30 Minute Vinyasa: Full Body Yoga Stretch

30 Minute Vinyasa: Full Body Yoga Stretch

Welcome to your 30 Minute Vinyasa Full Body Yoga Stretch class. 


In this fully body vinyasa sequence we’re going to create length and open space through twisting postures and a powerful core working sequence. Your class includes low lunge sun salutations variations, interwoven with yoga postures and dynamic movement to build core strength. Step on the mat for this total body yoga sequence and leave feeling stronger! 


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Now before you say no to any core work, chat with me about the why’s and what’s of this sequence. 


Why the core work? 


A strong core helps you with…


  • Giving you better posture
  • Supporting the mid to low back muscles
  • Helping you lift up out the hips & pelvis
  • Better balance and stability
  • Overall endurance & strength
  • Gets the abdominals, hips & pelvis to balance their workload


Notice I’m not talking about six packs, losing weight, or looking a certain way. 


I want you to take this class, not because you feel like your body isn’t good enough – but because you deserve to feel good in the body you have. 


Your core muscles are a major support system and a healthy core helps you move throughout your day without aches, pains or strains. I’m someone who is in the journey of working with this part of my body, of honoring what it needs and doing the work so my body is supported and pain free. 


I want you to feel strong, supported and stable in YOUR body as well. 


That’s the why’s of the core work. 


Now let’s chat about what’s of the sequence. 


Here’s what kind of postures you’ll be doing…


  • Dynamic crunches in sunbird
  • Working the core with a down dog kriya
  • Twisting in low lunge
  • Engaging the lower body in chair


You’ll repeat this sunbird series that includes twists and core work, move through the dynamic sun salutation series and end with a supportive pigeon (also twisting) and gentle twists on your back. 


Did you notice I’ve said twist and twisting a lot?


What’s with all that twisting? To help support the entire core and low back. 


In order to create balance, we’ll be twisting to release tension in the low back as well as counter the core work with movement that stretches and lengthens the abdominal muscles. 


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Are you feeling better about the core work yet?


Good, then unroll that yoga mat and let’s begin! 


Allie, xx

30 Minute Sun Salutation Slow Flow

30 Minute Sun Salutation Slow Flow

Welcome to your 30 Minute Sun Salutation Slow Flow. 


This class was designed to help you slow down, move with intention and focus on mindful awareness. Your slow flow sun salutation sequence includes gentle movements to warm up and postures to keep you centered, focused and build strength for this body, mind, soul experience. Use this flow as a practice in releasing self-judgement and a tool towards becoming more present with yourself! 


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Before you check out this class, I want to chat with you about self-judgement and mindful awareness when practicing yoga. 


We’re going to get deep here but stick it out with me, yeah? 


You’ve probably heard yoga teachers mention things like…


  • Becoming the witness
  • Letting go of mental chatter
  • Observing without judgement 
  • Being present and aware of the moment


And maybe you’ve been like okay, that’s nice, next posture please. 


The purpose of all those intentions though ties into this: non-judgemental awareness


To practice this awareness in yoga is to let go of the inner monologue and instead witness your asana, meditation, and pranayama without attachment, without stories, but also with curiosity. It means to explore sensations while staying in the moment, to observe feelings and emotions that arise, without judging yourself for anything that comes up.  


In this awareness, we let go of the concept that we are only our bodies and minds, and instead become the observer. 


Why? Once we can look past any judgements we hold about ourselves, our experiences or others in our life we can begin to make change. It is in this space of letting go we find our true selves, and all the possibilities of who we can be. This ties back into the crown chakra and limiting belief work we’ve discussed before. 


Once you find this awareness on the mat, you can begin to truly experience a self-awareness that leads to growth, because once you let go of judgements you can begin to make change. 


Alright, I told you it was going to get deep. 


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But if you’re reading this and thinking I can’t get to that state of mind Allie…


I’ve been on the yoga mat plenty of times and unable to ignore the inner monologue. 


I designed this class, both because of inspiration from fellow teachers and because I know what it feels like to be unable to let go. 


This kinda soul work is part of a lifelong practice, and it doesn’t come to anyone overnight. It is also what helps us take our intentions, our lessons, and our best selves from the mat and into the rest of the world. 


I’ll see ya on the mat, ready to create space and awareness with you. 


All my presence, 


Allie, xx

30 Minute Restorative Yoga for a Gentle Hip Stretch

30 Minute Restorative Yoga for a Gentle Hip Stretch

Welcome to your 30 Minute Restorative Yoga Gentle Hip Stretch Class. 


You’re in for a treat yogis! Your class is a sweet, simple, yet oh so effective yoga sequence to release tension from the hips. Grab your blocks and a bolster as we give ourselves a moment to rest in restorative postures that create length, stretch the hips, release tension, and reduce stress. You’ll leave the mat feeling restored and nourished, both in mind and body. 


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“Sometimes rest is the highest spiritual practice.” – Tom Yeomans


Now breath in, filling up your belly, ribs and chest. 


Let the breath go. 


Read the above quote one more time, because it’s so vital to our wellbeing & success. 


How often do we prioritize action over rest, which can lead to controlling versus going with the flow? 


Restorative yoga, and your hip class today, is about challenging this all to common experience. 


While having a strong drive to achieve and willpower isn’t a bad thing, the body, like all things in nature, needs balance. The practice of restorative yoga is one of the best tools for doing just that.


