Whoa. It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a body, mind, soul check in with our tribe.

Life got a bit away from me, but simultaneously, so incredibly close to me too. Weird how that works, right.

Anyway – I’m back and ready to lay it all on ya. I’m here to word vomit my goals. Update you on my life happenings (the big, little and epic). Reflect on the months past. Set some live my journey intentions for moving forward.

And once you’re done reading mine, it’s time to start doing the same in your world – cultivate awareness, create action, achieve your goals, and reflect on your hard work that’s passed.

You dig?

Good, let’s get started, because hot damn – I have a lot to cover.

The Big Announcement

Oh man tribe, I’ve been keeping this baby a secret for years, actual years – like two.

Myers and I are leaving our beloved home, the Zen Den, our family, our friends and our careers to set sail for a new adventure. We have planned, saved, worked our asses off, manifested, doubted ourselves, confided in our closest friends/family and the time has come to literally….

Set Sail

We are going sailing, permanently.

Selling all of our shit. Furniture. Cars. Toys. Clothing. Techy things. Kitchenware. Broken boats. Jewelry. You name it – we are selling it and starting anew – on the water, on a sailboat for a home, with a dream to travel the world by boat.

…… yes, we might be slightly crazy, but it’s the kinda crazy we absolutely love and are ready to live (for better or worse).

So. I imagine if you’ve been following my journey for a while that your head is SPINNING with thoughts, questions, ideas and wonder (or is that just my head spinning). Either way – below are the most common questions + answers to our sailing adventure.

How Long?

Well, we have zero clue. In a perfect world, four to five years. In reality, who knows.

You’ll have to keep watching + following to see for yourself….

Sailing Plans?

We found our new home in Antigua + Barbuda, a 1991 52′ Tayana with three bedrooms + two bathrooms. She is a big, beautiful safe vessel that will shelter us, challenge us, but most importantly – love us (and we will love her).

Our plan is to hang out + adjust to camping on the water through the months of June and July, then we will travel further south, stopping at each island along the way, and wait for the hurricane season to pass us by.

While we wait, we’ll be adjusting to life on the water, scuba diving our hearts out, learning how to run an online business from the sea, and generally relaxing + enjoying each other’s company – hello being with your husband 24/7 – how hella weird.


Come November/December – we’ll begin to work our way back up through the Caribbean and towards Florida – exploring the many islands that makeup the Caribbean.

And after this….. again, who knows.

If life is great, if we enjoy this new lifestyle, if our business (The Journey Junkie Community) is thriving – it’s our goal to cross the Pacific and begin to explore that side of the world via our new home.

Insane, I know, but it feels like the good kinda insane.

What about The JJ?

The Journey Junkie is and will be our number one priority as we adjust to this new lifestyle. Yes – being connected all the damn time will be impossible – and probably best for my psyche, creative process, and the evolution of me + the JJ in the long run. But real talk, I won’t be as connected all the time.

And it’s okay. It’s okay.

….. think I’m talking to myself in this moment, already having separation anxiety.

Here’s our initial goals/intentions:

  • Continue weekly yoga videos via YouTube + filmed on various islands (holy epic, right)
  • Continue 2x weekly blog posts
  • Continue weekly emails, possibly moving to bi-monthly (depending on our location)
  • Continue cultivating the Live Your Journey Community
  • Launch the Body Mind Soul Detox again (this Fall)
  • Launch a yoga video donation platform to help a sista out while sailing +  filming + bending + breathing
  • Start leading yoga + life inspiration retreats – eeeeeek!
  • Create a sailing YouTube channel to document our travel experiences
  • Blog about travel again – thank the lord
  • Create + launch brand new programs….. because time will be on our side, so why not

And that’s the BIG Announcement, no big deal, just your everyday life changes – as my stomach is in knots writing this and I could puke, stop breathing, scream and pass out all at the same time.

Yup, everyday life happening, nothing to see here.

So tribe. That’s the major JAM for today’s post. I have a lot more to cover below, but as these changes start to unfold + manifest, I want to say….

Thank You.

Thank you. Thank you Thank you.

