Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate and personal home yoga teacher.

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Welcome to the Journey



Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate
and personal home yoga teacher.


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Welcome to the first episode of our sailing around the world adventure.


In this episode, we rewind to 2016 where after many years of talking, working, saving and planning, we were finally ready to go boat shopping. 


Psst: Anxious to see our first year at sea? Click here to watch our year in review video!


While we’re here, let’s rewind a bit more.


Why sailing? How was this idea born?


At age 24, I (Allie) lived in Florence, Italy for a brief time. That brief experience introduced me to unknown possibilities and different ways of living which forever imprinted me.


The imprint being that I wanted to create a freedom-based lifestyle with a dedication to travel.


I returned from Italy broke AF, destined for cube land, but still – I held onto that imprint.


Fast forward to age 27 (ish), I began to feel very restless with how Myers and I were living.


We were checking off all the boxes – corporate career, phenomenal income, brand new vehicles, beautiful diamond on my finger, offshore fishing boat, fun-filled vacations….. blah, blah, blah, you get it.


This isn’t to say that this chapter didn’t serve us, teach us, and bring us great fulfillment, but I had a visceral feeling that we could do it all differently. 


This birthed the conversation….. are you willing to quit your job and travel the world with me?


Myers first response, “Only if we do it by sailboat.”


My response, “What about move to Australia, then backpack SE Asia?”


Myers response, “Nope, not interested, only by boat.”


My response, “Fine, I don’t get seasick, let’s do it.”


This simple exchange changed everything. Literally. It was as if the Universe heard our conversation and then said…. “Okay you two, let’s play”.


Things began to fall into place, not out of sheer luck, but out of our willingness to work so incredibly hard and create the life we desired.


Our dream was only a dream for at least two years.


No one, I mean no one, took us seriously.


Everyone, I mean everyone, thought we kinda-sorta crazy.


Leave your jobs. Career suicide. What about healthcare. What about raising a family. It will only be for a year. You won’t have the money. It’s not safe. This is a terrible decision. 


Interestingly, we chose not to listen.


With each new opportunity, we learned to trust our individual intuition, to believe in the seemingly impossible, and quite frankly – put our heads down and do the damn thing.


In three years time, Myers built a $30 million hospital, which mind you – the man had zero experience building something of this magnitude. It was a monster of a job.


And two years later, there it was. Cleared by the inspectors. Ready to open it’s doors and help people.


Meanwhile, in three years time, I had become a yoga teacher, took my yoga teaching online, and launched my first ever digital program.


Whoa. Who knew I could double my salary with one digital product?


At this point, we had amassed the required resources to begin boat shopping, which at the time felt absolutely surreal.


None of the boat brokers took us seriously.


We were two almost thirty-year-olds requesting to see boats in the $80 – $120k range, telling them we were ready and willing to pay cash money.


In retrospect, I probably wouldn’t believe us either, but at the time – it was quite frustrating.


We saw a minimum of 10 boats in the west coast Florida area, which is where lived at the time, and it was through this process that we discovered what type of boat we wanted.


I wanted a u-shaped couch.


Myers wanted a u-shaped kitchen (galley).


I wanted two bathrooms (heads).


Myers wanted an aft cockpit.


I wanted a newer, more modern production style boat.


Myers wanted a heavy, blue water classic.


In today’s video, you’ll come along for the ride as we step onto multiple boats for sale. We see boats from the 80’s that have every upgrade, old catamarans that feel like an outdated RV, beautiful production boats that we believe aren’t the safest for ocean crossing, and more.


You’ll also catch a glimpse into our marriage and who we are separate from the yoga lens.


We hope you love this introduction to our sailing journey and most importantly, we hope it inspires you to DREAM BIG and live your journey!


All our love,


Allie + Myers


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