Alright, now let me nerd out with you for a second to explain…


As we all live in a society driven by success, so many of us experience things such as chronic stress and fatigue, and tension held throughout the body. During a restorative yoga class we bring the autonomic nervous system (ANS) back to homeostasis. Your ANS finds homeostasis by pumping the brakes on the sympathetic nervous system (flight or flight) and engaging the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and relax). Both systems influence our cognition, emotions, moods and sense of safety, and they rely on each other to create a sense of overall well being. 


Simply…when you’re burnt out, you can’t effectively direct your willpower. 


Why is it hard for us (and me) to slow down then? 


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Aside from being conditioned to always seek success, the longer we stay overworked and out of balance, the harder it can be to get back in touch with ourselves. The longer we ignore the voice that says rest, the harder it is to hear our body’s messages. 


Let’s bring this all back to this restorative hip class. 


For this class you’ll need a couple blocks (or books), a bolster or pillow and preferably a quiet space. It’s about slowinggg down and allowing your body to be supported, so it can let go and you can feel what’s happening. We focus on the hips, a place so many of us hold physical and emotional tension, with gentle hip openers and twists in between holding supported postures. 


Use the practice to invite the body and mind to fully let go, to disengage from the ego, and rest. 


Give yourself this 30 minute yoga practice to honor yourself. Light a candle or two, turn the lights down, and give yourself space to reconnect. 


I’ll see ya there, 


Allie, xx

30 Minute Full Body Sun Salutation Vinyasa Flow to Feel Powerful

30 Minute Full Body Sun Salutation Vinyasa Flow to Feel Powerful

Welcome to your 30 Minute Full Body Sun Salutation Vinyasa Flow. 


Step on your mat and together we’ll move through a full body yoga practice that includes strong upper body work, lower body strength building, and dynamic movements to help keep your focus on the mat. For this vinyasa sequence, we’ll do sun salutation variations and incorporate breath awareness to help you step off the mat feeling reconnected, powerful and full of purpose! 


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Who struggles with feeling disconnected from their body, strength and confidence? 


Guess what, I struggle with this too. 


And I’m guessing the majority of people reading this nodded yes. 


We’ve all heard the inner critic step up to voice their opinion. Whether this is an occasional occurrence or an every damn day feeling for you – I designed this yoga class to help us both reconnect to ourselves, purpose and self-worth, especially when those limiting beliefs start making themselves known. 


So how will this class help you? I’m glad you asked.


For this sun salutation sequence I’m encouraging you to face those beliefs of “not enough” and replace them with the exact opposite. I want you to remind yourself, as we move through the class, just how powerful you are. Use this sequence and time on the mat to build UP your well of self-esteem! 


To build on the experience of today’s class, I invite you use one of the following affirmations:




Repeat these affirmations during the class, afterwards in meditation, or write them down in your journal. Whatever works for YOU to help cement this positive belief into your consciousness, to help you take this lesson off the mat, and carry it into the rest of your day.


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Okay, now for those who want the flow details…


This flow has (as the name implies) strong postures to work the whole body. We’ll start by warming up the body and spine with a dynamic bridge followed by a seated cat cow, then working our way to a downward dog kriya. From there the upper body gets love with cobra and pushups, as we begin to flow through sun salutation variations. I’ll be cuing you to bring awareness to your navel center, to work the core, and tap into your power there. To seal our time together we ground with lower body stretching and twisting. 


Now, let’s unroll those yoga mats and find our confidence. 


See ya there yogis,


Allie, xx

Wake Up Yoga: Full Body Yoga Flow for Energy

Wake Up Yoga: Full Body Yoga Flow for Energy

Welcome to your 30 Minute Full Body Yoga Flow to Wake Up. 


Unroll your yoga mat and challenge yourself in this full body power yoga morning flow to enliven and awaken your energy. In this vinyasa sequence, we’ll move through strong poses and dynamic movements to build strength throughout the whole body. Step off the mat feeling a little sweaty, enlivened and most importantly – empowered to have a great day! 


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Here’s the thing – your yoga mat is more than a piece of exercise equipment. 


Whether you have a dedicated yoga space, a small corner of a room, a spot amid the chaos of kids and daily living – your mat is a sacred space. You don’t need Instagram worthy house plants and perfect white walls to find your power on and off the mat. I’m talking from experience, from living on a boat with just enough space to lay a mat down and trying to practice with my husband just feet (or less) away. Your power, inner fire and infinite human magic can always be reached through your yoga practice. 


Maybe you’re thinking, okay Allie, but I struggle to get on the mat period and now you want me to do a strong practice first thing in the morning? 


Yes, but hear me out. 


Together on the mat we’re going to work through a strong physical practice designed to wake up the body and enliven our energy. By facing our physical edges and realizing our own strength, we step off the mat ready to face any challenge that comes our way. 


That’s where this full body morning power flow really creates the magic. By empowering you to take on the rest of your day…… in just 30 minutes!


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For those of you feeling a bit nervous about the flow, let’s break it down a bit. 


We start by creating length and space throughout the body with a delicious child’s pose and side stretching sequence, before moving into upper body warm-ups, like puppy pose and sphinx. Then we move into our strengthening segment with a dynamic down dog sequence, low lunge sun salutations to keep building length, and a variation on the traditional sun salutation B sequence. 


Alright, ready to take on the day, and embrace your strength?


I’ll meet ya on the mat, 


Allie, xx

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