For your unwavering support, loyalty, connection and spirit. Please hear this – we would NEVER BE SAILING + making this HUGE LIFE CHANGE if it wasn’t for this community right here (aka you, my friend).

You are our biggest motivators, inspiration, support and reason for living the journey.

So one more time – THANK YOU.

Truth + Dare (the podcast)

In other news…

The Truth + Dare Podcast is LIVE, we are rolling, we are creating, we are building community, we are connecting, and we are nonstop talking. Like endless, insane amounts of talking.

But to be clear, Carly (my co-hostess) and I love to talk, hence why we started a podcast.

If you haven’t checked me + ma girl out yet, please take a moment to tune in, subscribe, and join the conversation. Below is where you can find us + do all of that:

Truth + Dare Podcast - Pin now, listen now, live your truth now, and dare to change now!

A movement dedicated to female empowerment through living our truth and daring to change! Come join us!

And there’s one more important thing.

My friend Carly, the co-hostess of the podcast, yeh that girl.

She’s coming sailing!

…..with her boyfriend in tow, who’s an absolute gem.

The four of us will be venturing off into the unknown together, which is the most comforting thing on the planet when starting a brand new way of living. Our friends. Basically my sister. My business bestie. Soul sista. By my side.

Your next thought might be kinda like….. what about the podcast?

Well, here’s the plan:

  • Continue to release weekly episodes
  • Create an EPIC program for 2017 – we already got that shit brainstormed, now we need to create it
  • Co-lead retreats, because like we say in our About Us, it’s so much better when we’re in it together
  • Pursue our life coach certifications + all the spiritual/life training we can afford/attend

And for real, that’s all the surprises I’ve got up my sleeve (for now anyway).

Reflection Time

Lastly – let’s reflect.

At the time of this post going live, the first ever Body  Mind Soul Detox has wrapped.

It’s my first online program, product, thing with a number attached to my worth kinda thing. The entire program took six months to create, six freaking months.

A lot of sacrifice. A lot of money. A lot of time. And so much effort.


It was so worth it.

To put it mildly, I cultivated more than my yearly salary in one month of selling an online program (three years of creating a community tho). I proved to myself, my husband, my family, my friends, and our community that this online thing is real. It’s not just yoga butterflies and unicorns.

This a business and it’s here to stay.

….. a business that does require my full attention, energy and all my creativity, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For those of you reading + wondering how I created the Body Mind Soul Detox program and how I manifested the guts to put a price on my worth, below are my lessons learned and what I offer to you.

Step 1: Awareness

First and foremost, the practice of knowing what your community needs + wants is monumental.

After three years or blogging, one year of  creating online yoga classes, and a year of creating + leading yoga challenges, I had a lot of experience and most importantly – a lot of conversations with my tribe.

People wanted, whether they knew it or not, WAY MORE than just a yoga class. They wanted a LIFE CHANGE.

And let’s be honest, there’s hundreds of free yoga resources all over the Internet, so just selling yoga classes wouldn’t serve me or the community.

I also knew, from my personal journey, that when we combine the physical practice of yoga, the quiet moments of mindfulness, healthy habits and self-reflective work – that the outcome will result in change.

It’s destined to, so long as we do the work.


By tuning into what the community was communicating via blog post comments, private emails, private messages, within our private Facebook group, and on their personal social media pages, I became aware of what needed to be done.

And once the awareness kicked in, that was it.

The Body Mind Soul Detox was born.

Step 2: Intuition

Once the ideas is born, usually what happens next is the dreaded doubt moment.

Will this work? Will anyone buy it? How will I create it? Can I learn new technology? Again – will anyone freaking buy it? Am I wasting my time? Who am I to charge X amount of dollars?

This will happen, prepare for it, meet your doubts, get comfortable with them, and then tell them to

Fuck Right Off.

If you’re tuning into intuition – your third eye chakra center – then your doubts serve zero purpose on the pursuit to live  your journey.

Period. End of story. Mic drop.

Step 3: Action

Next up – you must act.

Create an outline. Break the project down into bite sized pieces. Set deadlines. Hold yourself accountable. Allow for breaks. Keep working. Sacrifice what you no longer need. Cultivate habits you do need.

