The darkness has arrived tribe, let’s surrender into it together, yeah?


….. or shall I say, winter is coming like John Snow. Now if only his sexy self showed up here!


Okay but real talk, the winter solstice is upon us, a seasonal transition that marks the shortest day of the year and the longest night. This moment in time is an invitation to surrender inward, accept the darkness, and plant your seeds of intention for the springtime that lies ahead.


Not sure how to do all of that?


Don’t worry, I GOT YOU!


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Today’s meditation is a guided experience to welcome the winter solstice, surrender to the darkness, and return to your light. Together we will release what no longer serves us, think things like self-doubt, negative self-talk, dimming your light, not living up to your potential, and coloring inside the lines, and in it’s place, we’ll welcome rebirth and renewal.


Some of the questions you will hear are noted below if you wish to further expand upon them in any way:


  • What are you ready to release?
  • Who do you no longer want to be?
  • What habits are holding you back? What is taking up too much space?
  • Is your negative self-talk too loud? Are you tired of dimming your light?
  • Are you ready to break up with your excuses?
  • Is someone or something weighing you down?
  • Are you fed up with fitting in, following the rules, and not living up to your full potential?


Lastly, let’s touch on the mantra I offer you…..




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If you’ve meditated with me before, you know I’m a big fan of using mantras for the silent portion of the meditation. I find them useful for keeping the mind present and helping to sink the message further into my being. But like everything I teach here, you do you babe. Use the mantra, make up a new one, or don’t use on at all. This is your meditation experience, own it, and enjoy it.


Now with that said, bring yourself into a seated position, hit that play button, and let’s meditation together to welcome the winter solstice!



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  • Quick reminder  the first ever Body Mind Soul Studio
  • Surrender Will Feminine Masculine Yin Yang Sukha Shtira Mukti Bhukti
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