Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Full Body Balance

Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Full Body Balance

Welcome to your Intermediate Vinyasa Balancing Yoga Flow to Feel Whole (that’s a freaking mouthful). 


Join me on the yoga mat today for a slow flow class to cultivate strength, focus, balance! 


This balancing yoga sequence will guide you through postures that build core stability, work the lower body and cultivate a stronger mind body connection. It is an intermediate yoga class that includes a total body warmup before you begin to flow through challenging balance postures like eagle pose, tree and half moon! You’ll end the sequence with more contralateral movements, like a dynamic sphinx pose and bow variations that’ll help the body and mind work together (hence the feel whole emphasis). 


Whew, okay that was a lot of description for a yoga class, yeah? 


Stick with me though, because there’s A LOT of good stuff to discover when you work on balancing postures, and I want to share some of what I’ve learned in a recent training. 


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Ever notice how you tend to fall out of these yoga postures when your mind wanders? 


When you’re working opposite sides of the body differently and attempting to maintain balance, like in half moon pose (Ardha Chandrasana), the body and mind have to connect and work together. This connection between body and mind requires whole brain integration – left and right sides working together – which helps soothe the nervous system as you focus and stay present. 


This is why I designed this yoga class as a slow flow vinyasa so that you can focus, find the connection, gain clarity and build the links between body, mind and soul, which will ultimately help you take your yoga practice off the mat and into your daily world (which is our mission here). 


Now let’s get down to business and talk daily living. Clarity has been a central theme for me this year. It’s something I’m craving, wanting, and deeply needing for my own health and wellbeing, but also as a yoga teacher, community and team leader, and business owner. Sometimes I feel so confused that I can barely see in front of me and it’s yoga classes like these that help me slow down, feel calm and centered, then step off my mat and take deliberate, focused action (hell yes!).


Being able to translate my yoga off the mat results in self-confidence, a feeling of I GOT THIS, and feeling clear which all leads to me being able to show up here and lead this yoga community (and my life) with integrity. 


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When we create these connections, we strengthen our ability to create change and take action successfully. By learning to balance on the mat, we’re able to integrate our ideas, thoughts and dreams into real life actionable steps that ultimately shape our REALITY off the mat. 


My hope for you is that this class offers a feeling of balance and clarity so you can take it off the mat and apply it to what matters most to you. 


All my love,


Allie, xx


PS – When you finish the class write I AM BALANCED in the YouTube comments to let me know we’re building clarity together! Click here to access the class.

15 Minute Morning Yoga Routine for Energy

15 Minute Morning Yoga Routine for Energy

Welcome to Your 15 Minute Morning Yoga Routine for Energy. 


Looking for the secret sauce to starting your day off right?


This is THE YOGA CLASS for anyone looking to start their day feeling enlivened, while also creating a morning ritual that includes setting daily intentions, being present with yourself, and focusing on what you need. 


In this morning yoga sequence, you’ll start by waking up the body with a heart chakra pranayama breath, warming up the spine and lower body with dynamic postures, and then flow through a simple yet oh-so-sweet vinyasa flow that stretches the entire body and includes gentle backbends to open the heart. 


We’ll seal this morning practice by setting an intention for the day ahead, a practice I highly encourage you to add to any morning routine (yoga, meditation, drinking a cuppa, whatever it may be). 


This morning yoga class is beautiful, it’s enlivening and it’s a great way to connect with yourself before the day begins. 


Please take advantage of this yoga class as often as possible, maybe even every damn day. 


I’ve shared a few times before why I love morning yoga, but let me tell you about the power of these kinds of practices. 


My personal journey right now involves rebuilding personal trust and integrity, after years of being an all or nothing kinda girl and giving up on myself. This rebuilding is a process, but I’m getting there with the help of consistent morning yoga practices like this one here and by choosing to focus my energy & attention on waking up, breathing, meditating, clearing and then focusing on what’s most important to me. 


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Currently I’m on day 30 of a personal 40 day meditation challenge and it’s TRULY helping me build a foundation of self-worth, trust and confidence. 


Starting each day this way allows me to show myself….


I’m capable. 


I’m focused. 


I’m worthy. 


In this morning yoga class I focus on gentle backending through postures that expand, open and expose the heart, and energetically ask you to receive this message of worthiness. I’m asking you to slow down, be a little vulnerable, and give yourself these 15 minutes to reconnect to what matters most to you. 