Put pen to paper. Put fingers to the keyboard.

Create. Create. Create.

Stay up late. Wake up early. Use your lunch break.

Do whatever it is YOU NEED TO DO to act.

….. and of course, keep telling your doubts to fuck right off during the process.

Step 4: Willpower

Like I said above, it’s about sacrifice.

If you’re attempting to live your journey, push your boundaries, and create something from you – be prepared to miss social gatherings, not indulge in adult beverages, not sleep in, not spend your afternoon shopping, lunching or lounging.

Be ready to work and work hard.

This is the moment to tap into your Manipura chakra, your solar plexus, your space of transformation, warrior like energy, movement and fire. Let yourself burn here, you can handle it!

Step 5: Seek Support

I quickly learned in the past year that I can’t do it all, and I shouldn’t have to do it all.

The key to epic success is the people whom you surround yourself with, your tribe, and your support.

Don’t be afraid to spend the money for resources, time or efforts. I promise – investing in you help will increase your capabilities tenfold.

If we’re talking specifics to the creation of the Body Mind Soul Detox, here’s who + what I invested in:

  • monthly programs that host + hold all of the content
  • music collaboration for meditations
  • audio editor for meditations
  • jewelry designer for mala necklace collaboration
  • course sales page designer/developer
  • creative designer for all marketing/worksheets collateral
  • JJ website developer
  • monthly massages to help reduce stress/doubts/fears
  • supporting my husband in back rubs + meals – the videographer/photographer
  • Facebook advertising

As you can see babes, it takes work to create magic!

Step 6: Support Your Tribe

Whether people decide to join your program or not, it’s imperative that you continue to support the entire community.

For me, this means staying present in both private Facebook groups, continuing weekly emails, posting on social media both for #thejjcommunity + the #bodymindsouldetox and sharing our podcast as a way to connect + grow.

Don’t leave anyone behind, ever.

Step 7: Gratitude

When it’s all said and done, when the fruits of your hard efforts are unfolding, when you have accomplished what you set out to achieve….

Take a moment to be grateful.

For yourself. For the people that supported you. For the people who invested in you. And for the people who makeup your community.

Find small ways to show you care, whether that’s a handwritten note, a physical gift, an extra online freebie, or taking a personal break to enjoy the moment.

Just get grateful.

It finally hit me, today in the shower. I did it. I had an idea. I wrote that shit down. I made a plan. I carved out creative time. I sought help. I sacrificed what a normal twenty year (almost thirty) year old person does. I believed in me. I totally fucking doubted myself. I cried. I had moments of panic. I didn’t think it could manifest. But it fucking did. And it manifested MORE than I could have ever imagined. The Body Mind Soul Detox was just an idea a year ago. It held no water. It had no legs. No one “really” believed it could, would or should produce the results it did. . . BUT IT DID . . I successfully turned a yoga hobby blog into a thriving, live off my creative efforts business. And it feels FANTASTIC. . . Follow your ideas people, work hard at them, root down into what you want, and rise up to the person you know you can be! . . If you’re part of #thejjcommunity and the #bodymindsouldetox – THANK YOU for believing in me all these years, months, weeks and days! I wouldn’t be here without you – #forevergrateful 💫 . . And you better believe I had a serious shower dance/cry/hands raised/dance some more moment with myself 🤗

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Step 8: Reality + Reflect

And lastly.

Have a fucking party for yourself!

Like legit, throw yourself a celebration, because YOU DID IT. You took what was once an idea, a whisper in the wind, a tug on your heart, an intuitive call to create. and you listened, did the work, created the thing, and helped others in the process.

Don’t skip this step, ever.

That’s the jam tribe.

Not too many words, ideas, thoughts, revelations, lessons – right!?!?!?

Just the perfect amount if you ask me, like 2455 words perfect. 

Thank you for reading ALL THE WAY TO HERE – seriously, that was a long way. I hope you’re just as excited for me + our community for what will begin to unfold in the coming months, how my life will change living on the sea, and the many lessons learned that have yet to come.

As always – please leave your questions, comments, suggestions and general live your journey/we’re leaving to sail/holy wow life is crazy thoughts down below.

Until next time, xoxo.



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