Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate and personal home yoga teacher.

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Welcome to the Journey



Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate
and personal home yoga teacher.


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my free morning yoga class pack –
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Oh hey journey babes, what’s up?


It’s been such a month, such a summer, and such a whirlwind of life.


I have to admit that while life has unfolded absofuckingbeautifully over the past few months, I am simply tired.


Like so damn tired.


As I sit here and write this post, I’ve just returned from a short but jam-packed trip to visit family and stand by our friends sides while they tied the knot….oh and it was way up in Georgia, like way up there, meaning this babe drove the entire 9 hour drive home (you’re welcome husband).


And aside from this small trip, life is only getting busier. Whether it’s a wedding, family event, or filming my butt off in the Zen Den, there’s always something to do and somewhere to be. It’s more than overwhelming, it’s all consuming.


Journey Junkie Happenings:



If you’ve allowed me space in your precious inbox, then this rut + overwhelmed state is no surprise to you. I basically spilled all my beans for everyone to read, which resulted in many courageous email replies about how you too feel this same way.


Which leads me to this final conclusion……


We’re all trying to do the damn thing.


Some days are easier than others, other days are so freaking hard, and then some days aren’t even worth mentioning. But at the foundation of it all, we simply want to feel and do our best.


We want connection, love, praise, acceptance, community, success, purpose, passion, and direction.


We want it all.


And guess what friends, we can have it all. But to have it all, like the whole damn thing, we must realize that it takes consistency, small steps to create leaps, awareness, and purposeful intention. It takes work, really hard work, mixed with dedication, and topped off with a whole lotta love (both self-love and external love).


So for this month, I’m only focusing on me, Allie, the girl behind this screen.


I won’t chat about yoga, travel, or The Journey Junkie, but instead – a girl who needs some direction, clarity, and a giant dose of love.


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Here we go.


September 2016 Monthly Goals + Reflections - Pin now, set your goals now!

September 2016 Monthly Goals + Reflections – Pin now, set your goals now!


Positive Habits:


I know, you know, we all know that positive + consistent habits lead to big, badass, beautiful results.


But interestingly enough, these habits are some of the hardest rituals to cultivate. I write down, month after month, my goals for what I’d like to create  – whether it be yoga, business, or personal – yet even with publishing all my ish out to this community, I still leave myself high and dry.


I don’t do the work.


I have a small inkling that this goes back to me being overwhelmed, which is totally normal and OKAY when trying to juggle two jobs, six writers, a social media intern, a relationship (both personal and external), plus the long ass laundry list of other goals/to-dos I’ve set.


So yeah, overwhelmed is the first key to unlocking the lack of positive habiting (new word, don’t care).


The second key is removing whatever possible from the overwhelmed state. For me, it’s the constantly being plugged in, never shutting down, always being attached to a screen situation.


It’s draining me, hardcore. 


And while a lot if I can control – social media scrolling, online shopping, web browsing – there’s a huge portion that I can’t control…..because I’m pursuing an online career as a yoga teacher + inspirational influencer.


This is the crux of the situation, I’m craving balance.


The solution I’ve come to is – shut down digital devices by 9 pm. And yes, for those of you who are also online movers + shakers, there will be times when that just can’t happen. But generally, I can follow this rule.


Here’s my reasoning behind why this will work:


Shut digital down by 9 pm trickles down to –

  • An opportunity to read in the evening, spend quality time with my man, and get my booty to bed earlier.
  • A more rested sleep will lead to earlier mornings where I can be uber productive (with a warm cup of coffee in my hand).
  • Earlier mornings will also equal an opportunity to move my body and/or meditate.
  • Earlier + productive mornings will trickle into the day ahead, boosting my energy levels and helping me to stay focused.
  • Overall – I think it will lead to a more relaxed and rested state…..or let’s freaking hope so!


Now it’s your turn.


Identify one major thing that’s messing with your life and commit to changing that one thing. Then, create a trickle down effect list that will manifest from you changing this one thing.


Feel free to display this list prominently in your life as a reminder of what is YOU WANT.


Letting Go:


That headline immediately screams to me – cliche as hell.


And it is.


It’s a line that we see every freaking where and are told constantly, and there’s a reason for that – letting go is crucial to our health and well-being. This simple, yet always incredibly hard act allows us to cleanse the body, mind and soul of preconceived ideas that aren’t manifesting to be true.


For example – a relationship with someone you envisioned to be perfect, a business idea that completely flopped, a workout program that’s not producing the expected results, or a career path that’s not fulfilling your creative needs.


These are all ideas we’ve made up,  before they actually came true.


And because we, our tricky ego minds, like to visualize the outcome before the beginning has even truly started, we end up in a place of disappointment, comparison, and sometimes depression.


So, obviously I’m experiencing quite a bit of this, as you can gather from this long paragraph on the topic. And because I’m one to kick our ego to the curb & challenge predispotioned ideas, let’s all do this together.


  • Write down a list of things that aren’t working in your life.
  • Reach out one aloud and follow it up by saying – Let It Go or maybe if you love bad words (like me) say – Let that Shit Go!
  • Either save this list as a reminder of what doesn’t serve you or perform some type of significant ritual, like burning the piece of paper, burying it, or allowing it to float away in a body of water.


Improved Intentions:


We’re on the final step of this journey, hang tight friends.


To reflect, we’ve identified one goal or change that will create a positive habit forming trickle down effect+ created a list of shit we need to let go. And now that we’re clear headed, let’s jump into the action planning piece.


Action planning or intention setting looks different for everyone, simply because we are all different. Below are a few ideas to bring our improved intentions to life.


  • Do something visual – a vision board, the chalkboard method, or a simple white board with your one trickle down goal.
  • Use a journal/notebook to record your goals, thoughts, to-dos, and results. I’m flirting with the idea of starting a bullet journal to bring more process and clarity around my work.
  • Use online tools to help organize + inspire you. Some of my favorites are Google Calendar (necessary tool), Evernote (for brainstorming note taking and ), and as always – Pinterest for research and creative ideas.


Remember journey babes and myself – whatever the improved intentions are – they must be clear, realistic, and achievable. Of course, it’s going to require hard work and consistent effort, but it’s my hope that by being authentic with one another, we can set realistic goals and continue to achieve those goals.


And that’s that friends.


Another month has passed, a new one has begun, and with each month we have the opportunity to refresh, reset, and reconnect.


If the idea of monthly goal setting is new to you, please join me & start jotting down your monthly intentions + reflect on the month past. It’s a wonderful process for discovering your strengths, weaknesses, pressures, and opportunities. And trust me, regardless of whether the goal is met, it’s still beneficial.


So get on with your beautiful, badass self & start creating the life you want and deserve.


Let’s Talk – Do you track your goals? Do you physically write down what you want? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the many ideas and giant list of life to-dos? Do you have any tips for me + the readers of what’s working in your life?


As always – comments, suggestions, questions, or general goal setting love is welcome down below.


Until next time, xoxo.


September 2016 Monthly Goals + Reflections - Pin now, set your goals now!

September 2016 Monthly Goals + Reflections – Pin now, set your goals now!



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