Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate and personal home yoga teacher.

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Welcome to the Journey



Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate
and personal home yoga teacher.


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my free morning yoga class pack –
a week of short yoga videos to start
your day with purpose. 




Summer is literally around the corner…


Longer days, blue skies, and endless sunshine await us. 


We are patiently counting down the moments till bikini clad beach days, outdoor brunching, and sun-kissed skin. It couldn’t come soon enough! If you live in Florida like moi, then summertime is all the time, and even more the reason to be prepared!


Summer Essnetials for Every Girl

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Below are MY go-to products and necessities for the warm months ahead! I always have these items on hand because who knows when a beach/boat day will occur – better to be overly prepared than under. As a side note: all of the links will redirect to the products or the closest version I can find of the product.


1. Bikini


Well this one’s a no brainer – duh! With the bikini world always bursting at the seams with new brands & fresh designs, it can become quite difficult to make a selection. And with the majority of bikinis easily totaling over $150, the decision-making can even be painful.


To help make this process easier and rewarding, check out my good friend’s bikini shop – Goddess Swimwear. Trish is the mastermind behind these hand crafted bikinis and they sell at a great price point too! Not only are the prints eye-catching and unique, the bottoms will catch even more eyes. Trust me girls!


Aside from the fact that Trish is a good friend, it’s so incredibly important for us to support local, handmade, independent businesses. The world is in desperate need of creativity, fresh thoughts, courage to move outside the box, and a tenacity to get things done. That’s Goddess Swimwear in a few short words. Check her out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


2. Sunglasses


Another no brainer. I know these are obvious but that’s why the title is essentials! While Target glasses can get you very far and their styles are absolutely adorable, there’s something about a quality pair of glasses. For me – I’ m a Ray-Ban girl, through and through. I love their classic styles and the price point doesn’t kill the bank account either. Here’s my favorite pair!


rayban sunglasses, jewelry, tapestry


3. Tapestry


A tapestry is a great alternative to a towel or beach cover up. It’s big enough to spread out on the beach and lay your booty down, light enough to throw into a purse or beach bag, and flexible enough to tie around the body. How do you like that for a summertime essential!


Not only are tapestries super useful, they’re also beautiful and come in many shapes & sizes. I’ve started to collect tapestries from all over the world, music festivals, and from my favorite online retailers – it’s a great souvenir that can be used time and time again. Click here to check out my favorites.


4. Sunscreen


This essential goes without saying. And my mother would be incredibly proud of me for including it! As our mothers and the medical world have so adamantly told us – make sure to wear & reapply that sunscreen! It took me many years to acknowledge that sunscreen even existed, I know my poor skin. But now that I’ve woken the f*ck up, it’s time to lather that ish on. And then lather it on again.


As a girl who’s prone to super oily skin and lots of friendly pimples, I tend to be selective in the sunscreen category, specifically selective with what I rub on my face, neck, and chest areas. So here’s a few of my favorites out there:




5. Jewelry


Jewelry, especially bracelets, are my absolute weakness. I’m a sucker for stacking arm candy down my entire wrist, it’s a problem friends. But in all seriousness, jewelry is a great way to accessorize any beach look and give it that extra oomph.


These beautiful jewels are from Love Light Stones. The creator of this line is incredibly in tune with what us yoga beach loving babes like and she doesn’t fail to deliver. Like ever. I’m constantly browsing her Etsy shop and Insta page for what’s new or if there’s a flash sale. Hurry – go check out her shop right now!


6. Hair products


Last on the list and definitely not least, the essentials for self hair love. While we absolutely love the summer months, our hair might not have the same opinion. The heat + salt water + chlorine + humidity = a total mess. It’s scary to even type that out.


I highly recommend checking out the Alterna Bamboo beach collection below. There’s something for every summer problem:



There you have it summer babes of the world.


I know loads of essentials were left out of this list, so please comment below with your favorite summer must-haves!


Us girls can use as much insider scoop as possible, so share the knowledge & love. Happy Summer!


Summer Essentials for Every Girl

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