If possible, commit to yourself and start each day this way! Trust me, it’s worth waking up fifteen minutes earlier… 


All my morning love, 


Allie, xx


PS – After you finish the yoga class, write I AM WORTHY in the YouTube comments and share your morning ritual. so others in the yoga community can learn from you! Click here to unroll your mat and don’t forget to leave a comment.

30 Minute Intermediate Power Yoga Flow to Feel Courageous

30 Minute Intermediate Power Yoga Flow to Feel Courageous

Welcome to your 30 Minute Intermediate Power Yoga Flow. 


This is a really special class I’ve lined up for you today! 


Say hello to your power vinyasa class to strengthen the whole body, connect with breath and find your courage. Together we’ll stretch, work and flow through lateral movements of the spine as we move with a mindful connection to breath and build our energetic capacity. 


This is a yoga sequence for a whole body, mind and soul connection, to go deeper, and to cultivate strength from within so you can live your yoga off the mat – a lesson that is close to my heart right now. 


I created the JJ community when I was 25, it’s grown up with me (literally), and has reached a point where we’re both experiencing our fair share of growing pains, and truthfully it’s a little scary to realize this yoga community is now more than just me. 


It’s got a team behind it and a rapidly growing family of yoga students, and it’s demanding that I evolve and become a courageous leader (which is uncomfortable and confronting AF). 


This is how I arrived at a crossroads that’s requiring that I take my strength and courage off the yoga mat and into the world. 


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I’ve had many breakdowns and breakthroughs over who to be, how to live in integrity, how to strategize, how to lead a team… and finally I surrendered and said yes to someone helping me. This someone is a business mentor for female entrepreneurs who want to lead with love, and I AM SO excited (and admittedly nervous) to start working with her. But I won’t lie to you, asking for and agreeing to receiving help was really difficult, but it was a necessary request if I’m to not only continue this journey, but also enjoy it


This is how I’m taking my practice off the yoga mat. 


The same way we can stay in a hard posture, listen to our bodies, and come out stronger…I can lean into this fear, ask for help, and come out a better individual and leader. 


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Which brings us to your practice today, an intermediate power flow which is designed to challenge you a bit. We’ll move through a dynamic warmup sequence that links breath to movement, and then flow through a side focus class (think creating length in the spine and along your sides) to create space in your body. Just as important, we’re going to focus on building the inhalation, lung and energetic capacity which in turn will build our capacity to deal with and face adversity. 


Together, we’ll create a sense of strength, a sense of I CAN DO THIS, and a sense of resiliency and capability to support us off the yoga mat (where the real shit happens). 


My yoga practices give me the courage to say yes to this community, yes to bravely leading, yes to investing in my business, and yes to living my journey. 


Let your yoga practice be this for you too so you can bravely lead your own journey. 


All my courage, 


Allie, xx


PS – When you finish the class, write I AM COURAGEOUS in the YouTube comments so I know you’re on this journey with me! Click here to unroll your mat & comment on the YouTube class.

20 Min Sun Salutation Flow for Yoga Beginners to Learn the Basics

20 Min Sun Salutation Flow for Yoga Beginners to Learn the Basics

Welcome to Your 20 Minute Sun Salutation Flow for Beginners to Learn the Basics. 


Today’s vinyasa sequence is a beginner 20 minute sun salutation flow that breaks down, slows down and teaches important posture cues! This is the perfect beginner yoga class for those looking to build strength, learn more about alignment or for yoga teachers who’d like to teach beginner yoga vinyasa classes. This class includes a simple warm up sequence, modifications for new students, as well as breath work to help create a whole body experience. 


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If you landed here because you’re new to yoga, welcome! I’m so excited to have you here, beginning and living your yoga journey with me. 


And if you’re not new, stick with me because this class has something to offer everyone. 


How you may ask? 


It’s my belief we always benefit from remaining in the beginner’s mindset, and in this yoga sequence I’m asking you to approach it with a sense of newness, an open mind, and a curiosity for learning. 


When we’re willing to be students we build more than physical muscle and strength. 


Throughout today’s class, I invite you to ask yourself the following…


  • Where can I begin again?
  • How can I remain a beginner?
  • What habits help me do this? 


Strengthening your beginners mindset opens you up to lifelong growth, opportunities to learn, and to continue living your yoga on and off the mat. It serves as a reminder that yoga is more than physical postures, but that it’s also about taking the lessons you learn on the mat (breath steady, stay present, beginner’s mindset) off the mat and into your daily life. 


Now, let’s break down the traditional sun salutation. 


