Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate and personal home yoga teacher.

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Welcome to the Journey



Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate
and personal home yoga teacher.


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my free morning yoga class pack –
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Welcome to the chakra series – if you want to know more about your inner workings, how Eastern and Western philosophies unite, and how your physical self relates to your emotional, mental, and spiritual self….


Then you’re 100% in the right place!


Today, we’re exploring the sixth chakra – Ajna.


Let me warn you – it’s getting a bit weird here. As we travel up the spinal column, further away from the solid/dense chakras, we make our way into the spiritual and transcendent space. This space is unknown to the majority, including me, and is rarely tapped into on a deeper level – mostly because we don’t know how and/or haven’t done the work on our lower chakra system.


I’ve noticed when reading my chakra manual, it’s becoming a tad harder to understand the concepts being presented + stay focused and interested in the material. I will do my VERY BEST to explain the sixth chakra, but please – be patient & open to the below concepts.


So with that said, let’s get into it friends – below is a DEEP breakdown of the your third eye chakra/the sixth chakra/the Ajna chakra.


The Chakra Series: Ajna - Pin now, learn about your third eye later!

Pin now, learn about your chakras later!

Sixth Chakra Basics:


The sixth chakra is our center of intuition and it’s centered around our awareness, wisdom, intuition, imagination, and realization.


  • English term – the third eye chakra
  • Location –  the space between the eyebrows
  • Element – Mind
  • Color – Indigo
  • Mantra – AUM
  • Descriptive words – light, color, seeing, intuition, imagination, vision
  • Function – seeing, intuition
  • Malfunction – blindness, headaches, nightmares, eyestrain, blurred vision
  • Meaning – to perceive, to command


The Location:


The sixth chakra, Ajna, is the first to be located in the head. Immediately this makes it a more mental, spiritual chakra. It’s location corresponds to the pineal gland, a cone-shaped gland located in the center of our head at eye level…. hence the third eye reference.


Deeper Definition:


The sixth chakra revolves around the ability to see – both inner and outer. And the Sanskrit term, Ajna, translates to – “to perceive” and then “to command”. When broken down, this refers to how we digest images through perception, but also how these images are then formed into our own reality, our personal vision.


Let’s dive into how this works.




In the fifth chakra, we touched on vibration, for this wheel we move into a higher, faster vibration – visible light.


The book goes super deep into the breakdown of light, atoms, molecules, and photons. I’ll attempt to summarize the point without royally making zero sense.


Light travels the fastest of any elements discussed thus far – Earth, water, fire, air, and sound – precisely at 186,000 miles per second. This intense speed is what further distances the sixth chakra from the physical realm and into the  transcendental world.




How we perceive light is determined by the color – oddly enough. Color is created by various frequencies in the wavelengths of light, the hotter colors (reds, oranges, yellows) create a lower frequency and the cooler colors (green, blue, violet) create a higher frequency.


I find this concept surprising, the hotter and cooler energy levels. Reds and oranges feel like fireballs with power behind them, but as the book states – “Hot and cool are our own subjective assessments, and say little about the actual energy of the light.” 


When we study the chakra system and the correlating concepts with what’s being presented here, it makes sense how the colors were chosen/positioned. Red, the first chakra, represents the lowest frequency of light, and each chakra thereafter continues this progression up the ladder of light frequency.




Warning you now, we’re heading a bit deeper into woo-woo/scientific land – stick with me babes!


We, people with functional eyesight, digest 99% of our information through our sight, more than any other organ or sensory means. This information is a pattern that communicates relationships back to us – form, size and shape, color, intensity, location, movement, and behavior.


Even more interesting is…. our eyes aren’t what’s actually seeing when we digest this information, it’s our minds that do the work, the translation of it all.




Below is a snippet from the book that clearly explains this piece of the sixth chakra:


“The words clear and seeing quite accurately describe the processes involved: to be clairvoyant, we need to look in the spaces that are clear – to look at the fields of energy, not at the objects themselves; to look at relationships, not things; to see the world as whole, and to reach with our minds directly and clearly for the information we want. The more clarity we have within ourselves, the better we’re able to see the subtle properties of the world around us.” – Anodea Judith


Tips to Stay Balanced:


  • Scan your life for the most prevalent colors you surround yourself with and recognize if this color correlates to a specific chakra – maybe it’s your strong wheel of energy or possibly one that you need to strengthen
  • To strengthen a specific chakra, try surrounding yourself with the correlating color through your clothing and home decor
  • Practice meditation and incorporate the chakra colors. Imagine each color traveling down through the crown of the head and stopping at the chosen location, for example – visualize the color red, inhale the color down through your crown chakra, down the spinal column, and let it land at the base of your spine – hold this color here for 5 breaths. Continue to do this with each chakra and the corresponding color.
  • The simplest strengthening tool is – pure meditation with a focus on the center of the head or the space between the eyebrows


Yoga Poses:


  • Handstand
  • Forward Folds
  • Hip Openers
  • Palming the Eyes


The Chakra Series: Ajna - Pin now, learn about your third eye later!

The Chakra Series: Ajna - Pin now, learn about your third eye later!

The Chakra Series: Ajna - Pin now, learn about your third eye later!

The Chakra Series: Ajna - Pin now, learn about your third eye later!

The Chakra Series: Ajna - Pin now, learn about your third eye later!



Mantra Meditation:


For each chakra, there’s a corresponding seed sound or what can be thought of as a mantra meditation tool.


  • Ajna Mantra – AUM


If your work lies here –  seeing clearly, focusing on corresponding colors, defining your reality through visualization – then use this mantra to help inspire and support your journey. I’ve included a link above about mantra meditation and all that it encompasses to help start the meditation process.


Also, in the book mentioned above (Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith), she provides a yogic eye exercise and a color meditation + a beautiful opening meditation. I highly recommend reading/doing both of these!


How are we feeling about this chakra? Is it too much to digest and interpret into your daily lifestyle?


I highly recommend investing in the book mentioned here as she goes into MUCH greater depth about each chakra, and specifically helps break down these harder to understand concepts (that I’m attempting to explain – LOL).


And that wraps up our second to last chakra, eeeeeek! We’ve got one more to go, the crown chakra! Thanks for tuning in, for being a part of this series, and for giving me the opportunity to focus on my chakra journey + teach you along the way.




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