)! This intermediate yoga class is designed to help you build strength and flexibility, share the traditional hatha yoga style, and help you fall back in love with your at-home yoga practice. 


You’ll flow through surya namaskar A and B, work through standing asymmetrical postures and yoga floor work before closing with savasana for all of your hard work! Together we’ll seal our practice with a final pranayama practice and meditation. 


And the best part, you’ll be helping me complete my 200 HR yoga teacher training! 


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You read that right — this class is part of my final assessments for my 200 HR yoga teacher training.


If you’re thinking, wait Allie, have you been teaching yoga this whole time without training? 


Don’t worry, this is my second 200 HR! 


My second training took place in beautiful Costa Rica with Selena Garefino, a person I consider a remarkable teacher, scholar, mentor and off the yoga mat guide. To learn more about her yoga programs, click here.


Now you might be wondering, why would you take a second training that requires a costly financial investment and 17 day time commitment? You’ve already got one, why not jump into your 300 HR YTT? 


Before beginning my 300 HR YTT, I wanted to return back to the basics and revisit the foundational concepts that new yoga teachers learn to not only be back in the student seat, but also to strengthen my knowledge, confidence and teachings. 


When I feel confident as a student and teacher that spills over into how I lead and teach you. 


It felt so good to be back in an immersive, learning environment AND to see how much I actually already knew (hello confidence booster). 


Finally, I had pretty much lost my personal yoga practice and needed an experience like this to help me fall back in love with yoga, the practice that transformed my life from the outside in and inside out. This training, waking at 5 AM every day and practicing for 17 days straight, helped me fall back in love with the practice and receive the nourishment to continue teaching and leading. 


I needed that time to tap back into my own yoga toolkit 🧰 so I can continue this beautiful, lifelong journey with you and our yoga family. 


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My hope is that you’ll use this class as a reminder to always be evolving and growing. 


That it’s always okay to come back to the basics, recenter, and relearn. 


When you finish today’s yoga class, comment I COMMIT TO MY EVOLUTION on the YouTube video as a reminder to always be a student (and to let me know you’re part of our yoga family). 


All my love, 


Allie, xx


P.S. Interested in becoming a yoga teacher or evolving as a yoga teacher? Check out Selena’s training to learn more! 

Air Element Yoga to Open Your Heart & Expand Your Capacity

Air Element Yoga to Open Your Heart & Expand Your Capacity

Welcome to your Air Element Yoga Class to Open Your Heart & Expand Your Capacity.


This yoga class embodies the energy of the heart chakra through a chest & breath centric sequence! Step on the mat with me to expand your capacity as we work through spinal flexion and extension in postures like cat and cow, sphinx and cobra, then build to strong postures like sun salutation variations, warrior I, humble warrior and camel pose. Finally, complete your experience with a chest opening savasana variation to integrate & bring full relaxation.


This is your yoga class to connect with the breath, open the chest and expand your capacity to face the world and trust your heart’s desires. 


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Feeling defeated by the state of the world? Possibly closed off with your shoulders rounding forward? Struggling to hear and trust your heart’s desires? 


Then this is your yoga class to counteract ALL OF THE ABOVE and expand your ability to face adversity and make choices that are in alignment with your heart.


It’s cleansing, strong, supportive and healing… basically all the ingredients one needs to return to their center, feel inner peace and remember that their heart has a say in the matter. 


When working with the air element, I choose to approach it through the lens of the chakra system, which brings us to anahata, or the heart chakra, because the element here is air. 


The heart chakra’s purpose is to cultivate love and healthy relationships; these relationships include yourself, your inner circle, the community and humanity at large. 


And like my momma always tells me, relationships are steeped in compromise. Compromise requires a give and take, a balance of masculine and feminine energy, and a relationship of reciprocity. 


When we look at the yoga framework, the breath (or air element) connects to the fourth limb within the system called pranayama, which translates to the extension and expansion of your vitality or life force energy. 


To create this extension and expansion we tap into the power of the breath and manipulate it to create a positive, balancing effect. Each inhale and exhale represents a relationship of reciprocity, the give and take, the yin and yang energies that are present in everything. 


When you feel defeated, like your current circumstances can’t possibly be worked through… 


Or your mind’s become so deafeningly loud that you can’t possibly hear your heart… 


This is when your breath and heart matter most. 


We can turn to the air element and heart chakra teachings to return to our center. 


The center… where we’re most balanced, steady and collected. The center where we lead from the heart, self-regulate in times of adversity and hardship, and feel a sense of openness, acceptance and expansion. 


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It’s a beautiful, meaningful and powerful space to live and lead from, and yet, most of us need help with how to even begin.


This is your invitation friend. 


Come join me for an air element yoga class to connect with your breath, open your heart and expand your capacity. 


I promise by the end you’ll have a direct connection with what your heart wants and how to live and lead from there. 


Unroll your mat, bring your heart, let’s move and breathe together. 


Oh, and please remember to comment on the YouTube video with WHAT MY HEART WANTS MATTERS to let me know you’re part of our yoga family. 


All my heart, 


Allie, xx

Fire Element Yoga Core Class to Feel Transformed

Fire Element Yoga Core Class to Feel Transformed

Welcome to your Fire Element Yoga Core Class to Feel Transformed! 


This yoga class embodies the energy of the solar plexus chakra through a strength building yoga sequence! Step on the mat with me to build heat as we work through twisting yoga postures, seated core work, thread the needle and vinyasa variations with low and high lunge. 


This is your yoga class to build strength, work the core and take imperfect action to ignite your personal power. 


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Feeling low on self-esteem? Can’t connect to your confidence? Then you don’t want to miss this fire element yoga class.


It’s fiery, strong, powerful….. basically all the ingredients one needs to transform their life into the one they dream of living.


When studying and working with the manipura (solar plexus) chakra, transformation is a key component of the manifestation process.


The solar plexus chakra is the third energy center in your chakra system and located between the navel and sternum. It’s your personal power, your fiery nature, your ability to take imperfect action, and transform your thoughts and desires into reality. 


Because the element is fire here, we need to tap into what fire does.




Fire has the ability to transform raw materials into something tangible, like how heat turns cooking ingredients into a completed meal. Anodea Judith says we can mix together ingredients like flour, sugar, and egg all we want, but if we don’t bake them under the heat of transformation, there will never be a finished cake to be eaten.


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We can lean into these solar plexus teachings to transform our thoughts, ideas, dreams, limiting beliefs, visions and words into something tangible, solid and real.


It’s the heat of the flame, our personal power and intrinsic motivation, that transforms an intention into what we need, want and desire…


desires like saving for a home, leaving a misaligned relationship, changing careers, choosing your body over what’s fun, fast or easy.   


Solar plexus practices help us ignite our personal power center, feel confident enough to take imperfect action, burn through distractions (aka procrastination), and as a result – create transformation. 


Over the years I’ve worked to balance this energy center, I definitely can over do it, but when I embrace that I am worthy and good enough then I’m able to take imperfect action and make progress towards my dreams, goals and what I value most — like fostering this yoga family here.


Transformation is an everyday experience, and so learning how to lean into the flame and get just hot enough to experience change, without overheating, is the lesson to be learned.


With this information, are you ready to step into the heat with me?


After completing today’s class, comment on the YouTube video with I TAKE IMPERFECT ACTION to let me know you’re leaning into this lesson with me. 


All my fire, 


Allie, xx

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