For my beginner students, let this breakdown help you get into the learners mindset, and for my experienced practitioners as a tool to refresh. 


A traditional sun salutation typically follows this sequence: 


  • Mountain (Tadasana) into Upward Salute (Urdhva Hastasana)
  • Upward salute to standing forward fold (Uttanasana)
  • Forward fold to half-way lift (Ardha-uttanasana)
  • Forward fold into plank pose
  • Plank pose into low pushup (Chaturanga Dandasana)
  • Low push up into upward facing dog (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana)
  • Upward facing dog into downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
  • Downward facing dog to half-way lift (at the top of the mat)  
  • Half-way lift to standing forward fold 
  • Standing forward fold to upward salute to mountain pose 


Cues and tips to keep in mind: 


  • Forward Fold: Find length in the spine by bending the knees and folding at the hip crease.
  • Plank into Low Pushup: Practicing chaturanga with knees down is the perfect way to build strength for this posture! It is important to keep elbows in while not dropping the shoulder below the elbow. 
  • Upward Facing Dog: Make the legs work here! Firm your tree trunks, spin the inner thighs up towards the sky, send your sacrum towards your heels, lengthen from pubic bone to the stern, roll shoulders open, and breathe. 
  • Downward Facing Dog: Engage shoulders here by turning the biceps out and pressing equally throughout the entire hand. Keep the knees bent to help lengthen and support the spine! Spinal health is more important than getting those heels down. 


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Your class today will include aspects of the traditional sun salutation, as well as modifications and important cuing to help with alignment. We’ll close with seated breathwork where I’ll encourage you to drop into that beginner’s mindset before stepping off the mat. 


So whether today is your first sun salutation or your 1,000th, it is my hope you learn, experience and appreciate something new about the yoga practice and your body. 


I’ll meet ya on the mat, 


Allie, xx


PS. Comment on the YouTube class when you finish with “I AM OPEN TO GROWTH” to let me know you’re on this learning journey with me! 

30 Min Gentle Yoga for Low Back Pain I Release Tension & Feel Better

30 Min Gentle Yoga for Low Back Pain I Release Tension & Feel Better

Welcome to your 30 Minute Gentle Yoga Class for Low Back Pain. 


Say hello to your slow down, get grounded and release tension gentle yoga class! In this restorative yoga flow, we’ll focus on nourishing your body, mind and soul through gentle movements to release low back pain and feel better, while also creating a sense of grounded and supported energy. 


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Today’s yoga class and theme are simple – I want you to walk away feeling nourished, restored and most importantly supported. 


Let’s talk about support (and yoga props). 


In the last restorative blog post, we chatted about how during a restorative yoga class we bring the autonomic nervous system (ANS) back to homeostasis by pumping the brakes on the sympathetic nervous system (flight or flight) and engaging the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and relax). 


For this yoga flow you’ll need a block and a bolster (a couple books and a pillow can work as well) to help facilitate finding that beautiful, centered feeling we get when we’re in a balanced, regulated state.  


How do yoga props create such magic? By being there to support you. 


As you move through today’s practice really lean into your props, let them do the work of holding you up. The props are there so you don’t have to do the work, and can instead focus on the sensations you’re feeling, while also relaxing and resting. 


When we practice yoga like this, letting the postures and props support us, it helps us create the capacity for more clarity, less reactivity, less judgement and ultimately, more awareness, which leads to us making choices that are in integrity with our values (enter feeling balanced). 


But first you gotta be willing to receive the support (step zero). 


Which is a life lesson that extends beyond the yoga mat, yeah? Extracting these on and off the yoga mat lessons is always my goal for this community! 


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Now before you go, let’s chat about the low back focus…


The majority of us carry stress and tension here, and low back discomfort is one of the number one concerns that sends people into the yoga world. This sort of constant, dull, really distracting kinda tension can hold us back from receiving support, releasing tension and feeling better in our backs & bodies. 


I know this because I’m in my own healing journey when it comes to low back and pelvic pain. 


Today’s 30 minute sequence contains postures such as supine twists, child’s pose and legs up the wall that are all designed to release that dull, achy, distracting tension (with the help of your props), so you can drop into feeling grounded and supported. I’ll also invite you to focus on the breath throughout the practice to remain present and ease mental indigestion. 


It’s simple, it’s sweet and I can’t wait to share this experience with you. 


I’ll meet ya on the mat, 


Allie, xx


ps. Leave a comment on the YouTube video saying “I AM SUPPORTED” so I know you’re part of this amazing yoga community and that this message is resonating with you!

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