Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate and personal home yoga teacher.

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Welcome to the Journey



Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate
and personal home yoga teacher.


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my free morning yoga class pack – 
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Whoa. I can’t believe we did it.


We are finally sharing the behind the scenes of our life at sea.


For the longtime JJ vets, family, and friends – you’ve been patiently awaiting this day, and for that, Myers thanks you. He’s been hard at work this past year, learning how to sail Alfie, fixing our new home, and of course – editing yoga videos.


For the newcomers, welcome to our life aboard Alfie – a 52’ sailboat that we’ve been living and cruising on since December 2017. After three years of manifesting, dreaming, and planning, we finally jumped ship and said YES to our greatest adventure yet.


We quit our corporate careers, sold everything that couldn’t come aboard, and flew to the Caribbean where Alfie was waiting.


Now a bit about us, just in case you’re new around here (or need a refresher), then let’s chat about this badass year in review sailing video.


Myers is the epitome of a born and raised Floridian.


He came out of the womb and landed directly onto a boat, where he pretty much stayed every weekend from the time he was a boy up until now. Between inter-coastal dinghy expeditions to offshore fishing, to competitive sailboat racing, to lakeside cruising (aka partying), to becoming a certified diver at age 12, to never in his life not owning a boat, to now living and sailing on our sailboat – he’s the essence of a fish out of water.


Before jumping ship, he was a civil engineer/construction project manager, which greatly helps us now that we live on a boat!


He’s the resident handyman!


Allie also grew up in Florida, but only frequented boats and beaches for the purpose of sunbathing! Her water experiences were quite limited until meeting Myers, who expanded her relationship with the ocean tenfold.


He ranks her as a C+ in the sailing/water department (I’ll take it LOL)!


Before jumping ship, Allie worked in the marketing industry, but also became a yoga teacher. She then combined her yoga teacher passion with her marketing skills to create an online yoga community called The Journey Junkie.


This community is how we sustain our sailing adventure!


It’s so nice to meet you, now onto the video.


Because our first sailing video rewinds to the very beginning of this journey, we’re talking three years ago people, we thought to ourselves……


Let’s kick this new chapter off with a year in review.


In under ten minutes, we highlight our first year at sea.


We started the journey in Antigua, where we purchased Alfie, then sailed south to Guadeloupe, Les Saintés, Carriacou, and Grenada. From Grenada, we traveled north through the Grenadines to St. Lucia, then back down through the Grenadines to Grenada where we spent the hurricane season.


We left Grenada (for a final time, we miss this special place) and headed north for our final Caribbean adventure. This took us back through our favorite islands of Bequia, St. Lucia, Les Saintés, and Antigua.


From here, we journeyed to Saint Martin, all through the British, United, and Spanish Virgin Islands, and onward to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and as I write this – we are on a four day passage headed for Jamaica.


I believe that amounts to some 3000 NM we’ve sailed and 12 countries visited by boat this year.


…… not to mention, we also learned how to manage and lead the JJ community from sea, which has been no easy feat!


In this first video, expect to see snippets of us leaving Florida, putting Alfie in the water, getting our belongings from customs (three months later), swimming, snorkeling, free diving, scuba diving, meeting locals, fishing, napping, meditating, welcoming family & friends aboard, sailing, sailing, and more sailing……


But what’s truly highlighted in this video is the amount of living we did this year.


We embodied the mantra I hold so dear – Live Your Journey.


So, what can you expect regarding these long awaited sailing videos?


Our intention is to share one video per month, starting from the beginning, leading up to the present moment. Because we’re rewinding to day one, the videos won’t be real-time as they’ll publish in chronological order starting with Episode 1: Sailboat Shopping & Allie’s First Time Sailing.


In addition to a monthly sailing video, I’ll also be sharing behind the scenes details here on the JJ blog, and sending a monthly sailing email.


Don’t want to miss an Alfie video? Click here to receive sailing emails.


Okay. I’ve typed enough. You’ve read enough.


Let’s watch the damn video! Hit that play button friends!




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